The History of Christmas Crackers .

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*i*m*g*#500515807 / gettyimages.comChristmas crackers are a traditional Christmas favorite in the UK. They were first made in about 1845-1850 by a London sweet maker called Tom Smith. He had seen the French 'bon bon' sweets (almonds wrapped in pretty paper). He came back to London and tried selling sweets like that in England and also included a small motto or riddle in with the sweet. But they didn't sell very well.However, one night, while he was sitting in front of his log fire, he became very interested by the sparks and cracks coming from the fire. Suddenly, he thought what a fun idea it would be, if his sweets and toys could be opened with a crack when their fancy wrappers were pulled in half.Crackers were originally called 'cosaques' and were thought to be named after the 'Cossack' soldiers who had a reputation for riding on their horses and firing guns into the air!When Tom died, his expanding cracker business was taken over by his three sons, Tom, Walter and Henry. Walter introduced the hats into crackers and he also travelled around the world looking for new ideas for gifts to put in the crackers.The company built up a big range of 'themed' crackers. There were ones for bachelors and spinsters (single men and women), where the gifts were things like false teeth and wedding rings! There were also crackers for Suffragettes (women who campaigned to get women the vote), war heroes and even Charlie Chaplain! Crackers were also made for special occasions like Coronations. The British Royal Family still has special crackers made for them today!Very expensive crackers were made such as the 'Millionaire's Crackers' which contained a solid silver box with a piece of gold and silver jewerly inside it!Cracker manufacturers also made large displays, such as horse drawn carriages and sleighs, for the big shops in London.#112781189 / gettyimages.comThe Christmas Crackers that are used today are short cardboard tubes wrapped in colourful paper. There is normally a Cracker next to each plate on the Christmas dinner table. When the crackers are pulled - with a bang! - a colourful party hat, a toy or gift and a festive joke falls out! The party hats look like crowns and it is thought that they symbolise the crowns that might have been worn by the Wise Men.Crackers are famous for their very bad jokes! Here are some bad Christmas themed Cracker jokes!The world's longest Christmas cracker measured 63.1m (207ft) long and 4m (13ft) in diameter and was made by the parents of children at Ley Hill School and Pre-School, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK on 20 December 2001. Now that would be one big bang!The biggest Christmas cracker pull was done by 1,478 people at an event organised by Honda Japan at Tochigi Proving Ground, Tochigi, Japan, on 18 October 2009. Now that would be a lot of bangs!

Why does Polly want a cracker? .

Scurf 2xnetWhile there are a number of sources that attribute the origin of this phrase to R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island (pub. 1883), or alternatively, to the National Biscuit Company ( Nabisco, c. 1876) which used it as a popular slogan, neither of them appears to be the right one. As James McLeod has pointed out in another answer, Polly want a cracker can be verified to have been in use even before these dates.The earliest entry in Google Books is from Bunkum Flag-Staf and Independent Echo, a satirical fake newspaper published in The Knickerbocker (or, New-York Monthly) magazine, Volume 34, in 1849. The reference to Polly's crackers can be seen in the following excerpt:A radio show named A Way with Words has also attempted to trace the roots of this phrase. According to the host, the earliest reference he could find was the following cartoon from 1848 in another satirical magazine named The John-Donkey:The use of cracker in the cartoon is a pun on the word for the biscuit as well as the fact that the boy is ready to crack the skull of the parrot open, presumably for annoying him (perhaps by asking him for a cracker?). The hosts of the show go on further to make a connection between the use of crackers on ships (as long-lasting food) and perhaps parrots being on board as well.

At any rate, they conclude that even in 1848, parrots named Polly wanted crackers and that the phrase might have been commonly used.Now, cracker biscuits were invented in 1801 (or perhaps earlier in 1792) which should date this phrase. Incidentally, the use of the name Polly for a parrot can apparently be dated to at least 1606 to Ben Jonson's play, Volpone. According to the source, the OED (somebody please clarify) expounds on this matter thusly:Polly is a diminutive of Poll as a female name, and name for a parrot, and Poll, altered from Moll, familiar form of Mary, is the traditional name for any parrot. The earliest quotation the OED gives for Polly as a name or designation for a parrot is from Ben Jonson's Epigrams, 1616.In conclusion, there is no concrete proof of the exact origin of the phrase. However, my best guess is that crackers became the staple food/snack for pet parrots who ended up parroting their owners during feeding time - Polly, want a cracker?.

I believe that the phrase was popularised by Nabisco's slogan and has been in use ever since. In other words, this exercise was quite pointless but, I wouldn't have it any other way :)I'm not a parrot-fancier, but I suspect it may be easier to get a parrot to produce a recognisable rendition of the word cracker than seed.Parrots can be taught to say all sorts of things. I remember being in a dingily-lit country pub many years ago. Myself and my lady companion seemed to be the only customers, but every few minutes a voice coming from somewhere in the murk kept saying I've got my beady little eye on you!.We were excruciatingly embarrassed for some time (we certainly stopped canoodling in the corner!). But then we heard Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!, and it finally dawned on us! Strangely, as I recall, it never said that other old standard for parrots - Who's a pretty boy, then?The earliest reference I can find is 1859, but I should think it was a fairly standard thing to teach parrots long before that.

Bear in mind that usually (always?) the parrot has no concept of the meaning of whatever it says - after all, it is a bird-brain.The owner of that bar obviously thought it would be fun to have his parrot say something that might sometimes seem context-relevant. Sailors would perforce eat crackers (dry hard biscuits, suitable for long sea-voyages). Our archetypal parrot-owning sailor would thus have them on hand to offer as a reward when training the parrot naturally he'd start by teaching it to ask for them. Besides – poor fare though it might be – he'd only have a limited ration of crackers (as with his rum ration). He'd want to get his parrot up to speed with Polly wants a cracker, if only so his ship-mates would say...Ah! Isn't he cute!

He wants a bite of our hard tack, too!...and offer the parrot bits of their ration.Okay - I know archetypal sailors would say Arrggghhhh!, but the point is they probably wouldn't have seed on board, so the anthropomorphism wouldn't work with that version. And the parrot often wouldn't be saying either version because he actually wanted anything to eat at all, let alone a specific food (he just likes attention). So from his point of view it's irrelevant what word he says.As regards why Polly is a traditional name for a tame parrot, OED has this to say...Poll [An alteration of Moll, a familiar equivalent of Mary: cf. Peg = Meg, Margaret.]A familiar equivalent of the name Mary (see also Polly1), used as the conventional proper name of any parrot hence, = parrot. So Poll-?parrot, also used fig., and attrib., with reference to the parrot's unintelligent repetition of words.Why is the parrot named Polly?The OED's earliest quote for Polly (a parrot) is from 1826, but in the etymology section says Ben Jonson used it in his 1616 Epigrams referring to two people, a Robert Pooley and a Parrot, and that there may be a pun:And we will haue no Pooly' or Parrot by.Further, it notes Johnson's use of Poll (a name for a parrot) Every Man Out of His Humor from 1600:Fast. Would you speake to mee Sir?Carl. I, when he has recouered himselfe: poore Poll.So the female forename Polly comes from the female forename Poll (also Pall), and was originally a rhyming variant of Moll, which is a diminutive of Mary.Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe ( 1719) named his parrot Poll and taught him to speak, and in a much later 1894 children's version the parrot said Polly wants a cracker, cracker.(The OED's earliest quote for cracker (thin hard biscuit) is from 1739.)Why doesn't she want seeds?Polly didn't demand a cracker.

In 1831 she wanted breakfast and tea, according to the The London Literary Gazette:A friend of mine knew one that had been taught many sentences thus - ' Sally, Poll wants her breakfast !' ' Sally, Poll wants her tea !' but she never mistook the one for the other breakfast was invariably demanded in the morning, and tea in the afternoon.

Sweet ‘n Salty Cracker Crack .

*i*m*g*That’s right. Cracker Crack. As in, highly addictive. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Once you pop, you just can’t stop.

It’s bad. But oh so good! These crackers are a necessity at every one of my in-law’s get-togethers it seems. And once you see them, you just know it’s over. You try to have just one, but the delicious combination of sweet and salty takes over, and well, you just lose the desire to have only one.On top of that, they take so little time to make that there’s just no reason why you shouldn’t take them to your next dinner party, potluck, or snack time. Let me paint you a picture.You get invited to an impromptu dinner party.

Or maybe you decide to throw one yourself. Or maybe you weren’t planning on taking anything to a party, but at the last minute you feel guilty and decide that you must throw something together real quick before you look like a loser.This is the one for you. If no one put you in charge of a recipe for the next dinner you are invited to, this is what you should make. Show up with these Sweet ‘n Salty Crackers on a tray, and everyone will be thanking you (and kind of hating you) for showing up.If you’re anything like me on the day before a big holiday, you’re running around like a crazy person. So just like this EASY recipe, I’m keeping this short and sweet!This website contains affiliate links.

I include these links to help you find either specific {or my favorite} products that are used in my recipes and in my life to stay healthy. If you purchase an item from the link on Happy Food Healthy Life, I will receive a small commission helping keep my recipes free for you. Thank you for your support!Holly Waterfall is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

'Happy Holly Day' Christmas Cracker Card .

Scurf 2xnetCelebrate the festive season with a bang with this cracking Christmas card!Perfect for Christmas, this colourful cracker card is embedded with a cracker snap, and goes 'Bang' when pulled open just like a traditional Christmas cracker!Each card comes with a joke, a paper hat, and has slots to hold a gift voucher if desired providing an innovative gift experience not provided with conventional greetings cards.Also include An envelope, instruction guide and an envelope sticker saying 'Pull me!'Available in a variety of designs and styles, Christmas Cracker cards can be used as a greetings card or as a contemporary replacement to traditional crackers over the Christmas season.One supplied. Please see our additional product listings for packs of multiple cracker cards. made from:This fun 'Happy Holly-day' card is printed with a subtle metallic finish. dimensions:Packaged Dimensions: H22.7cm x W10.1cm, approx 29gCard Dimensions: H21.2cm x W8.3cm product code:257505You have 28 days, from receipt of cancellable goods, to notify the seller if you wish to cancel your order or exchange an item.Please note: goods that are personalised, bespoke or made-to-order to yourspecific requirements, perishable products and personal items sold with ahygiene seal (cosmetics, underwear) in instances where the seal is brokenare non-refundable, unless faulty.Read more about our returns policy.Should you choose to return or exchange your order you will need to deliver the item(s) to the UK, where this seller is based.

Toffee Crack .

Scurf 2xnetI know, the name of this stuff has the word crack in it, I promise there is nothing but super delicious and obviously drug free stuff in here. Also, technically, this stuff isn’t toffee, but the melted butter and brown sugar gets awesomely caramelized and then throw the chocolate on top of the crackers and this stuff is very toffee-esque.I have to admit, I first saw this on Trisha Yearwood’s show on the Food Network I have a problem, cooking shows are about all I watch and also in her cookbook Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood -FYI I totally recommend this book, really tasty stuff, nothing too complicated. Trisha yeah, we’re totally on a first name basis used saltine crackers in her recipe, which I’m sure is just as good, but I love me some butter crackers and used those instead..Also, you don’t have to put the chocolate on top, I have made it minus the chocolate before, and it might be even better if that’s possible without it. This stuff is so good y’all and every bit as addictive as the name implies.On your jelly roll pan, place your aluminum foil and crackers…In a saucepan, place your butter and sugar…Melt…Start to bring to a boil…Boil some more…Boil for several minutes until it looks like this…Then pour on your crackers…After letting it bubble up in the oven, add chocolate chips (if you desire)…After letting the chocolate melt a little, spread over the crackers…Then get it on this toffee crack action…You will not be able to have just one piece…InstructionsPreheat oven to 425 degrees F.Line a jelly roll pan with aluminum foil, spray with nonstick spray and arrange your crackers together.In a medium saucepan melt butter and brown sugar together, bring to a boil for 4 minutes.Remove from the heat and pour over the crackers, covering them evenly.Put your pan in the oven for 3-5 minutes or until the sugar and butter are just bubbly.Remove from the oven and pour the chocolate chips over the crackers and after they start to melt, spread the chocolate with a knife over the crackers.Transfer your pan to the freezer for 20 minutes or until completely cold to form one big sheet.Break up into pieces and store in an airtight container.

Saltine Toffee Crackers .

Scurf 2xnetSaltine Toffee: super easy toffee recipe made with crackers! Crispy, buttery and out of this world delicious!More Easy Toffee, Crackers Crispy, Super Easy, Toffee Saltine Cracker, Crispy Buttery, Toffee Recipe, Saltine Toffee Saltine Toffee: super easy toffee recipe made with crackers - crispy, buttery and out of this world delicious. Saltine Toffee: super easy toffee recipe made with crackers! Crispy, buttery and out of this world delicious! #stoneridgehomes 5 out of 5 stars! Used heath bits instead of nuts and drizzled chocolate. Delicious! Saltine Toffee: super easy toffee recipe made with crackers!

Crispy, buttery and out of this world delicious! Toffee Saltine Cracker AppetizerOh my you have to try this amazing Saltine Cracker Toffee. It is crazy easy to make and has only 5 ingredients. I bet you probably already have these all in your house. - Eating on a DimeMore Christmas Party Dessert, Saltine Cracker Recipe, East Dessert Recipe, Saltine Cracker Dessert, Cracker Toffee, Toffee Cracker, Crack Cracker, Saltines Recipe, Crack Recipe delicious saltine cracker toffee-- follow the recipe and at the end instead of chopped pecans use chopped up Reese's...insanity!!!! ) Saltine cracker toffee M- I didn't find the spreading the chocolate chips method workable. Next time I would melt the chocolate separately and pour it over, then spread. 5 Ingredients Cracker Toffee recipe ready in minutes!

Saltine Cracker Toffee is delicious and SO easy to make! Normally toffee making requires a candy thermometer, precision timing and a lot of instructions to follow. However, you don’t have to do all that with this delicious recipe. Try it today! Saltine Cracker Toffee - only 5 ingredients. Easy and yummy. Made before - years ago.

Will keep in mind to make again! ~JKM Dec 2015 Oh my you have to try this amazing Saltine Cracker Toffee. It is crazy easy to make and has only 5 ingredients. Oh my you have to try this amazing Saltine Cracker Toffee. It is crazy easy to make and has only 5 ingredients. I bet you probably already have these all in your house. - Eating on a Dime -- follow the recipe and at the end instead of chopped pecans use chopped up Reese's cup...insanity!!!! ) Christmas Crack recipe saltine cracker toffeeSaltine Toffee Candy with Pecans - An easy and delicious candy recipe! | More Chocolate Saltine Toffee, Easy Recipe, Toffee Saltine, Chopped Pecans, Chocolate Toffee Candy, Chocolate Bark Candy Recipes, Chocolate Pecans, Dessert Saltine Toffee Candy with Chocolate Pecans - An easy recipe and perfect for holidays! | I make this all the time! It is so easy and is a great dessert when you need something last minute! Saltine Toffee Candy with Chocolate PecansSaltine cracker toffee recipe... only takes 15 minutes to make!

