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*i*m*g*QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. Initial release 1987 Stable release 2015 (11.2) (October 9, 2015 2 months ago ( 2015-10-09)) [±] Operating system Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows Available in multilingual Type Desktop publishing License Proprietary Website QuarkXPressQuarkXPress is a computer application for creating and editing complex page layouts in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. It runs on Mac OS X and Windows. It was first released by Quark, Inc. in 1987 and is still owned and published by them.The most recent version, QuarkXPress 2015 (internal version number 11.0), allows publishing in English (International and U.S.[1 ]) and 36 other languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Korean, Russian, French, and Spanish.[2 ]QuarkXPress is used by individual designers and large publishing houses to produce a variety of layouts, from single-page flyers to the multi-media projects required for magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and the like. QuarkXPress once dominated the market for page layout software, with over 95% market share among professional users. As of 2010, one publisher estimated that US market share has fallen to below 25% and Adobe InDesign has become the market leader, although QuarkXPress still had significant marketshare.[3 ][ needs update]Contents1 History2 Use and features2.1 Server version3 Version history4 See also5 References6 External linksHistory [ edit ]The first version of QuarkXPress was released in 1987 for the Macintosh. Five years passed before a Microsoft Windows version (3.1) followed in 1992. In the 1990s, QuarkXPress became widely used by professional page designers, the typesetting industry, and printers. In particular, the Mac version of 3.3 (released in 1996) was seen as stable and trouble-free, working seamlessly with Adobe's PostScript fonts as well as with Apple's TrueType fonts.In 1989, QuarkXPress incorporated an application programming interface called XTensions which allows third-party developers to create custom add-on features to the desktop application. Xtensions, along with Apple Computer's HyperCard, was one of the first examples of a developer allowing others to create software add-ons for their application.After QuarkXPress 3.3, QuarkXPress was seen as needing significant improvements and users criticized it for its overly long innovation cycles.The release of QuarkXPress version 5 in 2002 led to disappointment from Apple's user base, as QuarkXPress did not support Mac OS X, while InDesign 2.0 did, launched in the same week. At the same time, Quark CEO Fred Ebrahimi exclaimed that the Macintosh platform is shrinking, and suggested that anyone dissatisfied with Quark's Mac commitment should switch to something else.[4 ][5 ]Only with Version 6 did QuarkXPress support Mac OS X however, the first really adopted version was QuarkXPress 7 (which was also a Universal Binary application).Quark started to lower its pricing levels in 2004. In December 2006, Quark licensed the Windows version of QuarkXPress 5 to be distributed for free on the cover of a UK computer magazine, Computer Shopper, with the idea of enticing consumers to upgrade to later versions.Having arrived late with a Mac OS X version, Quark took a different approach to porting to Intel-native applications on Mac (Universal Binary), and released its Universal Binary version 7 months before Adobe ported InDesign.[6 ]With QuarkXPress 8 and 9, the product seems to listen more to its user base, as reviews worldwide became more positive and several Mac magazines gave awards to QuarkXPress, even best product of the year (MacWorld Awards 2011: Grand Prix Winner[7 ]). Use and features [ edit ]The package provides the basic functionality of font, alignment, spacing, and color, but it also provides its users with professional typesetting options such as kerning, curving text along a line, and ligatures.A QuarkXPress document contains text and graphics boxes. The boxes can be reshaped, layered, and given varying levels of transparency and text alignment ( runaround).[8 ] Both box positioning and graphic or text positioning is allowed within a box with an accuracy of one-thousandth of an inch.Color control allows the full-use of printing-press standard Pantone or Hexachrome inks, along with a variety of other color-space options. Draft output can be printed on conventional desktop printers. Process color ( CMYK) separation films can be produced for printing-presses. QuarkXPress also offers the ability for composite work-flows, both with PostScript and PDF output.QuarkXPress offers layout synchronization, multiple undo/redo functionality, XML and web page ( HTML/ XHTML) features, and support for direct PDF import and output. Documents can be verified ( pre-flight) before printing. This high-level print preview automatically identifies conflicts and other printing problems. Adobe has a similar feature in InDesign.Composition zones feature makes it the only desktop application with multi-user capabilities by allowing multiple users to edit different zones on the same page. Composition Zones pushes collaboration a step further than just simultaneous text/picture (as possible with Quark CopyDesk since 1991), as it allows layout and graphic elements to be edited outside the layout application.User-defined rules, output specs, and layout specs can be used for intelligent templates and enable resource sharing (for example, server-based style sheet definitions).Version 6.5, released at the end of 2004, added enhanced support for the Photoshop format (PSD). The PSD integration and picture manipulation features led to QuarkXPress receiving a number of awards, such as the Macworld Editor's Choice for 2004.Version 7 added support for OpenType, Unicode, JDF, and also PDF/X-export. QuarkXPress 7 also added unique features, such as native transparency at the color level.QuarkXPress 8 introduced a completely new user interface, support for drag and drop, PDF 1.7 import, AI Import and a global file format. Design grids can be assigned to pages and boxes to allow unlimited baseline grids. Hanging characters can be applied and customized by character and amount to hang outside the box. This is the first version to include built-in Adobe Flash authoring. Designers can create Flash content including sound, video, animation and interactivity without programming. In October 2008, QuarkXPress 8 won the MacUser Award for Print Publishing Software of the Year.[9 ]With version 9 QuarkXPress extended its crossmedia publishing approach and can be used now to also export to eBooks ( ePub3 and Blio) and native apps (for the iPad). With App Studio, which is shipped with QuarkXPress, designers can even create and design their own apps.