Super easy to make and seriously addicting! Would be yummy with melted chocolate chips on top too!More Saltine Crackers, 15 Minute, Program, Super Easy, Seriously Addicting, Toffee Cracker, Cracker Toffee, Minute Toffee, Toffee Recipe Gramma's Saltine cracker toffee recipe...15 minute toffee! Super easy to make and seriously addicting! TOO easy, TOO nom, this one's dangerous, folks. Saltine cracker toffee recipe...15 minute toffee! Super easy to make and seriously addicting!

Saltine cracker toffee recipe...15 minute toffee! Super easy to make and seriously addicting! I love this recipe and make it all the time Saltine cracker toffee recipe...15 minute toffee! Super easy to make and seriously addicting! (they call this Christmas Crack. Beware.) Saltine Cracker Toffee recipe...15 minute toffee! Super easy to make and seriously addicting! ~~ Saltine Cracker Toffee ...crackers, butter, and brown sugar. I'll use gluten free crackers.Halloween Crack an additive saltine toffee cracker with candy corn and peanut butter pieces! The new fall tradition!More Recipes With Candy Corn, Candy Corn Crack, Saltine Cracker, Candy Corn Desserts, Candy Corn Fudge, Halloween Recipes, Candy Corn Snack, Candy Corn Cookies Halloween Crack.

Candy corn and peanut flavored toffee. See more Halloween recipes at: #Halloween #Halloween Recipes See more Halloween recipes at: #Halloween #Halloween Recipes Halloween cracker toffee with candy corn and peanut butter pieces! The new fall tradition!Saltine Cracker Toffee has chopped pecans topped with drizzled chocolate. Just try and stay away!More Cracker Treats, Saltine Cracker Cookie, Saltine Cracker Dessert, Gram Cracker Dessert Treats, Pecan Treats, Pecan Crackers, Saltine Crackers Recipe, Heath Bar Dessert, Saltine Cracker Snacks Saltine Cracker Toffee has chopped pecans topped with drizzled chocolate. Gram betty used to make this!! Saltine Cracker Toffee dessert has chopped pecans topped with drizzled chocolate. Saltine Cracker Toffee has chopped pecans topped with drizzled chocolate. Saltine Cracker Toffee with chopped pecans and drizzled chocolate.

Saltine Cracker Toffee with chopped pecans and drizzled chocolate. A teacher brought this today and it was so so good!!! Tried this with Heath Bars instead of pecans. Good! Saltine Cracker Toffee from Food FanaticChristmas Crack....Saltines with toffee and melted chocolate. Delicious and extremely addictive! Thus the name...crack.More Saltine Recipe, Christmas Food, Christmas Crack, Chocolate Saltine, Christmas Cookie, Saltine Cracker Recipe, Recipes Sweet, Saltine Toffee Saltines Have Never Had It So Good...

Recipe Desserts with unsalted butter, brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate morsels, saltines Christmas Crack - crazy easy to make and beyond addictive...Christmas cookie tray idea Toffee Chocolate Saltines recipe (salty sweet), from A Southern Grace Christmas Crack Chocolate/Saltines/Toffee I make every year! Christmas Crack = dark chocolate + saltines + toffee Christmas crack. Chocolate, saltines, toffee. omg Christmas Food Ideas!Saltine Cracker English Toffee on More Saltine Crackers, English Toffee, Recipe, Food, Cracker English, Sweet Tooth, Neighbor Gift, Six Sisters Stuff Saltine Cracker English Toffee- this stuff is so addicting! Makes a great neighbor gift. #Christmas #treat #dessert #recipe #healthy #recipes #delicious Six Sisters' Stuff: Saltine Cracker English Toffee - This is the same recipe I use and they are So good!!!! A big hit in my house and where ever I take them. I do not put the nuts on top because I have a child who is allergic to nuts.

Saltine Cracker English Toffee- this stuff is so addicting! Makes a great neighbor gift. #Christmas #treat Six Sisters' Stuff: Saltine Cracker English Toffee - This is the same recipe I use and they are So good!!!! A big hit in my house!!! Saltine Cracker English Toffee- this stuff is so addicting! Makes a great neighbor gift. #Christmas #treat~~orig. Got this recipe from a friend it's a HUGE HIT! Lost it found it here- whew! :-) Saltine Cracker English Toffee @Six Sisters' Stuff - I think this is the recipe I've been looking for. Six Sisters' Stuff: Saltine Cracker English Toffee is this your recipe @Christina Lee ? Saltine Cracker English Toffee- This is mandatory Christmas food )SALTINE CRACKER TOFFEE BARS - If you like salty and sweet combinations, this recipe is going to blow your mind! So easy and soooo good! Saltine Crackers, Butter, Brown Sugar, Chocolate ChipsMore Saltine Crackers, Chocolate Chips, Toffee Bars, Sweet Combination, Saltine Cracker Dessert, Toffee Cracker, Cracker Toffee, Crackers Butter SALTINE CRACKER TOFFEE BARS - If you like salty and sweet combinations, this recipe is going to blow your mind! Seriously amazing!

Saltine Crackers, Butter, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chips SALTINE CRACKER TOFFEE BARS - If you like salty and sweet combinations, this recipe is going to blow your mind! So easy and soooo good! Saltine Crackers, Butter, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chips An absolute staple in my house and they take minutes to make. Week 5 We will be trying our cooking skills on some Toffee Crackers!Ritz Cracker Toffee is so easy to make and is always a hit with friends!More Ritz Cracker Dessert, Ritz Crackers Dessert, Ritz Cracker Appetizer, Ritz Cracker Recipe, Cracker Toffee, Ritz Cracker Cookie Ritz Cracker Toffee is so easy to make and is always a hit with friends! #dessert #recipes #sweet #treat #recipe Ritz Cracker Toffee (Ingredients: Ritz Crackers or Saltine Crackers, Butter, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate Chips, Optional: Chopped Almonds for Topping.) l Something Swanky if you bake it, they will come (ritz cracker toffee click here for recipe) Ritz Cracker Toffee. made toffee for the first time and it tastes amazing Ritz Cracker Toffee Bark - Top with Walnuts and Toffee Bits Ritz Cracker Toffee - Something Swanky Ritz Cracker Toffee... uh YES!!! Ritz Cracker Toffee (Easy)Saltine Cracker Toffee recipe | Saltine cracker toffee may sound crazy, but we swear it isn't. It's a quick and easy toffee treat made with Saltine crackers for a sweet and salty delight!More Toffee Saltine, Saltine Cracker Sweets, Saltine Cracker Dessert, Sweet And Salty Snack, Quick Sweet Treat, Saltine Crackers Recipe, Saltine Cracker Recipes Sweets, Cracker Cookie Saltine Cracker Toffee has chopped pecans topped with drizzled chocolate. Just try and stay away!

Click through for recipe! Saltine Cracker Toffee has chopped pecans topped with drizzled chocolate. Just try and stay away! Saltine CRACKer toffeesaltine cracker toffee!! Ingredients: 40 saltine crackers 1 cup (2 sticks) butter 1 cup light brown sugar 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips or 1, 12 ounce bagMore Chocolate Crackers, Chocolate Chips, Brown Sugar, Toffee Cracker, Cracker Cookie, Cracker Toffee Recipe, Saltine Crackers Dessert saltine cracker toffee!! Ingredients: 40 saltine crackers 1 cup (2 sticks) butter 1 cup light brown sugar 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips or 1, 12 ounce bag Saltine Cracker Toffee recipe is 4 ingredients that give you the addicting combination of sweet and salty candy. maybe make with white chocolate chips and red food coloring: Ingredients: 40 saltine crackers 1 cup (2 sticks) butter 1 cup light brown sugar 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips or 1, 12 ounce bag saltine cracker toffee!! 40 saltine crackers 1 cup (2 sticks) butter 1 cup light brown sugar 2 cups of chocolate chips Saltine crackers, chocolate chips and toffee (brown sugar butter). Just 4 ingredients. saltine cracker toffee- crackers, butter, brown sugar and choc chips thats it!!

Cracker cookies! My grandma used to make these all the time!YES! Finally a recipe for this...I have been bugging my friend for years on how to make these, now I finally can!More Saltine Crackers, Toffee Bar, Recipe, Food, Sweet Tooth, Cracker Toffee, Toffee Cracker, Saltine Toffee, Dessert Saltine Cracker Toffee #cracker #biscuit #caramel #salt #sweet #dessert #food #mocha #chocolate #nut #cheese have been looking for a recipe for these! In elementary school, a Jewish friend introduced me to a version of these on Matzah... has been a favorite dessert of mine ever since! Saltine Cracker Toffee Saltine Cracker Toffee Bars posted by The Girl Who Ate Everything. Can't believe the main ingredient is saltine crackers. I'll try anything once.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see chocolate cake recipe sounds good. This saltine cracker toffee is the perfect finger food for feeding a crowd. Recipe from @GirlWhoAte Saltine Cracker Toffee. Crackers are like my main food group. And now they are a dessert Saltine Cracker Toffee #saltine #cracker #toffee #recipe #dessert Soooooooo good! saltine cracker toffee---Oh my sweet tooth, I love this stuff! saltine toffee... easiest dessert recipe (and cheap!)Saltine Toffee Cookies | “This has just been the hugest hit in our family. My daughter stole it from me, and now her husband’s family is crazy over it.” Easy to make, easy to transport, easy to eat: just right for gift giving, cookie exchanges and potlucks.More Holiday, Gifts For Coworkers Christmas, Family Gift Exchange Ideas, Cookie Exchange, Elementary School, Easy Coworker Christmas Gifts, Saltine Cookie Saltine Toffee Cookies | Easy to make, easy to transport, easy to eat: just right for gift giving, cookie exchanges and potlucks.

And made quite frequently in the elementary school world...also called teacher crack!! Saltine Toffee Cookies | “ Easy to make, easy to transport, easy to eat: just right for gift giving, cookie exchanges Saltine cookies!! My mom used to make these and I'm pumped to find the recipe!Saltine cracker toffee {gramma's recipe} ... only 3 ingredients to make! This stuff is seriously addicting!More Nap Time, Saltine Crackers, Toffee Gramma, Food, Diy Craft, Cracker Toffee, Heart Nap, Toffee Recipe Saltine cracker toffee {gramma's recipe} I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaking Saltine cracker toffee {gramma's recipe} I Heart Nap Time #Food and Drink Recipe| I just saw this on Trisha Yearwood but she adds chocolate chips after it comes out of oven. Saltine cracker toffee {gramma's recipe} I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaking Saltine cracker toffee Recipe - I Heart Nap Time ZipListCrunchers - Layers of saltine crackers, toffee, peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch. HELLO!More Sweet Treats, Food, Saltine Cracker Dessert, Sweet Tooth, Crunchers, Saltine Crackers Recipe, Peanut Butter, Saltines Recipe Crunchers 80 Keebler Club Crackers 1 c butter 2 c graham cracker crumbs 1 c firmly packed dark brown sugar 1/2 cup milk 1/3 cup sugar 2/3 cup creamy peanut butter 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips Directions: 1. Line an ungreased 9 X 13-inch baking pan with foil, allowing foil to extend about an inch on either end.

Line the foil with 1 layer of club crackers, Crunchers: Layers of saltine crackers, toffee (substitute salted caramel sauce), peanut butter chocolate. Crunchers: club crackers, butter, graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, milk, sugar, peanut butter, semi-sweet chocolate morsels, butterscotch morsels Crunchers- Layers of saltine crackers, toffee, peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch. (Try with Ritz instead) holly crack on a cracker. Recipes Desserts Crunchers: Layers of saltine crackers, toffee, peanut butter chocolate Crunchers - Layers of saltine crackers, toffee, peanut butter and chocolate.Saltine Cracker much as I love chocolate, I actually prefer this recipe without it....yum-yum!More Saltine Crackers, Girl, Recipe, Ate, Sweet Tooth, Cracker Toffee, Dr. Who, Bar, Dessert Saltine Cracker Toffee w/ chocolate chips! 10 mins to make= Super easy.

Tastes like a Heath candy bar! Yummm Saltine Cracker much as I love chocolate, I actually prefer this recipe without it....yum-yum! My grandma has an aunt who makes something like this Saltine Cracker Toffee w/ chocolate chips. Tastes like a Heath candy bar! Yummmmm!

Saltine cracker toffee - This taste amazing!!! Everyone should try it!! The Girl Who Ate Everything: Desserts | Quick and Easy Family Recipes Saltine Cracker Toffee - The Girl Who Ate Everything Lunch Pails Lipstick: The Girl Who Ate EverythingThe Sweet {Tooth} Life: Peppermint Saltine Toffee BarkMore Christmas Food, Life Peppermint, Tooth Life, Peppermint Bark Saltines, Toffee Bark, Sweet Tooth, Peppermint Saltine, Saltine Toffee, Dessert The Sweet {Tooth} Life: Peppermint Saltine Toffee Bark....needs dark chocolate layer under white...chop up ghiradelli peppermint bark for top The Sweet {Tooth} Life: Peppermint Saltine Toffee Bark...made this today. So. Freaking. Delicious.

Peppermint Saltine Toffee Bark - The Sweet {Tooth} Life Look what I found, Peppermint Saltine Toffee Bark! Peppermint Saltine Toffee BarkSaltine Cracker Toffee - a tried and true recipe my grandma used to make. Easy and so addicting. the-girl-who-ate-... More Chocolate Dessert Bars, Chocolate Desserts, Saltine Cracker Recipe, Saltine Cracker Cookie, Chocolate Christmas Desserts, Saltine Cracker Desserts, Saltine Dessert, Saltine Crackers Dessert Saltine Cracker Toffee - a tried and true recipe my grandma used to make. Easy and so addicting. #desserts Saltine Cracker Toffee - aka Mommy Crack Top with seasonal sprinkles while chocolate is still melted.

Cracker of a night out! Michelle Rodriguez enjoys a fancy dinner that somehow ends in some spontaneous street chiropractic session  .

*i*m*g*Night out: Michelle Rodriguez enjoyed a dinner with friends then a chiropractic session in Santa Monica, California, on TuesdayThe Furious 7 star had been out with a group of predominately male friends at the celebrity-loved Giorgio Baldi restaurant when she decided her back was just not feeling right.As they left the Italian restaurant, the star singled out her tallest male friend to help her crack her back.Obviously not new to this, Michelle put her arms up with her hands clasped behind her head and got her friend to gently lean back until she got some relief.On the count of three: Obviously not new to this, Michelle put her arms up with her hands clasped behind her head and got her friend to gently lean back until she got some reliefBack cracked, the actress looked in a much better mood hugging some of her friends goodbye and then walking smiling to her car with the others.For her night out, Michelle wore her favourite statement making orange jacket that featured the classic but very on trend perfect moto cut.The star wore the jacket with a rust coloured sweater over a slightly lighter orange tank underneath along with a pair of light blue jeans.Style staple: For her night out, Michelle wore her favourite statement making orange jacket that featured the classic but very on trend perfect moto cutThe 36-year-old accessorised with tan suede ankle boots and pulled her hair back into a simple ponytail.Michelle has not got a lot of time for herself of late with the release of the final instalment of the Fast And The Furious over the weekend.Dominating the box office, the movie is the last appearance of Paul Walker with the actor partially filming the movie at the time of his death in November, 2013.Casually coordinated: The star wore the jacket with a rust coloured sweater over a slightly lighter orange tank underneath along with a pair of light blue jeansFollowing his death, the film was completed with the help of his brothers and another actor that stood in for him along with the use of CGI for close ups.Michelle, unlike some of the stars, was not convinced at the time that Furious 7 should even go forward.She told her native New Jersey's 'Well, look, at the end of the day, the powers that be, there's a big conglomerate, and they have this responsibility to shareholders and everything, and they made the decision.'But I tell you, once we went forward, I was really, really surprised at the class that everybody showed, and the dedication that everybody showed, and the way it really became about the maintenance of a legacy.'This business can become a machine, you know. But everyone came at this like, ''This is the last time we'll see this guy on the screen and this is going to be in every way dedicated to him.'''In the end, the actress said she was so glad she got a chance to say goodbye and honour her friend at the same time.'And when I finally saw the movie, I gave like this big breath of relief, and I was really proud, because it really did turn into this homage. Which is where we all are right now - not trying not to look ahead, or at what the next thing is, but just take a moment to look back and reflect and take all those memories in. And hold on to them.'MOST WATCHED NEWS VIDEOSPrevious123NextLittle boy weeps with joy as he is reunited with lost dogSpooky moment desk chair flies across empty office at nightPolice frisk man causing a scene mistaking penis for weaponGRAPHIC: Closer view of Jakarta second suicide bomb blastResidents in shock as they film explosions in JakartaCCTV shows Collins, Perkins and Reader in the Castle pubLorry makes senseless overtake at a Grimsby level crossingUnbelievable moment driver misses 18-wheeler by MILLIMETRESMadonna performs Rebel Rebel in tribute to David BowieGary Lineker can't resist making a 'hand ball' joke on TVStunned bystanders watch as man squeezes goats out of pythonIs this beautiful drone footage evidence of a UFO sighting?'I have just kissed him goodbye': Emma Thompson reveals she...'Unfortunately that's the cruel reality of life': Cafe boss...The terrorist toolkit: ISIS fanatic's chilling arsenal of...David Bowie 'has been secretly cremated in America without...What DID go wrong for Lineker and his lingerie model? Loving...Wrap up - the big freeze is heading south for the weekend:...Evil woman giggled as she filmed a sex attack on an...Soldier who attempted to sneak four-year-old Afghan girl out...Bavarian governor packs 31 migrants onto a coach and sends...Head teacher says his school's worst-ever GCSE results are...Single life getting to you already, Gary?

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Liam showcases his comedic talents during guest appearance on WorkaholicsMan of many talentsKeri Russell bundles up in TWO coats on set of The Americans in chilly Brooklyn, NY as pregnancy buzz continuesKate Moss fights winter chill in cosy fur coat as she pays tribute to the late David Bowie ahead of Starman-themed birthday bashMarking his passing'I'm just old-fashioned!' Serena Williams admits she thought 'Netflix and chill' was an innocent phraseDoesn't celebrate Valentine's DayPractice makes perfect! Kate Upton puts in a stylish appearance at acting class wearing a chic blouse and wide-leg trousersThe best-loved villain in Hollywood: From the Sheriff of Nottingham to Professor Snape, Alan Rickman's dazzling career on stage and screenAlan Rickman's final scenes: Fans will get the chance to watch the actor on the big screen in films finished before his death that will be released this yearIt's a dirty business! Gwen Stefani heads to the recording studio wearing $800 mud-print jeansStepped out in eclectic outfit on Thursday'We need to cool off all the touching': CBB's Jeremy McConnell tells Stephanie Davis their flirtation is OVER as it's 'disrespectful' to her boyfriend'I've done everything I can possibly do': Leonardo DiCaprio says an Oscar for The Revenant would be 'the icing on the cakeSnubbed FIVE timesCate Blanchett earns her sixth Oscars nod while Kate Winslet chalks up number seven in battle to be the next Meryl StreepBattle of the blondesCelebrities react to Oscar nominations: Brie Larson exclaims 'holy sh**' while Jennifer Lawrence says she's 'humbled'Shock and excitementThe new power couple? Lovebirds Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are BOTH nominated for Academy Awards after Golden Globes nodsFlying the flag for the Brits: Kate Winslet, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hardy among the British talent to receive Oscar nodsA-listers make their markHaving a ball! Jay Z grins courtside at Los Angeles Clippers game... following rumours his wife Beyonc? is pregnantHappy news?'Honey, the media's not here for you': Brooke Shields recalls what it was like giving birth at same hospital as Katie HolmesPut birth in the shadeFrom Hogwarts to Whitechapel: Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis joins Ripper Street as a Victorian police officerHand in hand! Shia LaBeouf looks pensive as takes girlfriend Mia Goth to lunch in LAHad a disagreement while wearing the same grey pants to lunchIn the market for bling? Make-up free Elle Fanning wears a tracksuit as she shops at a diamond and engagement ring store'Are we in the bathroom?' Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid stumbles through sound glitch live on airBattled on with the showLike father, like son: Guy Ritchie and Rocco sport matching jackets as they enjoy bike ride amid the director's ongoing custody battle with MadonnaOlivia Munn cuts a stylish figure in peach two-piece dress in NYC... as she shuts down rumours of engagement to Aaron RogersThe look of love! Jason Segel greets girlfriend Alexis Minter with a kiss... after confirming romance with first red carpet appearance together'A very little tiny me': Fresh-faced Lisa Snowdon shares unrecognisable snap from first ever runway show 25 years agoUnrecognisable!'We are all shocked': The Martian team brand Sir Ridley Scott's Oscar snub 'very upsetting'... while Tarantino and Spielberg are also overlookedBack from the '80s!

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Tamara Ecclestone cuts a chic figure in tailored jacket and thigh-high boots as she and daughter Sophia shop for pricey artworkStrutting her stuff! Toni Garrn shows off amazing figure in tiny bikini as she strolls along Cancun beachSoaked up the sun in CancunDavid Bowie 'has been secretly cremated in America without friends or family present' after telling loved ones he didn't want a funeralLow-key service'Devastated Kate Moss has asked guests to channel late friend David Bowie' at her up-coming birthday party following star's deathCelebrate his legacyKhloe Kardashian wears plunging black top as she reveals 'soulmate' Lamar cheated on her for most of their marriageSheer lace side trousersPictured: Angelina Jolie's daughters Shiloh and Zahara follow in her charitable footsteps by helping Cambodian childrenSponsoring a slum familyProud mummy! Victoria Beckham gushes about little Harper's reading accomplishments after a good day at schoolVictoria is thrilledNo wonder he's happy: Gerard Butler is left with a smile on his face following an encounter with a flirty blonde modelHe's a lucky manFinally! Friends cast set to reunite to pay tribute to former director in television special over ten years after finaleRan from 1994 to 2004'Anybody need anything from the shops?' Ellie Goulding jokes about her skimpy wardrobe as she shows off her gym-honed figureTiny leather leotard400 guests, VIP entertainment, a Lamborghini AND a Jeep: Inside the lavish sweet 16 birthday bash thrown by Shaquille O'Neill for his son'We have a kid': Ellen DeGeneres reveals she has a baby with wife Portia in the form of an 'absolutely adorable' puppyNew caning companionPregnant Chrissy Teigen reveals she has '40 DD boobs' and that her 'nipples are all sorts of weird right now' on FABlife showBaby girl due in springMel Gibson shows off bulging biceps and slightly portly frame in tight singlet and board shorts as he works out at Sydney gymHe works out!Victoria Beckham rules out Spice Girls 20th anniversary involvement to focus on her family and thriving fashion careerRules out reunionAlmost too late to say sorry! Justin Bieber narrowly misses getting run over by a pack of cyclists as he takes himself on a solo strollWatch out!Mila Kunis wears bulky parker while Kesha wears leather leggings as they're spotted filming new comedy about 'bad moms' in New OrleansJude Law takes to Venice's famous waterways for some sightseeing during a break from filming The Young PopeWater way to travalNick Carter arrested for 'misdemeanor battery' in Florida bar after being involved in 'some kind of scuffle' with another patronIncident in FloridaThat's purr-fection! Courtney Love flaunts $4,000 Valentino leopard print handbag as she enjoys night out at West Hollywood barStatement bagStill daddy's little girl! Lily Rose Depp, 16, joins father Johnny and his wife Amber Heard as his band performs at Stella McCartney eventFamily photoLast minute butterflies?

Chloe Moretz shows some rare nerves as she prepares for her appearance on Jimmy KimmelMac And Me star Barbara Allyne Bennet dies at 76 after long career in TV and filmThe actress' stage and screen career spanned five decades'My mom got so hammered': Khloe Kardashian reveals momager Kris Jenner got drunk during test taping of talk showCandid chatRetail therapy? Scott Disick takes a break from shopping as he lounges out on a chair at Saint Laurent Paris store in Beverly HillsShopped till he droppedKendall Jenner lands ANOTHER top fashion campaign as she joins pals Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss at high street giant MangoKhloe Kardashian takes the plunge in low-cut top as she throws herself into silly game of charades on The Tonight ShowBlack ensemble'Hope it doesn't scare her!' Kylie Jenner hangs ghostly self-portrait in niece North's bedroom... as Khloe reveals tot is obsessed with baby Saint'I love you. I admire you. I applaud you': Charlie Carver's on-screen mother Felicity Huffman hails him for coming outCame out to fans onlineNetflix's secret ratings reveal Jessica Jones is the most watched new show with 4.9million viewers.... but Orange is the New Black is still number one overallThe queen of the understated! A dressed down Kristen Stewart flies out of Los Angeles with little more than a change of shoesYou could never call this star a Hollywood divaShe's one proud parent! Rachel Hunter beams as she follows Hockey star son Liam Stewart out of Chateau MarmontQuality timeTroye Sivan is smacked in the face with a water bottle at a sold-out Sydney gig... but shrugs it off saying he 'didn't really feel it because of adrenaline'Showing off her leading man! Emily Blunt wows in plunging red bustier as she joins John Krasinski at 13 Hours premiereStunning redIn a fit of giggles!

Sarah Michelle Gellar cuts a stylish figure in a billowy skirt and leather jacket while out with a friend in Los AngelesHint of toned legsHow you've changed! Ruby Rose sports long dark hair and a bold fringe in throwback snap posted by former Home And Away star Christie HayesGogglebox's Stephen Webb proposes to boyfriend Daniel Lustig in India with stunning diamond ringPopped the question at the Taj MahalJake Hall and Chloe Lewis stepped out in his 'n' hers ripped jeans as they enjoy evening out on holiday in DubaiThey had a tough 2015How Pierce turned into Gerry Adams: Actor looks like Sinn Fein president as he films movie where he plays a former IRA memberSpotted in London'You think you know evil': Eva Green's character Vanessa Ives issues warning from padded cell in Penny Dreadful teaserSneak peek videoArt project! Rumer Willis dons a paint splattered mini dress while on a coffee run in West HollywoodHead out on a coffee run in West Hollywood'Let's go back to how we were, I love you': CBB's John Partridge wells up in emotional reconciliation with Darren DayPair made upBowie thought he had more time: Rock legend wanted to make ANOTHER album but died suddenly when his cancer returnedHad no idea of little time'He danced to his own tune': Elton John performs Space Oddity as he pays an emotional tribute to David Bowie during Los Angeles gigSaid he loved BowieDavid Bowie's doppelg?nger and pal Tilda Swinton blasts claims she is 'set to play Ziggy Stardust hitmaker in biopic of his life' following shock deathThey're so Britney! Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin show off taut tummies during as they continue to revive '90s midriff-baringDuring a coffee run'Keep your eye on the camera and your mouth closed': Samuel L. Jackson 'snaps at photographers' as he attends premiere of The Hateful Eight'Anything could happen!' White Dee 'returning to the Celebrity Big Brother house for new task'The Benefits Street star will return on January 20Reese Witherspoon cuts a stylish figure while Shailene Woodley looks casual as actresses film dark comic drama Big Little LiesHot in here! Olivia Munn dons baseball cap and cheek bandage channeling Nelly and Kelly Rowland for Lip Sync BattleTansformed into rapperThat's wheely got to hurt: Professor Green's two black eyes as he's confirmed for driving version of The X FactorLooked like he could do with a good servicingTuppence reveals her leading man: War And Peace actress shows off boyfriend at art gallery eventWrites Sebastian ShakespeareMiss BumBum Brazil congratulates Lionel Messi on his Ballon d'Or win with some racy Instagram snaps after vowing to 'avoid hooking up with footballers'Newly-engaged Eva Longoria draws attention to her ample assets in figure-hugging white dress during TV appearanceNo missing the actressOne for the Rebel Rebel Heart: Emotional Madonna collapses on stage as she pays tribute to late icon David BowiePerformed Rebel RebelMel B ditches her signature leopard-print style for zebra as she talks new season of America's Got Talent at Winter TCA TourZebra-esque shirtKhloe Kardashian showcases her toned curves in snug dress as she steps out in chilly New York... before admitting she still loves her 'soulmate' LamarNewlywed Jessica Raine wears leather skirt and high-neck blouse with Camilla Kerslake at star-studded ballet soireeLooked incredibleOff to a racy start! Shanina Shaik flaunts her assets in laced black bra as she returns to the set of Victoria's SecretNewly engaged'I haven't talked to her yet!' Eva Longoria responds to rumours pal Victoria Beckham to design wedding dressDoor is openRevealed: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth 'are in passionate phase of reconnecting' as they're seen 'kissing and holding hands' at Golden Globe partyEXCLUSIVE: 'He's so old - how do they even have SEX?' Janice Dickinson on Jerry Hall's pending nuptials to Rupert MurdochSpeaking to MailOnlineZooey Deschanel bundles up in black puffy coat and Uggs as she goes over her lines on set of New Girl in LAChilled out on the set of hit comedy'Hack me, strangle me, bludgeon me': Lady Gaga's The Countess slits loyal Liz Taylor's throat cut in finale of American Horror Story: HotelHugh Grant takes time off from daddy duties to make first public appearance since the 'birth of his fourth child' at film premiereHugh, 55, in LondonLittle and large!