[10 ] Additionally QuarkXPress 9 offers cascading styles (stylesheets based on text content), callouts (anchored objects that flow with the text based on position rules), create complex ad editable B?zier paths using a wizard (ShapeMaker), bullets and numbers (with import export from/to Microsoft Word) and more.The Mac version of QuarkXPress 9 is for Intel processors only, making QuarkXPress 8.5.1 the last choice for PPC-based Macs.QuarkXPress 10, was described by Quark as a major re-write of the software on the Mac platform in particular to move it from the older Carbon API to Cocoa. It also included a new, modern graphics engine, Xenon. During the lifecycle of version 10, new features included Retina Display support, PDF pass-through transparency, notes, redlining, increased zoom (8000%) and the ability to create HTML5 animations for inclusion in App Studio tablet and smartphone apps.The current version, QuarkXPress 2015, uses a different naming scheme than the versions before. It is completely 64-bit and offers fixed-layout ePub and Kindle export and can export layouts as PDF/X-4. Quark claims to have added the top 10 of all user-requested features.[11 ] Server version [ edit ]In the beginning of 2003 Quark released a server version of QuarkXPress,[12 ] called QuarkDDS. This enables page editing and page layout in a web browser. QuarkXPress Server is often used for web-to-print in corporate intranets to enable customization and ordering of printed materials, advertising automation workflows in advertising agencies, catalog generation for retailers and variable digital printing for personalized marketing. It enables companies to print copies digitally when they need them, often with customized content. The system relies on XML. The server is often embedded in print on demand software.In 2006 Quark renamed QuarkDDS to QuarkXPress Server.[13 ] Version history [ edit ]QuarkXPress 1 (1987) - Mac OS only.QuarkXPress 2 (1989) - First non-English versions (e.g. French, German).QuarkXPress 2.1 (1989) - Enhanced typographic control, such as user-definable kerning tables.QuarkXPress 3 (1990) - First version with measurement palette and support for libraries.QuarkXPress 3.1 (1992) - First version to also support Windows.QuarkXPress 3.2 (1993) - First version to support Applescript and color management.QuarkXPress 3.3 (1996) - First version to support PPC natively. First Passport Version (optional).QuarkXPress 3.32 (1996) - Support for QuarkImmedia. This is the last version which works on Windows 3.x (requires Win32s to be installed).QuarkXPress 4 (1997) - First version with b?zier curves. Notable interface improvements are pop-up tools and tabbed dialog boxes. Windows 3.x is no longer supported.QuarkXPress 4.1 (1999) - First version to also support PDF and XML.QuarkXPress 5 (2002) - First version to offer tables and to export HTML.QuarkXPress Server (QuarkDDS) released.QuarkXPress 6 (2003) - First version to support Mac OS X.QuarkXPress 6.1 (2004) - First version with Excel Import filter.QuarkXPress 6.5 (2004) - First version to also support the Document Object Model and features for picture retouching.QuarkXPress 6.52 (2006) - Bug-fix release, released after release of Quark 7.QuarkXPress 7 (2006) - First version to support OpenType, Unicode, PDF/X, Shadows/Transparencies, Job Definition Format and Composition Zones.QuarkXPress 7.01 (8 August 2006) - First native version for Intel Macs (Universal binary), plus PPML support.QuarkXPress 7.02 (2006) - Additional language support in Passport.QuarkXPress 7.1 (2007) - Performance update.QuarkXPress 7.2 (2007) - First version to support Windows Vista, additional languages.QuarkXPress 7.3 (2007) - Increased UI localization and PDF support, improved performance and stability.QuarkXPress 7.31 (2007) - Certification on Windows Vista, support for Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard), enhancements to spell checking.QuarkXPress 7.4 (2008) - non public release, only for QPS customers.QuarkXPress 7.5 (2008) - Bug-fix release, released after release of Quark 8.QuarkXPress 8 (2008) - New UI, drag-and-drop support, direct image manipulation, customizable optical margin alignment, multiple baseline grids, East Asian support, built-in Flash authoring.QuarkXPress 8.01 (2008) - Spellchecker enhancementsQuarkXPress 8.02 (2009) - Five new languages and new Pantone libraries.QuarkXPress 8.1 (2009) - Numerical scale, native transparency ( PDF-X/4) and layers in PDF, improved spell checker and other feature improvements. Supports Snow Leopard and Windows 7.QuarkXPress 8.12 (2009) - Bug-fix release.QuarkXPress 8.15 (2010) (Mac OS X only) - Fixes activation issues on certain Apple hardware.QuarkXPress 8.1.6 (2010) - Speed optimizationsQuarkXPress (2010) - Bug-fix release.QuarkXPress 8.5 (2010) - Bug fixes, auto updater, DOCX import.QuarkXPress 8.5.1 (2011) - Bug fixes, last Universal Binary version.QuarkXPress 9 (2011) - Nested Styles, callouts (anchored elements outside text boxes), bullets numbers, shape wizard, multi image import, ePub Export.QuarkXPress 9.0.1 (2011) - Bug-fix releaseQuarkXPress 9.1 (2011) - Addition of App Studio, which allows to export multimedia apps for iPad out of QuarkXPress. First version to officially support Mac OS X LionQuarkXPress 9.2 (2012) - Export to ePUB 3.0, plus ability to create ePUB files from scratch. Improvements to App Studio, including iOS5 support.QuarkXPress 9.2.1 (2012) (Mac OS X only) - Fix missing icons bug caused by Lion 10.7.3QuarkXPress (2012) - Added support for exporting to the Retina iPadQuarkXPress 9.3 (2012) - Export eBooks directly to Amazon Kindle format, plus other minor fixes including EPS and PDF color management.QuarkXPress 9.3.1 (2012) - Compatibility with the OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) Gatekeeper feature.QuarkXPress (2012) - Fixes a spellchecker crash.QuarkXPress 9.5 (2012) - Allows the creation of 100% HTML5-based content on native apps and platforms such as Android.QuarkXPress 9.5.1 (2013) - Adds page stacks, bugfixesQuarkXPress (2013) - BugfixesQuarkXPress 9.5.2 (2013) - Download manager, bugfixesQuarkXPress 9.5.3 (2013) - Fixes known issues with PDF exportQuarkXPress 9.5.4 (2013) - Support for OS X MavericksQuarkXPress 10 (September 2013)QuarkXPress 10.0.1 (2013) - Support for OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1QuarkXPress 10.1 (2014) - 8000% zoom, smart guides, HTML5-based animations, image export, new book function[14 ]QuarkXPress 10.2 (2014) - Speed Improvements, Notes, RedliningQuarkXPress 10.2.1 (2014) - Bug fixesQuarkXPress 10.5 (2014) - Support for OS X YosemiteQuarkXPress 2015 (April 2015)QuarkXPress 2015 Release 11.0 (2015) - 64-bit version only, over 5 meters max page size, fixed-layout interactive eBooks (fxl ePub), footers and end notes, text variables, custom paper sizes user-definable shortcut keys (Mac only), table styles.May 2015 Release ( - bug fixesJuly 2015 Release (11.0.1) - faster launch speedSep 2015 Release (11.1) - Support for Windows 10Oct 2015 Release (11.2) - Support for OS X El Capitan See also [ edit ]Quark Publishing System References [ edit ]