Natalie Imbruglia, 40, is dwarfed by towering soccer player pal, Raphael Spiegel, 23, as he accompanies her to walk her dogDate night! Kylie Jenner proves that she and Tyga are still going strong as they take in a movie in HollywoodKylie Jenner got break-up rumours going againThe X-Files' David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson 'do it' on a desk for Jimmy Kimmel... before flirty, cuddly interviewBig high sexual tensionKATIE HOPKINS: There's no such thing as a 'friendly' divorce, Gary - and I should knowI suspect Danielle Lineker's got a fair chunk of Gary's BBC wagesComic Kevin Hart reveals his son Hendrix will serve as his best man at his upcoming weddingUpcoming nuptials to model Eniko ParrishGoldie Hawn flashes diamond band on her hand amid marriage rumours as she dresses down for lunchKurt Russell has denied marriage rumorsMORE DON'T MISSIdris Elba joins forces with Lenny Henry, Rio Ferdinand and David Haye as he swaps crime for comedy in Luther parody for Sport Relief'I don't feel you can be precious about it': Lisa Vanderpump reveals her thoughts on reality TV shows at AOL Build Speaker Series in NYCWas Megan McKenna 'using her phone' in the Celebrity Big Brother house? Eagled-eyed viewers spark debate on social mediaStrictly banned!Floods hell for George Clooney as the Thames bursts its banks and threatens to inundate his ?10m riverside mansionStar's estate under threat'This is eight, we've got a couple of years to go': Quentin Tarantino will retire after co

The Couch Potato Athlete .

Scurf 2xnetHi Friends :) We were SNOWED IN all day yesterday:Here is our basement window:Some areas of the Twin Cities got 12-20 inches – can you believe that?!?! I am so glad that this happened on a Saturday and that we had no plans. (I was supposed to go to a Cookie Exchange Party, but that got switched to today, so it worked out fine). While Jason did homework, I caught up on laundry, vacuumed, and BAKED: Mama Pea’s Christmas Cookie Dough Balls (I used butter instead of Earth Balance) These made the house smell soooooo good! I can’t wait to share them this afternoon. I also made Christmas Crack. My sister-in-law sent me the recipe, and I had heard of it before, so I’m not sure who should get credit for this recipe – either way it is not mine! Christmas Crack 1 sleeve saltine crackers 2 sticks of butter 1 cup packed dark brown sugar 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips ? cup crushed pecans (I didn’t include this, I just used sprinkles on the top instead) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Line a 9?13 pan with the saltines (note: line the pan with parchment paper first. I wish I had done this!). Boil butter and brown sugar for 2-3 minutes. Spoon quickly and gently over the crackers. Bake for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then spread the melty chocolate chips around. Sprinkle with pecans (or just sprinkles!) Cool in fridge (or freezer) until solid.

Cut or break into pieces. Enjoy!After baking for 5 minutes:Cut into chunks:I loved the salty/sweet taste of this – not a healthy treat by any means. It tasted like toffee with a chocolate layer on top. I will be giving these away today as well :) What is the weather like near you? Do you like salty/sweet treats or do you prefer one over the other?Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga) Says:December 12, 2010 at 9:36 amI need to email my mother and see how much they got.

They live in Mntka/Chan area. That snow is the REASON i dont live there anymore!!!!! All growing up, in college, you name it…that snow. Our basement windows, not just the underground ones, but the above ground ones, and oh real windows too that face the outside above ground…always covered/packed in with snow. Oh I dont miss it!The saltines crack. I have had things like that before at, you guessed it, MN holiday parties!

That is such a MN looking dessert! Just really easy but really good. And I cant believe you didnt use parchment. Omg. Omg. Nothing like a lil elbow grease :)

Saltine Cracker Toffee .

*i*m*g*A clear indication that my life has gotten really busy is the lack of blog updates. Life this week has been pretty crazy. I’ve been washing two weeks of vacation laundry, getting into fender benders, taking kids to the doctor for strep throat, baking a whole lot of goodies for a church function, and getting ready for our friends to come stay with us.But I haven’t forgotten this little blog of mine. In fact, I’ve been really reminiscent ( thank you spell checker) lately and have been thinking about all the recipes that have been passed on to me from my family. This saltine cracker toffee comes from my grandma.

My grandma Peterson always had her house stocked with See’s chocolates and her fridge stocked with Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. Not the small factory made ones they have now. The huge handmade Dilly Bars with the big swirl in the middle. Although you and allrecipes probably have 10,324 versions of this, this is the one my grandma made. So there.And if you’ve never made this saltine cracker toffee you are in for a treat.

It’s a toffee made with saltine crackers for that extra crunch topped with melted chocolate. Simple. Easy.Ingredients40 salted saltine crackers or enough to line your pan1 cup unsalted butter1 cup packed brown sugar2 cups milk chocolate or semisweet chocolate chips(optional) 3/4 cup chopped pecansInstructionsPreheat oven to 400 degrees and line a cookie sheet with at least a 1/2 inch edge or jelly roll pan with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Line saltine crackers in a single layer on the cookie sheet.In a small pot combine sugar and butter and bring to a boil. Once mixture is at a boil, continue boiling for 3 minutes.

Mixture should be a deep caramel color. Immediately pour over saltines and spread to cover crackers completely.Bake at 400 degrees for 5 to 6 minutes. It will get all bubbly. Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips over the top and let sit a couple of minutes to melt. Sometimes I melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for about 1 minute then spread it on. Spread melted chocolate and top with chopped nuts if desired.

Cool completely and break into pieces.NotesInstructionsPreheat oven to 400 degrees and line a cookie sheet with at least a ? inch edge or jelly roll pan with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Line saltine crackers in a single layer on the cookie sheet.In a small pot combine sugar and butter and bring to a boil. Once mixture is at a boil, continue boiling for 3 minutes. Mixture should be a deep caramel color. Immediately pour over saltines and spread to cover crackers completely.Bake at 400 degrees for 5 to 6 minutes. It will get all bubbly. Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips over the top and let sit a couple of minutes to melt. If your pan isn't hot enough you can even pop it back in the oven for a couple of minutes to melt them.

Sometimes I melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for about 1 minute then spread it on. Spread melted chocolate and top with chopped nuts if desired. Cool completely and break into pieces.I found this post though Pinterest. The photo was so beautiful that I just had to come here to read the recipe! Love it! And love your site :-).I would like to invite you to share this post (and your other posts ) on a new photo based recipe sharing site that launched in May. The idea is simple: all recipe photographs are published within minutes of submission.

And, of course, the images link back to the author’s site.It’s called RecipeNewZ (with Z) – hope you get a chance to visit and to share some of your delicious posts with our viewers. It would be a pleasure to have you on boardI LOVE these bites, however, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong with them. the toffee always turns out like caramel, chewy, that is. it never gets hard and crunchy for me. I boil gently for 3 minutes, pour over top and bake to 5-7 minutes at 400. It’s all bubbly and looks like I should take it out of the oven. But when it sets, I get chewy not crunchy. Everyone LOVES them, but I am frustrated!

Should I cook them longer? Boil it longer? (I have an electric oven). Any help would be appreciated.I added coconut to mine and substituted organic coconut sugar for the brown sugar and added a bit of molasses plus I used “coconut spread” (faux butter that tastes a heck of a lot like the real deal) for the butter and poured my toffee over gluren-free pretzels and gluten-free saltines. Then I topped all with organic, dairy-free chocolate chips and sprinkled pecans on top. Oh, and I added a bit of sea salt into mine and put coconut flakes over the crackers/pretzels and under the toffee layer. This way, I have a gluten-free, vegan version of this dessert made with a more natural sweetener.

Is it good? Let’s just say that I had a hard time waiting for it harden up. I had to try a piece while it was still melty.I think maybe another bag of chips on top would add even more awesomeness because the chocolate layer was a bit thin on mine.I LOVE this stuff. So easy and addictingly good. I’ve made this maybe 10 times now, and have pretty much perfected the craft of making this. Some tips: add a pinch (like an 1/8 tsp) of baking soda to the brown sugar/butter about halfway through boiling.

It helps you achieve the perfect toffee consistency. Also, instead of melting choc chips and pouring over the top, its really easy to sprinkle choc chips (I prefer milk chocolate!) right on top, a few minutes after bringing them out of the oven. Wait a few min for the chips to melt, and spread with a spatula. Thanks for the awesome recipe!I’ve made these for 30 years, I use saltines and salted butter, no problem. Instead of letting them cool completely I separate the crackers unto parchment or wax paper, no cutting or breaking into pieces.

I always get 40 evenly sized pieces. I only use 1 cup of choc chips. I have also used crushed peppermint candy on top instead of walnuts, pecans, or sliced almonds as my other choices. I also boil the mixture in an 8 cup Pyrex cup in the microwave. I don’t line the cookie sheet, there is so much butter you don’t need it, if you remove all the crackers to parchment.

BBC Sport (International version) .

*i*m*g*Tom Smith's crackers has had a royal warrant for 100 yearsIt is as indispensable a part of the Christmas festivities as a tree and mince pies.The Christmas cracker, in its original gift form, is celebrating its 160th birthday this year and is going strong despite changing traditions and tastes.British firms still manufacture millions of these curious but elegantly shaped party pieces every year which are enjoyed all over the world.It is very much a British industry, says Neil Schwartz, operations manager at Brite Sparks, the UK's leading manufacturer.From Paris to SpringfieldIt was in 1847 that confectioner Thomas Smith imported the idea for an almond sweet wrapped in waxed paper from France as a Christmas gift.But it would be another 13 years before the now familiar product - in which two thin strips of card treated with fulminate, rub together to create the famous spark and bang - came into being.Crackers - originally known as cosaques because of their resemblance to the sound of a Cossack's whip - now come in all imaginable sizes and designs, with prices to match.At the top of the range, London store Fortnum and Mason is retailing its set of Paragon crackers - made from hand-quilted, pearl-encrusted fabric - for ?1,000.Inside, you will find a range of his and hers accessories including cufflinks, vanity mirrors and credit card holders.At less rarefied prices, best sellers this year could include Simpson family crackers, with Homer and Bart riding high on the success of their first movie outing earlier this year.Crackers are still made in the UK but in declining numbersOther famous faces you will find adorning crackers include Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter and most of the Disney stable of animated characters.Themed crackers are nothing new, first appearing at the end of the 19th Century.Indeed, historians believe the 'golden age' of themed crackers fell between 1890 and 1920.Versions during these years contained Shakespearean-themed hats and quotations inspired by Oscar Wilde. Others celebrated royal tours, exhibitions, imperial triumphs, Egyptian digs and the Suffragette movement.More recently, those interested in the postal service, the scouting movement and even the Channel Tunnel have all had designs catering to their tastes.Made abroadAt its height after World War II, the cracker firm established by Thomas Smith was making 50 million products a year at two large UK factories, employing more than 500 people.The business fell on hard times in the intervening years and was bought out in 1998.The brand name is now owned by AIM-listed gift wrapping and stationery firm International Greetings, whose Brite Sparks subsidiary produces 30 million crackers a year in Glamorgan.Although the cracker remains quintessentially British, it has not been immune from the forces of globalisation.Robin Reed Crackers, which makes crackers for a range of customers including hotels and garden centres, shifted production to China in the mid 1990s.That is why we are still around, insists its chairman Julian Reed.Anyone who didn't is not around any more. It is that simple.While acknowledging the cost pressures which led to the move to the Far East, Brite Sparks' Neil Schwartz does not believe it is necessarily an irreversible trend.Neil Schwartz, Brite Sparks operations managerI don't know whether in the next five years you won't see some of the manufacturing coming back to the UK, he says.Shipping costs are going up.Unsurprisingly, the festive season accounts for 95% of annual expenditure on crackers.Manufacturers are vulnerable to downward pressure on prices as supermarkets vie for business at this time of year, making it increasingly hard for firms to remain competitive.The price hasn't changed in the last ten years but all the costs have gone up, says Mr Reed.With increasingly dark economic clouds hanging over the High Street, will consumer appetite for crackers continue this time around?With 50% of sales coming in the week before Christmas, Neil Schwartz says the jury is still out on how things will pan out despite suggestions shoppers are cutting back on spending.In the past people have always had a box of crackers on their table. We are hoping that this won't change.No jokeSitting around the dinner table, there will doubtless be the usual complaints about the poverty of the jokes inside this year's vintage and the disposability of the trinkets inside.Firms insist the jokes - however recycled they may seem - are part of the cracker's timeless appeal to all members of the family.But it might be tempting to think that, like some other seasonal traditions, crackers have been dumbed down a little over the years.In the 1920s, they regularly contained such high-minded fare as crossword puzzles, musical toys and stereoscopes.Recent research from consumer body Which? suggests some crackers from top High Street names do not match up to their elevated price tags.Christmas dinner is incomplete without crackers and family intrigueMalcolm Coles, editor of Which? online, urges consumers to check the list of contents, saying its testers found luxury crackers aren't always worth the extra cost.However successful this Christmas proves, manufacturers will not have long to digest the festive spoils before their operations crank up all over again.Brite Sparks, meanwhile, has already started production for 2008.This may sound premature but Neil Schwartz says customers find it reassuring to know millions of crackers are safely sitting in storage ready to be dispatched on their way.We produce all year round for one bang on Christmas day.

Cajun Boudin Sausage .

Scurf 2xnetPhoto by Holly A. HeyserIt may be possible to have a bad meal in Louisiana, but it hasn’t happened to me yet. Everything from shrimp out of the back of a van to the off-the-track little diners and restaurants to the palaces of New Orleans to mom-and-pop boucheries in Cajun Country, Louisiana is an eater’s paradise. Cajun boudin is not the least among the state’s culinary glories.Cajun boudin ( boo-dan) is unlike French boudin, which is a more general term for sausages there. Cajun boudin is more like a meat stuffing packed into a hog casing and poached, grilled or smoked. You eat it by squeezing out the good stuff from the casing — sometimes onto a cracker (Saltines appear to be the general cracker of choice), squirting some mustard on it and sitting on the back of your tailgate munching away and pondering the mysteries of life and sausages. Many others skip the crackers and just eat boudin like a meaty pop-up popsicle.Boudin is a meal in a bite: Meat, fat, carbs from the rice, lots of vegetables and plenty of spice.

Like dirty rice in a casing. It’s Cajun fast food.If you are a hunter or an angler, boudin is a dish you need to know about, because Cajun boudin can (and is) made from pretty much anything. Pork yes, but also duck (as I did in this version), venison, rabbit, alligator, chicken, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, nutria, quail, turkey… you get the point. And since you grind everything, it’s a fantastic way to use the wobbly bits like livers, gizzards and hearts. You won’t really notice they’re in the boudin, and you get the satisfaction of a) not wasting parts of the animals you’ve hunted, and b) telling your offal-hating friends what they just ate — after they’ve eaten seconds. Or thirds.How do you make this wondrous sausage?