QuarkXPress v9.5.1 Multilenguaje (Espa?ol), Programa de Maquetaci?n y Dise?o Digital .

QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. Full Alternatif QuarkXPressPocos programas pueden presumir de haber dominado durante tanto tiempo un sector como QuarkXPress. Anta?o l?der del mercado de la autoedici?n, vuelve a las andadas con su octava versi?n.Para mantener un aspecto familiar, la ventana principal de QuarkXPress sigue la misma filosof?a de las versiones anteriores, con un ?rea de trabajo dotada de reglas y paletas flotantes.Im?genes y cajas de texto pueden posicionarse con suma precisi?n, con un panel de propiedades que permite la modificaci?n rapida de los atributos. Otros paneles de QuarkXPress agrupan el visor de capas y el de colores, as? como las hojas de estilo y los efectos de imagen.La mayor?a de cambios importantes de QuarkXPress se hallan bajo el cap?. Los documentos pueden exportarse a Flash, y m?s de treinta diccionarios aseguran la correcci?n del texto en m?ltiples idiomas.QuarkXPress es una herramienta de maquetaci?n y dise?o muy intuitiva y robusta full alternatif quarkxpress. La mayor integraci?n con las herramientas de Adobe y los cambios sutiles en la interfaz le ayudar?n a recuperar el terreno perdido.Continuar LeyendoInspirado por la pasi?n por la perfecci?n del dise?ador, QuarkXPress 8 complementa el modo en que trabajan los profesionales de la creaci?n.