I honestly had no idea until I got a chance to tour Cajun Country as the guest of the folks from Tabasco a couple years ago. Among other things, they introduced me to Legnon’s Boucherie in New Iberia. Ted Legnon is famous both for his cracklins’ and his boudin, but I honestly can only eat a few crackin’s at any one time. I can eat inordinate amounts of boudin, so I focused my attention to that.Photo by Hank ShawBoudin is a cooked sausage, in that everything is cooked before it’s ground up and stuffed into a casing saltine cracker english. They’re sold in long links that are often tied into a ring and either poached and served or smoked to be eaten on the go. It’s a sloppy mixture that is only loosely stuffed into the casings — very unlike the tight stuffing you do with German sausages to get that characteristic knacken or snap.

Ratios of meat to rice vary Legnon’s goes for a 1:1 ratio. My recipe is a little more meat-heavy.The sausage can be mild or very spicy, with lots of vegetables (usually the “trinity” of onions, celery and green peppers) or few, red with paprika or just a humble gray. The point is that everyone makes boudin differently, and I’d be insane to claim that my recipe is definitive. But I did learn from Legnon’s and I’ve eaten an awful lot of boudin, so I can tell you that my boudin is at least in the ballpark, even if it’s different from how your grandma or your local boucherie makes it.If your boudin is different, how so? I’d be interested in hearing your variations.Photo by Holly A. Heyser Boudin, Cajun StyleBoudin can be made with basically any meat or seafood. Crawfish are as good as pork in my opinion. So use what you have in your freezer or fridge and have fun with it.

If you don’t want to make cased boudin, roll it into balls, bread it and fry it for the ultimate Cajun party treat.My recipe below is an amalgam of what I saw at Legnon’s, from Chef Donald Link’s book Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link’s Louisiana and from former Tabasco cook Eula Mae Dore’s book Eula Mae’s Cajun Kitchen.Note that while I poach my boudin, the links are also excellent grilled or smoked. If you smoke them, you absolutely need to use the curing salt, Instacure No. 1, which you can buy online or in some butcher shops.Makes about 3 1/2 pounds, enough to serve 6 to 10.Prep Time: 30 minutesCook Time: 2 hours1 1/2 pounds meat (duck, venison, beef, pork, whatever)1/2 pounds liver (duck, chicken, pork, venison liver, etc)1/2 pound pork fat1 large onion, chopped2 celery stalks, chopped2 poblano or green bell peppers, chopped1 bay leaf6 garlic cloves, chopped4 tablespoons kosher salt1/2 teaspoon Instacure No. 1 (optional)3 to 5 tablespoons Cajun seasoning (or see below)2 cups cooked white rice (long-grain is best)1 cup parsley, chopped1 cup green onions, choppedHog casingsHOMEMADE CAJUN SEASONINGMake this if you can’t find store-bought Cajun seasoning. It’s a little different from my normal spice mix, but it’s reflective of what you often find in boudin. If you want a redder boudin, increase the paprika. If you want it less spicy, reduce the cayenne.1 tablespoon ground black pepper1 tablespoon ground white pepper1 tablespoon cayenne1 tablespoon sweet paprika1 teaspoon dried oregano1/2 teaspoon celery seed____________Chop the meats, liver and fat into chunks of about 1 inch across you will grind them later, so they need to be able to fit in the grinder.

Mix the meats with the onion, celery, poblano peppers and garlic, then the salt, curing salt (if using) and either the Cajun seasonings or the spice mix you made from this recipe. Put it all in a lidded container and let it sit in the fridge at least an hour, and up to a day.Put the contents of the container into a large pot and pour in enough water to cover everything by an inch or two. Bring to a simmer and cook gently until everything is tender, at least 90 minutes and up to 4 hours. Strain off the cooking liquid (you’ll need it later) and spread the meat, fat and veggies out on a sheet pan to cool.When everything is cool enough to handle, grind it through the coarse die on your grinder. You can also hand chop everything.Put your meat mix into a large bowl and add the cooked rice, parsley and green onion.

Mix well, and add up to 4 cups of the reserved cooking liquid. Mix this for a solid 3 to 5 minutes, as you are creating a more cohesive mixture to stuff into a casing. You now have boudin.You can just shape the mixture into balls and fry them (they’re awesome), or use your boudin as stuffing for something else, like a turkey. But I prefer to case it. Stuff the boudin into hog casings, and while you’re doing it, get a large pot of salted water hot — not simmering, just steaming. You want the water to be about 165?F to 175?F. Poach the links for 10 minutes, then serve.

If you are not serving them right away, no need to poach the links yet.Eat with crackers and some good Creole mustard, by themselves or on a roll, again with mustard. Boudin does not keep well, so eat it all within a couple days. It does freeze reasonably well, however.More Sausage RecipesI vote to chill the cooking liquid well, and whisk well the liquefied fat into the broth. Add it slowly during the mixing process. I also would throw out the first cooked mirepoix (I don’t use peppers), and start a new cooked mirepoix (probably in some rendered fat). I do like lots of parsley and green onion, black pepper.Another suggestion would be to maybe smoke cold the boudin for two hours heavy (AmazN tube lit at both ends) after the poach, chill, and dry casing.

I think a spot in Scott, LA smokes but can’t remember the name of it. Could be Best Stop.Also, Ronnie’s in Hammond is ok but I usually pick up some boudin from Jerry Lee’s in Baton Rouge when I’m there to get Hog Head Cheese.My experience is in eating more than processing-only stuffed it a few times with some guys that really didn’t understand.Thanks for the recipe, and I’m ready to try my hand with duck, pheasant, chukar, and fat hog that I have too much of at the moment. Maybe this will be a saving grace for preserve released pheasant that are often too lean, and discouraging to get into.I Love boudin! I live in Gonzales,La. and have an old family recipe. It calls for 5lbs. of pork shoulder and 5 lbs. of cleaned pork skin.

You boil the skin first for a couple hours, then grind it ad add it back to the pot with the shoulder meat and the rest of the seasonings. The skin is THE secret in good boudin! One thing I will say is that the farther west you go in South Louisiana, the more rice they put in boudin. I like more meat than a 1:1 ratio. And we do not eat boudin on crackers. BTW-boudin is THE #1 duck blind food. Period. LOL!!I’ve lived in South Louisiana all of my life and have eaten boudin from several places but I’ve never tackled making it myself.

Until this past weekend when I discovered this recipe. I used the seasoning as it was listed but added a tablespoon of thyme. I’ve received rave reviews from co-workers and friends who are connoisseurs of boudin. One of my most prized compliments was “This boudin is better than Jerry Lee’s!” Since I think Jerry Lee’s boudin in Baton Rouge is the tops in boudin, that was a major compliment to me and this recipe.Proclaiming “how boudin is eaten” or not eaten for that matter is absurd asinine. It’s like BBQ, the cooking method is largely the same, but the techniques details vary greatly.

I’ve had every kind of boudin eaten every kind of way. My family is scattered throughout Louisiana from the city to the backwoods and I can tell you this: They all think their boudin is the best…the way they like it. I have definitely seen some hard core Cajuns put boudin on a cracker and sprinkle some hot sauce on it. I’ve also seen some hard-core Cajuns eat it straight out of the casing. I’ve seen a little of every method mentioned by the author and the comments.

Just take the tips, make the Boudin and get over yourselves.

25 Days of Christmas Fun: Saltine Cracker Toffee or “Christmas Crack” .

Scurf 2xnetTweetWe thought it would be fun to countdown to Christmas each night with a fun Christmas craft, recipe, family tradition and all things holly jolly.Jamie here! Here’s a recipe for a deliciously salty/sweet treat that is sure to please! Kasey shared this recipe with me year before last - and last year my father-in-law, who is a Church of God pastor (and therefore eats very well) loved it so much he nearly fought another pastor over the last few pieces :) It’s called Saltine Toffee or sometimes “Christmas Crack”. It’s not fancy, it’s not pretentious – and the ingredients are cheap – that’s my favorite kind of recipe!You’ll need:Go here for a step by step tutorial with pics.Saltine Crackers (About 1 sleeve)2 Cups Semi-Sweet or Milk Chocolate Chips2 Sticks Butter1 Cup Brown Sugar (Dark brown is best for that toffee flavor)Optional: Chopped nutsTin Foil and a Jellyroll PanPreheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a cookie sheet or jellyroll pan with tin foil and spray with butter-flavored cooking spray.

Lie the sleeve of crackers out side by side in your pan. In a medium saucepan, heat 2 sticks butter and brown sugar on medium-high until boiling. Once it beings to bubble in earnest, let it boil for 3 minutes without stirring. Immediately pour over crackers, spreading it to cover them all. Stick it in the oven for 5 minutes.

As soon as you pull it out, cover with 2 cups chocolate chips which will get soft and melty very quickly. (If not, place it back in the oven for about 30 seconds) Use a spatula to spread it out a bit in a nice smooth coating.Sprinkle on nuts, toffee bits, Christmas sprinkles or any kind of pretty garnish you like.Let it set and get hard for a few hours, or place it in the fridge or freezer to speed the hardening process.Crack it into large pieces and give as gifts in a cookie tin – or set out to be gobbled up!Don’t miss out on any of our nightly posts in our 25 Days of Christmas Fun Series. Join us tomorrow night for more Christmas Fun!25 Days of Christmas Fun: Countdown to Christmas Advent Ideas25 Days of Christmas Fun: Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses on Milk Cartons!25 Days of Christmas Fun: Light’em Up25 Days of Christmas Fun: The JOY of Giving25 Days of Christmas Fun: Cookie Cutter Christmas Pancakes25 Days of Christmas Fun: Easy HO-HO-HO DIY Project! So Cute!!25 Days of Christmas Fun: 25 Days of Christmas Fun: Salt Dough Ornaments25 Days of Christmas Fun: Ribbon Wreath Craft25 Days of Christmas Fun: Everything Doesn’t Have to be “Pinteresty”25 Days of Christmas Fun: Fun Party Mix {Snowman Crunch}25 Days of Christmas Fun: Snowman SoupFiled Under: Holiday, Recipe Box Tagged With: 25 Days of Christmas FunRecent PostsKohl’s Coupon Codes 30% OFF + Kohl’s Cash | Kitchenaid Mixer only $125!Amazon: Guitar Hero Live 50% OFF (Today Only!)HOT New Huggies Coupons to Print!Amazon: Huggies Simply Clean Wipes only 1? each, Shipped!Britax B-Agile B-Safe Travel System only $225 Shipped! (Reg $450)Kohl’s Nutri-Bullet ONLY $38 Shipped!Food City Ad 1/13 – 1/19Sonic Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburgers only 79? Today! (Limit 5)Walgreens: Garnier Haircare Products Only $0.6610 Valentines Candy Alternatives for Classroom Favors!

Details aboutGreen holly Gingerbread man Christmas cracker by Julie Hill .

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Over 600,000 craft listings including Card Making, Knitting, Needlework, Scrapbooking, Designer Resources, Craft Supplies, Hobbies and Handmade Finished Cards. Plus Craft Projects, Videos, Ideas, Crafting Competitions and Fun Crafty Bob Craft Games.If you are creative and love crafting then you are going to love!PLEASE NOTE:This item is not a finished greetings card - it is a craft projectprinted onto 200gsm ultra-white glossy craft paper, ready foryou to make your own greetings card or craft project.You will be pleased to know that we combine postal charges.The easiest way to combine postal charges is to place your order using a PC or laptop and add our products to your ebay basket. The postage will then automatically be combined before you check out.Remember, if you order using a mobile device then the ebay basket facility may not be available .

Mixed nuts in dish with nut crackers and holly in background .

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Scurf 2xnetIn December of 2014 Cracker released their tenth studio effort, entitled Berkeley To Bakersfield, a double-album that finds this uniquely American band traversing two different sides of the California landscape – the northern Bay area and further down-state in Bakersfield.Despite being less than a five-hour drive from city to city, musically, these two regions couldn't be further apart from one another. In the late '70s and '80s a harder-edged style of rock music emerged from the Bay area, while Bakersfield is renowned for its own iconic twangy country music popularized, most famously, by Buck Owens and Merle Haggard in the '60s and '70s. Yet despite these differences, they are both elements that Cracker's two cofounders, David Lowery and Johnny Hickman, have embraced to some degree on nearly every one of their studio albums over the last two decades. On Berkeley To Bakersfield, however, instead of integrating these two genres together within one disc, they've neatly compartmentalized them onto their own respective regionally-titled LPs.As Lowery explains, On the Berkeley disc the band is the original Cracker lineup - Davey Faragher, Michael Urbano, Johnny and myself. This is the first time this lineup has recorded together in almost 20 years.

We began recording this album at East Bay Recorders in Berkeley, CA. For this reason we chose to stylistically focus this disc on the music we most associate with the East Bay: Punk and Garage with some funky undertones. To further match our sense of place we often took an overtly political tone in the lyrics.This Bakersfield disc represents the 'California country' side of the band. Throughout the band's 24-year history we've dabbled in Country and Americana but this time we wanted to pay homage to the particular strain of Country and Country-Rock music that emerges from the inland valleys of California.Cracker has been described as a lot of things over the years: alt-rock, Americana, insurgent-country, and have even had the terms punk and classic-rock thrown at them. But more than anything Cracker are survivors.

Cofounders Lowery and Hickman have been at it for almost a quarter of a century – amassing ten studio albums, multiple gold records, thousands of live performances, hit songs that are still in current radio rotation around the globe (Low, Euro-Trash Girl, Get Off This and Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out With Me to name just a few), and a worldwide fan base - that despite the major sea-changes within the music industry - continues to grow each year.Country/Bluegrass/Twangcore/Cowpunkytonk/AmerikindaAmongst many attempts to describe The Whiskey Gentry, perhaps the best take was from Paste Magazine, who called them a “toe-tapping, steamrolling kind of band, its fingers picking deep into fields of bluegrass…with a punk-inspired kick drum.”The Whiskey Gentry’s catchy tunes reel in listeners ranging from young music novices to wider mainstream audiences, while their musical chops earn the professional praise and respect of those with the most sophisticated of musical palates.Initially a quintet formed by husband and wife duo Lauren Staley and Jason Morrow, the band’s 2011 debut album, Please Make Welcome, became a critically-acclaimed success, garnering official recognition as a finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriting Competition held at MerleFest. While touring in support of the record, the full lineup was solidified, with Michael Smith on mandolin and Rurik Nunan on fiddle/vocals joining Chesley Lowe on banjo, Sammy Griffin on bass, and Price Cannon on drums.For their 2013 sophomore effort, Holly Grove, the band once again sought the talents of engineer and co-producer John Keane (R.E.M., Uncle Tupelo). In early 2013, the band successfully rallied fans to help fund the studio sessions through a Kickstarter campaign. Local artists and established pros alike pitched in as well, creating a true ensemble effort on songs such as a duet with Butch Walker on “One Night in New York,” and cameos throughout the album by Les Hall, the Dappled Grays, and Radiolucent. Mastered by Glenn Schick (Indigo Girls, Drive-By Truckers), Holly Grove infuses elements of country, bluegrass, folk, rock, and punk with a mix of poppy and poignant lyrics, fiery and heartfelt vocals, traditional and progressive sounds, honesty, edginess, and entertainment all around.With two studio albums under their belt, April 2014 saw the release of Live From Georgia on Goose Creek Music, which captures the raw energy and powerful stage presence fans have come to expect at live shows. Indeed The Whiskey Gentry is riding a wave of momentum. Holly Grove peaked at on the Americana Radio Chart, they continue touring extensively up and down the East coast from Tampa to Boston, through Texas and Louisiana, the Midwest, and many points in between, and look forward to a return trip to Europe in September 2014.