Mu?vete libremente por QuarkXPress 8 usando su interfaz intuitiva, avent?rate a compartir tu contenido impreso en material multimedia mediante las herramientas de creaci?n integradas Web y Flash, y mant?n un control para lograr un texto impresionante con tipograf?a creada por dise?adores.Inspirado por la pasi?n por la perfecci?n del dise?ador, QuarkXPress 8 complementa el modo en que trabajan los profesionales de la creaci?n para que puedan:Moverse libremente por la aplicaci?n mediante el uso de la interfaz intuitiva de QuarkXPress 8.Compartir contenido impreso mediante material multimedia con las herramientas de creaci?n integradas Web y Flash.Mantener un control para crear texto impresionante con tipograf?a creada por dise?adores.Trabajar de un modo m?s r?pido e inteligente con compatibilidad nativa para Illustrator y Photoshop herramientas mejoradas de fotograf?as, l?pices y texto caracteres de fuera de margen totalmente personalizables, cuadr?culas de l?nea base avanzadas y mucho m?s.Publicar de manera global con diccionarios y divisiones de palabras para m?s de 30 idiomas uso de un solo formato de archivo, abrir e imprimir un proyecto creado en cualquier lugar del mundo y definir dise?os y tipograf?a para idiomas de Asia oriental de alta fidelidadCambio en elementos encontradosLa funci?n de cambio en elementos encontrados automatiza la tarea de aplicar la misma modificaci?n a elementos distribuidos por un dise?o. Por ejemplo, puede buscar todos los cuadros que tienen un marco s?lido y cambiarlos a un marco con puntos de un color y ancho diferentes.Soporte para muchos idiomasQuarkXPress 8 es compatible con 39 idiomas y usa un formato de archivo universal, por lo que no hay problema en intercambiar documentos entre varias regiones geogr?ficas, incluidos pa?ses de Asia Oriental como Jap?n, Corea y China.Continuar Leyendo

Text in QuarkExpress 8 .

QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. key quarkxpress 8 macQuarkXPress 8: Essential Skills for Page Layout and Web DesignLearn More ?Buy Editing textTo edit text—whether it’s in a box, flowing along a path, or in a table cell—you need to use the Text Content tool . To select it, press T. (If the Text Linking or Text Unlinking tool is selected, press T until the Text Content tool is selected.) If you’re using the Item tool, double-click in text to automatically switch to the Text Content tool. If you prefer that double-clicking the Item tool opens the Modify dialog box, as it did in prior versions of QuarkXPress, you can set a preference for that behavior (Preferences Tools Item Tool, Figure 4.16).Tip: Show Invisible CharactersWhen you’re working with text, it’s helpful to see the spaces, tabs, paragraph returns, and other nonprinting characters. This helps you make accurate selections when formatting, cutting and pasting, and so on. To show invisible characters onscreen, choose View Invisibles. Positioning the text insertion pointTo start typing, click the Text Content tool in text or in a text box, on a line, or in a table cell. You can move the text insertion point with the mouse, but if you’re editing a significant amount of text, you may not want to move your hands off the keyboard. In that case, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the insertion point left, right, up, and down.

Add the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key to move an entire word to the left or right, up to the top of a paragraph, or down to the bottom of the paragraph. Press Command+Option (Mac) or Control+Alt (Windows) with the arrows to move to the start or end of a line or the start or end of a story. Selecting textQuarkXPress provides various methods for selecting text for editing and formatting. You can click and drag, click the mouse, or use the arrows on the keyboard. To select text by clicking the mouse:Word: Click twice in the word.Line: Click three times in the line.Paragraph: Click four times in the paragraph.Story: Click five times in the story or choose Edit Select All.Selecting text with the arrow keys is similar to moving the text insertion point.

Press the arrows along with modifier keys to select text to the left, right, above, and below the text insertion point:Previous or next character: Press Shift with the left or right arrow key.Previous or next line: Press Shift with the up or down arrow key.Previous or next word: Press Command+Shift (Mac) or Control+Shift (Windows) with the left or right arrow key.Previous or next paragraph: Press Command+Shift (Mac) or Control+Shift (Windows) with the up or down arrow key.Start or end of line: Press Command+Option+Shift (Mac) or Control+Alt+Shift (Windows) with the left or right arrow key.Start or end of story: Press Command+Option+Shift (Mac) or Control+Alt+Shift (Windows) with the up or down arrow key. Dragging and dropping textWhen Drag and Drop Text is enabled, you can select text and drag it to a new location with the mouse—basically another way to cut and paste text. To do this, click on the selected text, drag the text insertion point to a new location, and release the mouse button ( Figure 4.17). Press the Shift key while you drag to copy the text rather than move it.Tip: Enabling Drag and Drop TextTo enable Drag and Drop Text, check it in the Input Settings tab of the Preferences dialog box. When the feature is disabled, you can press Command+Control to drag and drop selected text (Mac only). Locking textIf you want to prevent yourself or others from accidentally—or purposely—editing the text in a story, choose Item Lock Story.

When you try to edit the story, a lock icon displays. (While it’s easy to unlock a story, you at least have to think about why it was locked and whether it should be edited.) When using Find/Change and Spell Check, you can specify whether to search locked text. Changing caseIf you receive text with incorrect capitalization, you can automatically change the case without retyping the text. To do this, select the text and choose Style Change Case and then UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Title Case. In general, for all uppercase formatting, it’s better to apply the All Caps type style (Style Type Style ALL CAPS) because you can easily remove it and restore the previous capitalization.

First Look: QuarkXPress 8 .

QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. QuarkXPress XTension quarkxpressBy Michael Burns, Macworld U.K.Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from Macworld UK. Visit Macworld U.K.’s blog page for the latest Mac news from across the Atlantic.Quark used to be the last word in desktop print publishing, but Mac OS X support gave Adobe’s InDesign a competitive advantage at a crucial time. With QuarkXPress 8, Quark is attempting to gain back market share it has lost to Adobe, with an acknowledgement of just who its key markets are. It’s also reaching out to new customers, by offering new tools and language support that will be of interest to interactive designers, typographers and print professionals alike.Simplification and suitability are the key messages in version 8. “We looked across the board at how page designers were creating their layouts in various applications,” says Dan Logan, QuarkXPress Product Manager. “We found they were being frustrated by the number of tools required to do even basic tasks like placing and fitting their images. Our approach was to make the tools better fit the tasks.”Quark’s research also involves being aware of the creative workflow most designers follow, with the refreshing addition of native Illustrator and Photoshop file support. There are improvements to existing tools and while the main keyboard shortcuts are still in place, the new version introduces intelligent tools that adjust to user demands for placing and manipulating content. So does this spell a new life for the venerable DTP tool?The all-new QuarkXPress 8QuarkXpress 8 has been designed to follow an intuitive workflow. You use the Item Tool when it’s time to set up a page, the B?zier Point Pen Tool when you need to draw and when you want to work with content, double-clicking on an image or text will bring up the new Text Content or Picture Content Tool respectively.The Picture Content Tool is one of the standout new features in version 8, bringing the ability to grab, rotate and scale images without typing in numbers or switching from tool to tool.

It enables direct picture rotation and scaling along with previewing and cropping.The picture box itself has been redesigned, offering a semi-opaque overlay and handles so that you can interact directly with the content and place it on the page with greater precision. Modifier keys are also supported, such as using the Option key to duplicate when dragging or constraining the interactive rotation by holding down Shift. The existing Item Tool and new Text Content Tool both exhibit similar smart behavior, which Quark says will lead to less switching between tools, even for rotation or dealing with multiple items. For example, when you want to resize multiple objects you can just select them and do so—there’s no need for a separate ‘group’ command.The Picture Content Tool offers an interactive approach to picture cropping. Content is kingThe new content tools also allow designers to create templates with preset content type or modifier keys to set the generic boxes to be either text or pictures. In keeping with tradition, keyboard shortcuts abound in QuarkXPress 8, such as if you press R when using the circle tool, you’ll be presented with a circular picture box, or if you hold down B when selecting a box, you can cycle through the tools options. Such shortcuts add to the existing library of key commands that are preserved in version 8.Actually getting content into QuarkXPress has been made simpler too, including the ability to drag and drop from the desktop or Adobe Bridge, iPhoto or Extensis Portfolio.

The opposite is also true—you can drag content from layout boxes to applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word or the desktop, to allow editing of the content in an external application. Double clicking on an image will also bring up an ‘edit original’ dialog for a similar purpose.It doesn’t stop at pictures—any kind of content can be imported into any type of box, or even imported where no box exists. Such streamlining abounds, such as when you want to create rounded rectangles, you simply draw a box as usual then select the rounded corners icon on the status bar.Item Styles let you modify similar items throughout a project and can be exported.Another powerful new command is Item Styles. As well as enabling the formatting of multiple items to be applied simultaneously, the new item style command can sample attributes of an item into the dialog box using an acquire command, picking up attributes of any item selected. An edit dialog box is on hand to allow users to turn on or off or adjust these properties, before saving the attributes as a new style—this is offered as a keyboard shortcut too. The related Item FindChange command allows you to filter by type and shape and then modify the appearance of multiple existing items.Item Find/Change automates the task of applying the same modification throughout layouts.The Measurements Palette also gets a boost. Features include interactive drop shadows, which allows designers to directly manipulate the direction of the effect and vertical guides appear when tab settings are adjusted. Meanwhile if you rescale an image, the effective resolution will display a live update on the measurements palette.