Luring listeners in, capturing their ears, hearts, and minds, and blazing new trails in Americana music and beyond, The Whiskey Gentry is only just warming its heels.Hunter S. Thompson wrote that “the whiskey gentry” was “a pretentious mix of booze, failed dreams, and a terminal identity crisis.” Though they are never lacking offers from fans for a shot of whiskey, their dreams are becoming reality, their identity is distinct, their future on a steady crescendo.Not In The Face started as a joke. Two friends in Austin, Texas thought it would be funny to start a cover band playing hyperactive renditions of classic RB, Doo-Wop, and Rock 'n' Roll songs. The joke ended when their rock experiment was an unexpected hit.The original twosome--Jonathan Terrell (vocals, guitar) and Wes Cargal (drums)-- formed the group in 2009. The band's word-of-mouth reputation earned them a showcase in the SXSW Music Conference, major market U.S. tours and supporting slots with bands like ZZ Top, Guitar Wolf, Black Lips, and David Allen Coe. They released their first LP Bikini in 2011 to regional acclaim. KUT radio ranked the record in their Top Ten Albums of 2011.In 2012, Not In The Face released the 4-song Walk EP, which saw the band cranking up the volume even further. The band added firebrand lead guitarist Michael Anthony Gibson the same year. They earned spots in the Fun Fun Fun Festival and national tours with legendary Los Angeles punks X and the Reverend Horton Heat.In June 2013, the band traveled to Vancouver, BC to work with legendary executive producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Lou Reed) and producer GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, The Jesus Lizard, The Melvins, Biffy Clyro).

Soon after, the band added bassist/vocalist Ross Dubois to cement their low end. The band is a force of nature on stage and equally explosive on their new record, released February 2014.

History of Christmas crackers .

Scurf 2xnetThe history of Christmas crackers is surrounded by a surprising amount of controversy. For starters, they are the epitome of the throwaway Christmas culture: their very reason for being is to be destroyed. All that waste must have been quite a naughty thrill to the thrifty and famously prudent Victorians who invented them. But as we know the Victorians and Edwardians are largely responsible for how most of traditional England still lives, from what to wear when shooting and what to wear out hunting.Since then, the history of Christmas crackers has witnessed crackers banned during various periods and caught up in trade disputes, not to mention numerous battles around the Christmas table over ownership of the ubiquitous mini screwdriver set. One tip to avoid a Christmas meltdown: take advantage of our special Christmas subscription offer and save 38%. THE HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS CRACKERSWhile nobody argues that the history of Christmas crackers began in the late 19th century, there’s an on-going debate about their actual inventor. Some credit a chap called James Hovell, while one school of thought believes it was an innovative Italian by the name of Sparagnapane.

But most side with the far less exotic-sounding Tom Smith, a confectioner from London.Holly and mistletoe are as much a part of a festive Christmas as Christmas crackers.Give or take a few years, the the history of Christmas crackers began in 1860. It took not one but two Eureka moments to create the cracker as we know it. Supposedly, Tom Smith travelled to Paris in the 1840s where he was taken with bon-bons, sweets wrapped in a colourful twist of paper. Some time later the crackle of a log in the fireplace of the Smith family home gave him the idea for the snap.“Who knows the truth?” says Peter Kimpton, an authority on the history of Chrismas crackers (the world’s only cracker historian) and author of The King Of Crackers. “Perhaps Tom Smith was simply an excellent marketing man and did a good job in getting the message out that the idea was his.” Regardless of who should claim the credit, there’s no denying it was a cracking invention, and one that has lasted 150 years.Very little has changed in this time. To stay ahead of competitors, who had also started to produce bon-bons, Smith added a motto and, later, small trinkets. “Tom Smith was brilliant at spotting gaps in the market and coming up with new ideas. For example, there were special crackers for spinsters and bachelors,” explains Kimpton.

ARTIST MUNNINGS MADE CHRISTMAS CRACKERS“In Victorian days, people had the luxury of time to produce beautifully printed crackers and boxes. The mottos inside would have been poetic and romantic. Because there was nothing like radio or television for entertainment, much more would have been made of the crackers during the Christmas meal. A family would probably spend a long time poring over the crackers and comparing their contents,” he adds.Decoration for cracker boxes was a serious business. Even the great Munnings started his working life producing designs for Caley’s, another important maker. “Proofs still exist of Munnings’s work with comments from him such as ‘Not my colours’ or ‘Not my layout,'” reveals Kimpton. “The crackers and boxes were beautifully decorated along various themes. Not only are they fantastic works of art, they’re also a chronicle of social history.”The Royal Family, suffragettes, the Scout movement and the Thirties’ obsession with a Channel tunnel are just a few of the hot topics that found themselves on crackers. The festive bangers also helped with the war effort. Patriotic and militaristic decoration such as an English Tommy with a German eagle on a lead poured scorn on the enemy and boosted morale.

During the Second World War the government even used cracker snaps to imitate gunfire for some fairly rudimentary troop training. This meant that cracker production was banned during the war.According to Peter Kimpton, the period from the 1890s up to the end of the First World War was the heyday of the cracker, and then from 1953 one city was at the very centre of this flourishing festive industry: Norwich. “Norwich was the cracker-making capital of the world,” he explains. “Several major factories, including Tom Smith’s and Caley’s, were based there. I worked for Tom Smith’s between 1986 and 1992 and even then we were making more than 50 million crackers a year.”Although the Tom Smith’s brand still exists, family ownership and the Norwich factory are things of the past. “Very few crackers are made in this country now. Most are produced in China, where they are stamped out and made of wafer-thin cardboard. In the old days, there would have been rows of girls on benches, carefully winding the cracker material around rollers,” says Kimpton. POSH CRACKERS GO WITH A BANGLuckily, the history of Christmas crackers does not end in China.

A small band of deft-fingered cracker-makers remains. “One of our very fast girls could probably create a basic cracker in about a minute. Our crackers average about five minutes’ making,” claims Jo O’Connor of Upper Crust Crackers, a business specialising in handmade crackers. “By the time we get to Christmas, most of the makers have fairly gnarled-looking hands.We manufacture all year round but the period from late summer up until Christmas is the busiest. At this time we take on a whole raft of part-timers to bolster our four full-time staff and 15 or so home workers,” she explains saltine cracker toffee. Last year was particularly pressurised due to the politics of world trade. “The ‘snaps’ are shipped in bulk from China. Our supplies were coming in on an enormous ship filled with Christmas goods that was held up because of rumblings about the number of imports from China. They arrived very late and we had a nail-biting time.”Upper Crust has an enviable list of clients, including Elton John (who went for pink and feathery creations), numerous swanky London hotels, the Orient Express and the Burg Al Arab in Dubai, the world’s only seven-star hotel. “They are ever so thoughtful and always order around Easter, usually around 5,000,” O’Connor says of the exotic establishment.However, having such an international client base does pose some problems. “It’s very difficult choosing jokes because the hotels have a wide variety of nationalities as guests. The gags have to be very politically correct these days and we have to make sure there isn’t anything that might offend a range of cultures,” she explains.Throughout the year, Upper Crust Crackers amasses a short list of jokes and the staff votes on the best. “We usually end up with a bank of about 50 that we print. As far as jokes go, the cheesier the better.

It’s all part of the fun, and I think it is what is expected. A few years ago we decided to replace the jokes with trivia because we thought it was more upmarket, but people didn’t like it one iota so we put them back pronto,” reveals O’Connor.Thornback Peel boast some delightfully country inspired Christmas crackers. This year there are three excellent designs. A robin and holly design, stag and spot or partridges and pear prints make up these top quality additions to the festive table.Thornback Peel Christmas crackers look well on the festive country table.The Thornback Peel Christmas Crackers, are ?55 for six or ?10 eachor ?9.95 each. And the interior definitely lives up to the elegant exterior.

Each Christmas cracker contains a hat, snap, joke and a hand printed festive Thornback Peel handkerchief.Increasingly, crackers are being brought out for other high days and holidays. “They are becoming more popular for weddings particularly. We once made crackers for a couple who put G-strings inside as the gift. On a more romantic note, we took an order for a special cracker that contained an engagement ring,” she says.The Upper Crust cracker-makers are no strangers to splendid prizes, as they are responsible for the sumptuous crackers sold by Asprey. The Bond Street emporium’s purple and silver crackers cost ?200 a pop. They are available individually but are also sold in boxes of six and 12. Silver pens, compasses, silk scarves, pendants and cuff-links are among the treasures found inside.One way of ensuring there’s something more inspiring than a comedy moustache in your cracker is to make or customise your own, something the Royal Family is said to favour. The disparity of cracker contents is one of the wonders of the festive season but, just like the awful jokes and the paper hats that always tear or fall off, ridiculous and sometimes useless prizes are half the fun and have become a Christmas tradition in their own right.“The pointless plastic shapes that nobody could possibly want – except for small children who might choke on them – are always a source of amusement and bewilderment.

Who designs them and what on earth could anybody want a plastic monkey for?” says Billie Baker from party planner Portfolio Events. “Mind you, I think most of us secretly like the mini sewing kits, padlocks and that sort of thing, they always come in handy.“No matter how badly made they are or how laughable the contents, crackers are at the heart of a good Christmas party,” she continues. “They’re a great ice-breaker: if you’re sat next to someone you don’t know comparing prizes and groaning at the gags is a good way to get the conversation flowing. Crackers are also wonderful levellers as it is absolutely impossible to look good in the silly hats.” Learn how to make your own Christmas crackers.

Olive Oil Crackers Recipe .

Scurf 2xnetToday I'm going to try to encourage you to make your own crackers. It's not that difficult or fussy, and the results are infectiously satisfying. What kind of cracker? The cracker recipe I'm featuring today makes thin, snappy, rustic crackers. Though they are sturdy enough to stand up to a hearty dip. The technique is simple and straightforward (utilizing just a few ingredients) and the dough is a welcoming canvas to all manner of seeds, salts, cheeses, spices, or flavored oils that you might want to use as accents. The crackers are fantastically adaptable in this regard. For those of you intimidated by baking with yeast, no worries, I don't use any here.You can make these crackers just about any shape you like.

You can cut them into wide strips, thin ribbons, precise squares - or simply bake them off in big sheets. They go nicely with the artichoke dip I featured last week. I suspect they'd also be great crumbled over this Caesar salad, or diving deep into Rachel's midnight hummus over on Mighty Foods.I'm going to list of a bunch of suggested toppings in the head notes of the recipe, but I'd love to hear your suggestions as well. Someone always comes up with a brilliant idea or approach that never would've dawned on me. I think I want to do the next batch topped with lemon zest, poppy seeds, black pepper, and Parmesan...but I suspect I could be persuaded to go a different route )...Update 10/08: Lauren posted a gluten-free version of these crackers on her site. - More Appetizer Recipes -Olive Oil Cracker RecipeIf you have trouble tracking down semolina flour, just substitute white whole wheat flour (or all-purpose flour), it will be make a slightly different cracker but should still work. To get creative with your crackers you can top them with lots of things before baking: freshly grated cheese, artisan salts, cornmeal, a dusting of your favorite spice blend, seeds, or a wash of your favorite flavored or infused oil. You can simply cut the unbaked cracker dough into various shapes using one of those pizza cutting wheels.1 1/2 cups semolina flour1 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour (or all-purpose flour)1 teaspoon fine-grain sea salt1 cup warm water1/3 cup extra virgin olive oilspecial equipment: pasta machine (optional)Whisk together the flours and salt. Add the water and olive oil.

Using a mixer with a dough hook attachment mix the dough at medium speed for about 5 - 7 minutes. Alternately, feel free to mix and then knead by hand on a floured counter-top. The dough should be just a bit tacky - not too dry, not too sticky to work with. If you need to add a bit more water (or flour) do so.When you are done mixing, shape the dough into a large ball. Now cut into twelve equal-sized pieces. Gently rub each piece with a bit of olive oil, shape into a small ball and place on a plate. Cover with a clean dishtowel or plastic wrap and let rest at room temperature for 30 - 60 minutes.While the dough is resting, preheat your oven to 450F degrees. Insert a pizza stone if you have one.When the dough is done resting, flatten one dough ball.

Using a rolling pin or a pasta machine, shape into a flat strip of dough - I can usually get down to the 4 setting on my pasta machine w/o trouble. Pull the dough out a bit thinner by hand (the way you might pull pizza dough). You can also cut the dough into whatever shape you like at this point. Set dough on a floured (or cornmeal dusted) baking sheet, poke each cracker with the tines of a fork to prevent puffing, add any extra toppings, and slide into the oven (onto the pizza stone). Repeat the process for the remaining dough balls, baking in small batches. If you don't have a pizza stone, bake crackers a few at a time on baking sheets. Bake until deeply golden, and let cool before eating - you will get more crackery snap.Makes a dozen extra large crackers.Print RecipeI didn't test a gluten-free version.

How about this. If you come up with a great GF version of this cracker - post it to your site/blog, and I'll update link to it from the end of the post. I know I have some really great GF bakers as readers.Mz Priss - here's a link to the polenta cracker recipe I featured.Dee, I'd opt for mixing by hand - the food processor will cut all those nice gluten strands you are trying to build up in the dough.Keegan - Keep the crackers in an air tight container - the'll likely keep for days that way. If you are going to freeze the dough, do it after you form it into the 12 blls and rub with olive oil - place in plastic freezer bag. Thaw at room temperature for a few hours before attempting to use.Keep the topping ideas coming! I already see some great ones! -hAs a long-time reader, first-time commenter (bet you've heard that one before!), I want to say again what a wonderful resource your site is. I'm about to go off to college next year, and your recipes continually inspire interesting, simple ways to make healthy food even when resources are slim (think cafeteria salad bars and tiny dorm kitchenettes).I would love to make these crackers for an upcoming party for my parents, but wondered whether you had an estimate for how long the crackers take to bake. Your recipe says Bake until they're deep golden - any suggestions on when to start checking them?

Would hate to burn these lovely munchables....When I saw this recipe I was inspired and made them straight away. After becoming recently house-poor, we are making more of our food from scratch since our food budget was cut in half! We are now baking our bread and now I can add crackers to the mix. I sprinkled salt and crushed black pepper on them just before popping them in the oven. I hand rolled them and it is important to get them really thin. I baked for 10 minutes and they came out great. I suggest a little less olive oil, they are kind of greasy (not that I mind!)First time poster here. :)I check your website regularly and did so on Friday before I checked out of work to head home to prepare some appetizers for a book club I was hosting. I had prepared some sun dried tomato hummus with toasted cumin the night before and had some basic grilled pitas I was planning on serving it with.

I saw this recipes, was inspired, ditched the pitas and made the crackers with a simple olive oil, kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper crust.The results were divine. Thank you for the inspiration. I love venturing outside of my normal cooking boundaries! (Even with something as simple as a homemade cracker!)

Graham Cracker Waffle Cones {Appreciation Post} .

*i*m*g*One of the best parts of making your own waffle cones is that you get to be creative. Since fall is coming and I’m thinking pie, I got super excited about making graham cracker ice cream cones. Homemade graham cracker ice cream cones would be phenomenal with pumpkin pie ice cream, apple pie ice cream, or the surprise combination I’ll be sharing soon!Graham cracker cones taste like typical waffle cones, but with a honey graham finish. I had a little trouble forming the cones at first and every messed up cone was eaten immediately by bystanders. The graham cracker waffle cone recipe is at the bottom of this post, but first there is something important to talk about. AppreciationToday, a swarm of food bloggers have decided to talk about our significant others and make food that they like (Jonathan loves ice cream and is “forced” to eat cupcakes sans ice cream all of the time). The appreciation concept, as created by Amanda of the fabulous i am baker, was for us to give our significant others a moment in the spotlight. We were each to ask the same five questions of our partners.

All of the answers below are direct quotes from Jonathan.Q: What is your significant other’s favorite blog called?A: It’s her own blog. It’s called Cupcake Project.That answer makes me sounds a bit conceited, but if I didn’t love my own blog, we’d have a problem. If you want the real list of blogs I love, check out my blogroll. My favorite blog is Brave Tart – she introduced me to homemade fig newtons (which led to pig newtons), homemade lucky charms, and homemade sprinkles. I’m a bit scared that when her book comes out, this blog will become an ode to Brave Tart.Q: What is their favorite prop?A: She wants to use the kitchen as the background in every photo. But, it’s probably some ugly plate.I like natural backgrounds. Jonathan doesn’t like people to know that our house is sometimes (OK – most of the time) messy.

It’s a constant artistic battle, which he wins since he’s the one taking the photo. I’m not sure what ugly plate he’s referring to. My favorite prop is probably the barn wood that we got from Burning Barn. Everything looks better on it ( case in point).Q: What is the weirdest thing you have seen your spouse do for a blog post?A: She has only done weird stuff. She does bizarre poses wearing products. She’s dressed like a hipster indifferently holding out a cupcake. She dressed like the absinthe fairy and an Old West prostitute.Funny that he focused on the costumes and not say, cucakewurst! But, it also makes me want to do another costume post.

Any ideas?Q: If you could have your own blog what would you call it?A: J. Pollack Photography Blog. I don’t have time for it so I use Facebook instead.He does a great job keeping up two business Facebook pages, general photography (which includes LOTS of food porn) and wedding photography.Q. What do you do for a living and what are your hobbies?A. I am a professional photographer shooting weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and editorial and commercial work. We have a four year old – I love spending time with him and I love doing my work. If those count as hobbies, great!He failed to mention his new BFFs – our chickens. We’ve got five little ones and Jonathan is head over heels for them.

The one in the photo is Mrs. Grint (named by our preschooler).Q. Who does the dishes?A. I wash, Stef empties the dishwasher.I get the better end of this deal. :)This blog wouldn’t be what it is today without Jonathan. I appreciate him every day and try to remember to tell him so enough times that he doesn’t forget it. He’s the one who, when I’m beating my head against the wall, reminds me, “You have an experimental cupcake blog – things don’t always work at first, keep trying!” He’s the one who cleans up the powdered sugar covering the counters and floor. He’s the one who spots the perfect prop to make the photo work. He’s the one who’ll go run errands with our son so that I can have some much-needed personal time – even though he needs the time too.

He’s the one that lets me sleep in every day because he knows how much I love to sleep. He’s the one that I’m about to wake up (correction: have woken up) from a sound sleep to come and edit this post since it’s due first thing in the morning – and, he’s OK with that. Thanks, Jonathan, for all that you do. Love ya!To meet everyone else’s significant others and to discover some fun new blogs and recipes, check out the links below:Lauren from Keep It Sweet Desserts made MM Kit Kat CakeRachel from Rachel Cooks made Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip CookiesShanna from Pineapple Coconut made Best Ever Chicken EnchiladasMeaghan from The Decorated Cookie made Homemade SpaghettiOsAmy from Very Culinary shared a Fabulous Video!Liz from The Lemon Bowl made Lebanese Meat Pies (Sfeehas)Cassie from Bake Your Day made Something FabulousErin from The Law Students Wife made Chicken Stir Fry with Thai Peanut SauceHeather from Sugar Dish Me made Bourbon Apple ShortcakesDorothy from Crazy For Crust made Pretzel Toffee Peanut Butter CookiesLauren from Climbing Grier Mountain shared At the Table with Mr. BTanya from Lemons for Lulu made Something FabulousErin from Texanerin Baking made Healthier New York Times Chocolate Chip CookiesJen from Jens Favorite Cookies made Chocolate PuddingJamie from Thrifty Veggie Mama made Something FabulousDiane from Created By Diane made Rocky Road CookieNikki from Seeded at the Table made Oatmeal Cream Pie Ice Cream SandwichesMeagan fron A Zesty Bite made Something FabulousTaylor from Greens Chocolate made Something FabulousAmanda from i am baker made Classic Cheesecake with Double CrustKristy from Sweet Treats More made Something FabulousLauren from Healthy. Delicious. made Something FabulousErin from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts shared a Round up of Hubbies FavoritesRachel from Set the Table made Mexican Chocolate ShakeJulie from Julie’s Eats and Treats made Something FabulousKaterina from Diethood made Something FabulousBetsy from Java Cupcake made Something FabulousKimberly from The Daring Gourmet made French Almond Cake The Graham Cracker Ice Cream Cone RecipeAre you still with me?

Cool! Let’s talk some more about this graham cracker ice cream cone recipe. I got the graham cracker ice cream cone recipe from Chris, fellow St. Louis resident and writer of Difficult Food. He used graham cones to make s’mores ice cream cones – brilliant. Don’t be scared by the blog name – the difficult part was figuring out the recipe once you have the recipe, it’s not all that hard to make the cones. I made a few slight changes to his recipe (switching out the molasses for honey and removing the other spices) and asked his permission to reprint it below.Ingredients2 egg whites1/4 cup heavy cream1/4 teaspoon salt1/3 cup dark brown sugar3 tablespoons sugar2 teaspoons honey5 tablespoons butter (melted and cooled until comfortable to touch)1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon graham flour1/4 cup cake flourInstructionsIn a medium bowl, whisk egg whites and cream together until combined.Add salt, sugars, honey, and melted butter. Whisk to combine thoroughly.Add graham flour and cake flour and stir gently to barely combine.Scoop 1/4 cup of batter into the waffle cone iron and bake and mold cone according to iron's directions.

I suggest over-baking the waffle cones just slightly. Whenever I got scared of the cones burning and pulled them off the iron, they ended up a little soggy.Serve with ice cream as soon as the cones are formed and cooled.

CVR Refining, LP: The Good, The Bad And The Value Add .

*i*m*g*CVR Refining, LP (NYSE: CVRR) is an independent downstream energy master limited partnership that owns refining and related logistics assets in the US Midcontinent region (Group 3 PADD II). The company operates 2 refineries: one 115,000 barrels per day (bpd) capacity complex full-coking medium-sour crude oil refinery in Coffeyville, Kansas, and a second 70,000 bpd capacity complex crude oil refinery in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. CVRR is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas.CVRR subsidiaries own related assets and provide logistics support for its refineries. These assets include: 336 miles of owned and leased pipelines, 150 crude oil transports, crude oil gathering tank farms, and crude oil storage facilities with 6 million barrels of capacity (that's about 6% of the total crude oil storage capacity at Cushing, Oklahoma).CVRR's general partner is comprised of subsidiaries of CVR Energy, Inc. (NYSE: CVI). CVI's subsidiaries own 66% of CVRR's common units.

CVI is, in turn, controlled by Icahn Enterprises, LP (NASDAQ: IEP). IEP owns 82% of CVI's outstanding shares.Competitive PositionThe good news from a competitive standpoint is that CVRR's refineries have certain geographic and economic advantages. The PADD II region generally is receiving oil from the Gulf Coast PADD III producers at a discount to West Texas Intermediate prices. The company's logistics allow the partnership to take in 60,000 bps of lower cost crude from Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas. CVRR is also a low-cost operator. It runs $5.58 of expense per barrel (excluding SGA and turnaround costs) per barrel of throughput.

That's lower than Western Refining (NYSE: WNR), HollyFrontier (NYSE: HFC) or Tesoro (NYSE: TSO). (Northern Tier Energy LP (NYSE: NTI), which I've also written about, runs even lower at $4.85 per barrel.)The bad news is that CVRR is a small player among behemoths. The Coffeyville refinery is the second largest of three refineries in Kansas - HollyFrontier's El Dorado is the biggest, with 138,000 bpd capacity. The Wynnewood refinery is the smallest of four refineries in Oklahoma - the largest, Phillips 66's Ponca City refinery, has 200,000 bpd capacity. In other words, CVRR is competing with significantly larger, multiple-refinery companies. If CVRR has an outage, it's a much bigger problem for its shareholders.Financial Summary and EstimatesOutlined in the table below are CVRR's most recent quarterly and latest 12 months' results, plus the consensus estimates for the third quarter. Note that revenue is expected to drop in Q3'15.

Management estimates 175,000-190,000 bpd of throughput during the quarter. An electrical outage shut Coffeyville's fluid catalytic cracker for 2 days in July, reducing production. Two-thirds of the Coffeyville refinery will be shut down in late September (the first part of a turnaround to be completed in 2016).CVRR $ mil:Q3'14Q4'14Q1'15Q2'15Q3'15ERevenue2,2151,7731,3041,5191,263CGS2,0831,7561,0901,181SGA128130105116Operating Income4-113109222Interest exp.8101110Non-Op L(G), net-26-1551-16Tax Exp. (CR)0000Inc. before XO items22-10947228162XO Loss, net0000Net Income22-10947228169Revenue Growth-Seq.-10.2%-20.0%-26.4%16.5%-16.9%Operating Margin0.2%-6.4%8.4%14.6%EBITDA34-81143257197Adj. EBITDA130105162194197Adj. EBITDA Mgn.5.9%5.9%12.4%12.8%15.6%Adj. EBITDA/Interest16.4x10.8x14.3x18.7xLTM Revenue9,4188,8307,7596,8115,859LTM EBITDA454330279353516LTM Adj. EBITDA829816589591658LTM Cash Flow705716606567435LTM CapEx-218-191-175-164LTM FCF487525431403Cash Near Cash359370422433Tot LT ST Debt582581581581Market Cap3,4362,4803,0612,701Enterprise Value3,6592,6913,2202,849EV/Adj. EBITDA4.4x3.3x5.5x4.8xTotal Debt/EV0.2x0.2x0.2x0.2xNet Debt/Adj.

EBITDA0.3x0.3x0.3x0.2xRefining in bpd 000s:Throughput184212215221183Gasoline Prod.89107109107Distillates Prod.79888996Other Prod.17191919Margin per Barrel$9.96$ 2.71$13.68$19.12(A) Source:, company reports(B) Revenue excludes current period settlements on derivative contractsPartnership DistributionCVRR pays its limited partners a variable quarterly partnership distribution based on Adjusted EBITDA, but that figure is subject to further adjustments for the cash needed to service the partnership's debt, the cash needed to reserve for environmental and maintenance capital expenditures, and the cash needed to reserve for future turnarounds.Current consensus estimates of $197 million for Q3'15 Adjusted EBITDA imply $52 million of further adjustments and $145.8 million of distributable cash. The dividend would then be a repeat of the $0.98 cent distribution payment seen in Q2'15. It's unlikely debt service changed this quarter. CVRR has $580 million of long-term debt and capital leases on its books, and the bulk of it is in $500 million of notes due in '22 that pay coupons in May and November. It's also unlikely that future maintenance or capex reserves changed significantly. However, the cat cracker outage was unplanned. It was shut on July 2 and 3. That cat cracker accounts for 36.9K bpd of production.What about margin per barrel of throughput during Q3'15?

To get a handle on how an unhedged PADD II refiner might be faring - what it would make per barrel of oil it produces and sells - you need to watch how the NYMEX 2-1-1 Crack Spread is trending. As you can see, the NYMEX 2-1-1 Crack Spread began falling in the middle of August.The average 2-1-1 crack spread through mid-September is $21.85, which, without hedges in place, would indicate a gross margin for CVRR below $15 per barrel. However, that's only marginally below the $21.97 price at which the company has hedged its 2015 production. Note that CVRR's common stock price is modestly correlated with the 2-1-1 crack spread. Year to date, using daily end-of-day values, the correlation coefficient between them is 62% (an R-squared of 39%).

This may be an effect of having hedges in place.Recent PositivesCVRR has had several positive developments during Q3'15. On August 31, the SP raised the company's corporate credit and senior unsecured debt ratings to BB- from B+ and left the partnership's recovery rating of 3 on its senior unsecured debt unchanged. The SP cited a stable outlook, adequate liquidity, and continuing favorable refining margins of $14 per barrel, which the rating agency anticipated would drop Debt/EBITDA leverage down to 1.75x and increase EBITDA/Interest coverage to 8.0x over the ensuing 12-24 months. On September 15, CVI and Velocity Midstream Partners, LLC executed a letter of intent related to the construction of a crude oil gathering and transportation system through the fairways of the SCOOP and STACK plays in Oklahoma. CVI expects an equity participation in the project through one or more of its subsidiaries. Velocity's crude oil system will gather and transport crude oil from Grady, Stephens, Garvin, McClain, Canadian, Kingfisher and Blaine counties, and provide pipeline transportation to CVRR's Wynnewood refinery and the Cushing hub, where the company has crude storage and pipeline access to its Coffeyville refinery.ConclusionAs noted, CVRR is a two-refinery operation in a sector dominated by much larger competitors. Outages are significant events for smaller players.

Crack spreads are significant for all players, if unhedged. However, even if the operational problems with CVRR's Coffeyville cat cracker created a greater cash draw than anticipated, and even if the 2-1-1 crack spread has declined since mid-August, CVRR common shares are likely to receive a Q3'15 partnership distribution in November that is within range of the $0.98 cent Q2'15 partnership distribution they received in August.The shares closed Tuesday at $18.95, not that much different than where they stood at the end of June, but below the $20.42 they reached when the June numbers were reported on July 30. That dividend, if annualized, equates to a 20.94% yield. But let's use just the latest 12 months' figure of 14.17%, given the variability in distributions. That's a bit below that of Northern Tier Energy LP, which has yielded 15.17% in the LTM period, about what Alon US Partners LP (NYSE: ALDW) has paid (14.10%), but well north of HollyFrontier Corp.'s 3.85%, and Calumet Specialty Products (NASDAQ: CLMT) at 10.97%.

CVRR also trades at a discount to comparables: 5.1x next 12 months' EBITDA, versus an average of 6.3x for the comps.I continue to hold a position in CVRR common shares and recommend their purchase ahead of the Q3'15 report (scheduled for October 30) and the next partnership distribution (due November).

Hinchingbrooke School in Huntingdon make cracker pulling world record attempt .

*i*m*g*On Friday, December 19, more than 1,400 pupils took a crack at breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people pulling a Christmas cracker at the same time. The existing record stood at 1,379 people.Evidence has been sent to the adjudicators at Guinness, who will let Hinchingbrooke know in the new year if they were successful.The idea came from Year 13s Tyrone King, 17, and Lucy Bowden, 18, who pulled off the attempt with help from teachers Andrew Hobley and Simon Cook.Everyone taking part paid ?1, meaning more than ?1,400 has been raised for Save the Children. Carollers also went around with collection buckets to boost funds.Tyrone said: “We wanted a way to raise some money for charity that everyone could take part in and would be quite fun. What better time to do that than at Christmas.”CommentsPlease log in to leave a comment and share your views with other Hunts Post visitors.We enable people to post comments with the aim of encouraging open debate.Only people who register and sign up to our terms and conditions can post comments. These terms and conditions explain our house rules and legal guidelines.Comments are not edited by Hunts Post staff prior to publication but may be automatically filtered.If you have a complaint about a comment please contact us by clicking on the Report This Comment button next to the comment.

Kate's Creative Space .

*i*m*g*A recent – if brief – snowflurry in our village brought thoughts of Christmas to the fore. Not practical thoughts of course the turkey remains unordered, the cake unbaked, and the annual pre-festive season plan to lose 6 pounds in readiness for vast amounts of eating has not even crossed my mind. Okay, it crossed it, but was quickly relegated to the dusty mental file marked ‘ma?ana’. No, it’s thoughts of d?cor and gift-giving that are proving deliciously distracting, and so I’ve embarked – very slowly – on the construction of handmade Christmas Crackers for everyone who’ll be around the table for Christmas Day lunch.I hadn’t appreciated what a peculiarly British tradition crackers are originating in the 19th Century and traditionally filled with French bonbons (there! Don’t say you never learn anything from me…), they are now a great British institution without which no Christmas table would be complete butter brown sugar. Come December 25th, families up and down the country will be bedecked in dreadful tissue-paper hats, sharing cheesy festive jokes and examining the tiny plastic gifts contained within, as the smell of gunpowder from the cracker snap threatens to overpower the turkey.This year for the first time I wanted to make my own crackers and avoid the mass-produced, expensive ones. I used Kate Lilley’s beautifully simple template and instructions, and blew it up to 150% before printing onto white heavyweight watercolour paper, to create my understated and slightly ethereal oversized crackers, to which I then added strips of gift wrap, monograms and ribbon, tied with festive polka-dot bells.I wanted mine to be big enough to house a small but carefully chosen gift, so this year my recipients might get a French milled soap, a LEGO city mini man set, or a bicycle inner tube (I know, I know… families, eh?). No cracker would be complete without a seriously bad joke, so I’ve trawled the internet for the very best I could find and added those too, along with some festive confetti.The most important element is the cracker snap, because Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without someone suffering heart palpitations at the sudden loud bangs caused by cracker-pulling.

Cracker snaps are notoriously hard to come by, so as well as sourcing my own, I’ve gathered a small stash of sets of snaps to giveaway if you fancy making some of these yourself details at the end of the post.Given the need for clean fingers and craft knives, I’ve obviously made these ones without assistance from my mini-helper, but Harry and I will also be making more of these easy crackers together (below) as gifts for his friends and nursery teachers. Using toilet rolls and glittery crepe paper (and snaps, of course!), they are simplicity itself, and look pretty and festive, especially when filled with chocolates and candy canes – and sparkly nail polish for the teachers. It means saving up an awful lot of toilet rolls, but I have a toddler who is still thrilled to have graduated through potty-training and to have discovered the flush toilet, and so have time – and approximately 1,000 bathroom visits – on my side.So Christmas Crackers two-ways, depending on your staying power and inclination a lovely DIY project to contemplate at this point before the mad rush takes over and you declare yourself insane for even contemplating frivolities such as this. As well as accessorising the Christmas table, they also make beautiful boxes for important small gifts. Like jewellery (she said, hoping her husband is reading..).If you fancy making crackers yourself, I have 10 sets of 10 cracker snaps to give away just leave a comment below along the lines of ‘yes PLEASE!’ to throw your name into the virtual hat and I’ll get Harry to pick at random and be in touch re your details the near weightlessness of the snaps means I can send them around the world without having to send Harry out to earn a living just yet.I should reassure regular readers that these last couple of posts don’t signify my whipping myself up into a full-tilt Christmas frenzy in the middle of November rather, I am distracting myself from the thing I should really be focusing on Harry’s birthday is in two weeks and he has indicated that what would make him happiest in the WHOLE WORLD would be a giant home-made birthday cake, shaped like a pirate ship.

With real pirates. And a parrot. And a canon. And… well, you get the picture. Yikes. Watch this space…Black white image credit: Imperial War Museum, London.Cracker snaps? Oh yes, most definitely! I’ll be sharing the Christmas holiday with my delightful niece and nephews in London (well, and their fabulous parents too!).

I’m just practically absolutely and most certainly positive that we NEED to make these! Having the snaps to go with them would be a simply mahrvelous touch.Thank you for sharing! (And I’ve got my fingers crossed that we win…)P.S. I’m heading to India for business next week. Do you need any small wooden elephants for your Christmas crackers? Do let me know… I’ve bought all that I can use (maybe even more than that), so would be thrilled to have a reason to buy more for someone else! LOLlymelaneNov 15, 2012 @ 17:04Hi Kate, I recently found your blog courtesy of Design Mom and am so glad I have. It’s been truly inspiring reading back through all your posts and I know I’m not the first person who wants to move into your house and just gaze lovingly at your kitchen.

I sent a link to your blog to a friend of mine who is probably right now making up little boxes of gifts for an advent calendar for her three sweet boys. Seeing your homemade crackers has inspired me to make my own this year so would love to be included in your snap giveaway! Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas. Enjoy your weekendMarty PhilpotNov 15, 2012 @ 19:23Yes Please.May I say: I love your blog. I just started following it. I live in Vancouver, but we recently moved here from London, so aside from you making beautiful things that are great form my little guy (3) and his baby brother (almost 1), I miss all things British – thus, I am addicted to your blog. hehehe….we already made the bird cookies a few times – and Tristan soooo loved making them. Unfortunately we have some very skilled squirrels here, so most of our cookies fell victim to them.

But like I said, we make batch after batch (have one drying right now on the kitchen counter – to be presented to the birds and their guests tomorrow morning – if it doesn’t rain).I am also making the rocket-ship since T is so much into space right now. I even got inspired by you, and bought a sewing machine and had a go at sewing – made him a spacesuit. I also got creative and made the helmet out of paper-mache. The spacemen is all set to go. He loves it!!! so now we are just finishing the rocket.Needless to say, you inspire us amateur moms to strive for greatness in creative and beautiful ways. and for that I thank you….

Keep up the good work – I’m excited to see what you will come up next.ElizabethWolfNov 20, 2012 @ 20:41How clever! Your crackers look so beautiful. Thank you, I’ve totally been inspired now – I’m having a group of crafty-type friends round for Christmas drinks (not just yet, next month!) and we can all make these. I shall ask everyone to bring a secret toy or gadget to go inside, and their worst joke. I’ll put out templates, and sweeties, and other supplies so everyone can go nuts doing up their crackers, and then we can mix them up and do a lucky dip.

I’m so excited!Your blog’s really lovely, am so pleased I found it (via WordPress daily post). I’m enjoying your previous posts and looking forward to what else you’ve got up your sleeve!Pauline ANov 22, 2012 @ 17:12

Graham Cracker Toffee .

*i*m*g*Okay. This is one recipe from my blog you HAVE to try! It is SO easy, SO simple, SO fast and OH SO good! My neighbor, Faith, gave us this recipe and we are HOOKED!I could not stop eating these. Everyone who tried them wanted the recipe. The texture, the flavor, the whole recipe is perfection! I enjoy recipes that my kids can be involved in and this happens to be one of those.

My kids love to help me spread the chocolate and sprinkle the pecans on top.This recipe makes for great gifts, a great finger-food dessert and a tasty snack. You really can’t mess this recipe up! The messier the prettier :)InstructionsPreheat oven to 350 degrees F.Line cookie sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray.Cover prepared cookie sheet with whole graham cracker sheets.In saucepan, bring brown sugar and butter to a boil over medium heat. Boil for four minutes stirring constantly. Pour over graham crackers and bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees F.After baking, Immediately sprinkle chocolate chips over the top of graham cracker and let sit for about two minutes. Spread melted chocolate with a knife. Sprinkle nuts over the top.Let sit for about two hours and them cut and serve.

Sometimes, if I am in a hurry, I will cool the cookies in the freezer for a quicker serve time.

Everything Bobbi .

Scurf 2xnetThese are the greatest crackers ever. Seriously. Totally gluten free and loaded with Omega-3’s from all those flax seeds.Here are my favorite ways to eat them:1) Dill Flackers with fresh mozzarella, cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomatoes and a little sea salt and cracked pepper2) Savory Flackers with fresh sliced avocado, tomato and cracked pepper3) Mix a little grilled chicken with dried cherries, dried apricots, chopped celery and toasted almonds. Then toss it with a little olive oil, cider vinegar, honey mustard, salt, pepper and some oregano. Tastes great on the Rosemary Flackers. Another chicken option- mix the chicken with red marinated olives, fennel and squash.4) Classic Italian Style- fresh mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil if you have it– I couldn’t find good basil so I substituted watercress. Good on Savory Flackers.Here are three more ways to enjoy-1) Savory Flackers in spicy hummus2) Rosemary Flackers in Mushroom Barley Soup- omg yum…3) They are coming out with new sweet Flackers– cinnamon and currents! Try with almond butter and sliced apple or just drizzle on some organic honeyIf you’re looking for a health challenge– try thisOh my word!

I’ve been buying “Flackers” since they were put on the shelves @ Whole Foods, I luv, luv, luv them, I had no idea the recipe and production came from you Dr. Alison Levitt!I’m now living in the middle of the woods by the Canadian border, writing and happened to see Marilyns’ congratulatory remark to you on facebook and for some reason followed the “scent” and unraveled the puzzle. Been tring to find a place to buy them up here, can’t, will be back in the Twin Cities in July and will load up then!Anyway, nice to put the face to the creator, thank you!Holly in the Northern TierReply

Not a Member? .

*i*m*g*No holiday is complete without opening a 2015 Pretty Tinsel Cracker to find the fun clothing items inside! You’ll be awarded two random holiday clothing items for each cracker you crack open! Crackers may also contain new clothing items not previously released!Drag and drop your 2015 Pretty Tinsel Holiday Cracker from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as the cracker magically awards mystery clothing items to your dock!Here’s a preview of some of the new clothing items you may find in the 2015 Pretty Tinsel Holiday Cracker:Holiday Ribbon OutfitWebkinz 10 King OutfitWebkinz 10 Queen OutfitRed-Nosed Reindeer OutfitPurple Snowflake Ornament OutfitGreen Ornament OutfitHolly Headband,Polar Bear SlippersJingle Bell DressPenguin DressSantaKinz Bearded HatFestive Red Bow NecklaceVisit Ganz eStore for more details about 2015 Holiday Gift Stockings and Crackers.I find that quite misleading. They should only give you the prizes shown… I don’t really like that about it… I mean I don’t even like all of the prizes up there. I only like about two. Oh well. ?_(`~`)_/? (Only thing I could think of to describe how I feel, while shrugging.. Haha, no I’m not going to copy you Pokekinz.

P Okay I need to stop, this is in parentheses..) Congrats on at least getting the Green Ornament Outfit, Pokekinz! =] I mean, that’s still (kinda) cute, although I’ve never really liked the ornament outfits or outfits that look like a gigantic ball on your pet. =PHeh, I practically never use “lol”. :P And I definitely don’t act like it’s a word and say it phonetically as “lawl”…. Nope. Nope nope nope…… Nope. You know, if you say “nope” enough times, it doesn’t really sound like a word anymore… “Nope”…. Erm, anyway, earrings would be really cool, especially for fashionista pets. And singular earrings (which would probably work well in a pirate costume).

And jackets you could wear over other clothing… Although, I think the earrings would be more likely than the jackets.

Christmas Crack aka Saltine Cracker Toffee .

Scurf 2xnetShare these Good Eats...Last week I was enjoying the gorgeous, sunny, breezy, 82 degree weather in Florida. Today, I am iced in below freezing with dangerously low groceries and a rapidly developing case of cabin fever. Did I mention I live in TEXAS?My husband went to the store last night after we made it home (after being stuck on the road 2 blocks from our house for 45 minutes because of a van and truck blocking both lanes of traffic) only to find that the aisles were completely empty. No milk of any kind- let alone the precious organic whole milk for the baby, no meat- chicken, pork, beef, you name it they were out of it, no produce- bins completely empty. He said there was one package of bread on the entire bread aisle, and it had been torn open… probably damaged in the fight he said (haha). I’ve never seen anything like this- the state of the grocery stores, or the conditions of the roads!So to combat the ever-growing cabin fever I am in the kitchen baking up some Christmas goodies. Also doesn’t hurt that the oven warms up the house!

We might not have any milk, meat, bread, or produce… but we aren’t hurting for cookies!! Priorities! I whipped up a batch of this super easy Chocolate Saltine Cracker Toffee and I could have just put it outside to set instead of in the freezer. It is also lovingly referred to as “Christmas Crack” because it’s made with crackers, but also because of how ridiculously addicting it is.InstructionsCombine the sugar and butter over medium heat, stirring constantly.Bring to a boil and allow to boil for three minutes without stirring.Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and arrange the crackers into a single layer.Pour the hot sugar mixture over the crackers and bake for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.Remove from the oven and quickly sprinkle with chocolate chips.Place back into the oven for one minute.Remove and use a spatula to spread the chocolate evenly.Place in the freezer to set for one hour.Break apart and enjoy.Store in an airtight container at room temperature or in the fridge for 10-14 days.I just tried to make this, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well. The sugar/butter mixture is very grainy and tastes likes I’m just eating brown sugar. I put two cold sticks of butter in a sauce pan over medium high heat and then added the sugar, stirred until it was brought back to a boil, and then boiled without stirring for 3 minutes. Should I have added the sugar and butter at the same time?

Thanks for any input you can give. I really want this to work because this stuff is so good!

Coheed and Cambria - Key Entity Extraction II: Hollywood The Cracked

Scurf 2xnet