Legacy usersQuark obviously wants to get the sizable base of legacy users up to speed. In terms of backwards compatibility, you can open QuarkXPress documents back to version 3, but you can only save documents back to version 7. The company also intends QuarkXPress to be part of a creative workflow—version 8 ships with Job Jackets and Output Styles suited for the prepress industry standard Ghent Workgroup (GWG) workflows. QuarkXPress also now supports import of PDF files up to version 1.7.Quark’s Dan Logan says that the intention with version 8 is to make moving between Adobe Creative Suite applications and QuarkXPress more intuitive. So in addition to the ability to place native Illustrator .ai files in QuarkXPress layouts, the Pen tool has been given an Illustrator-style makeover and the whole B?zier toolset works much like Illustrator does. The single letter key command to activate Tools in the tool palette will be familiar to Adobe users, as will the newly standardized keyboard shortcuts for scaling, duplicating and restraining.The ‘Text-to-box’ conversion feature now supports multiple lines, entire stories or even multiple boxes up to an entire spread and supports the appearance of text, including color, opacity and most other text transformations.The PDF enhancements include the aforementioned Job Jackets and Output Styles, as well as an improvement to registration mark placement that now fits international norms. Creative Suite“We’ve added several features to really make QuarkXPress work well with the Creative Suite,” says Logan. “They let you take everything you learned there and move it to your page layout. With the new pen tools and Illustrator import, QuarkXPress makes it easier to work with Illustrator—and easier to work without it.” It’s also possible to export QuarkXPress files in Flash (SWF) format, which is part of the new interactive integration in version 8.“ Quark Interactive Designer was an optional upgrade for QuarkXPress 7,” says Logan. “However the feedback we got from users was so positive that we have fully integrated it into QuarkXPress 8.” Designers will thus be able to use their QuarkXPress document as a basis for a website, using the built-in Flash authoring tools to convert page elements into Web assets.

These tools fully support the new typographical feature set, including all of the international and East Asian features. “We talked to a lot of creatives about typography,” says Logan. “What we heard back was that they appreciated features that made type design faster but they got frustrated when they weren’t able to control the settings of those features to fit their design needs. So the typographical features in QuarkXPress 8 ship with presets that cover the common situations, but also let creatives get in and easily take control of the settings when they need to.”

CAn you help me transfer my MacBook Pros QuarkXpress 8 to .

QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. QuarkXPress XTension quarkxpressOkay...I will walk you through the steps. In your MBP, goto Applications folder and copy the Quark or QuarkXpress folder to your flash drive. Then connect the flash drive to your Mini and copy the Quark or QuarkXpress folder to your Applications folder. Let me know once you did that...Only click Accept after we solved the problemRemember, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with my answer, we can continue the conversation until you’re satisfied and Accept my answer. I can address follow up questions at no extra charge and I’m always here to help. Thank you for using JustAnswer!Yes. Then you have to copy the QuarkXPress folder from Macintosh HDUsers your usernameLibraryPreferences folder to the exact location of your MiniThen on your Mac Mini, open System folder inside the QuarkXPress folder (in Applications). Run the QuarkXPress Components application and follow onscreen instructions to reinstall the Quark components.

Then open Quark application. Let me know if that didn't worked..Remember, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with my answer, we can continue the conversation until you’re satisfied and Accept my answer. I can address follow up questions at no extra charge and I’m always here to help. Thank you for using JustAnswer!Okay...Great. Now, connect the flash drive to your MBP.

In your MBP, goto Macintosh HDUsers your usernameLibraryPreferences folderand copy the QuarkXPress folder to your flash drive. Let me know...Macintosh HD is your hard disk, Users, your username, Library and Preferences are the names of folders inside your Macintosh HDNo need to Accept the answer again..Remember, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with my answer, we can continue the conversation until you’re satisfied and Accept my answer. I can address follow up questions at no extra charge and I’m always here to help. Thank you for using JustAnswer!I know its kinda confusing. There are two Qurak folder.

One in Applications folder and oter in Preferences folder.I'm talking about the Quark in the Applications folder.The QuarkXpress folder in the Applicatons of the Mini Mac does have items in it. It does have a folder called Required Components. Is that what you want? Yes. That is the correct one. Open it up and install itRemember, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with my answer, we can continue the conversation until you’re satisfied and Accept my answer. I can address follow up questions at no extra charge and I’m always here to help quarkxpress xtension quarkxpress. Thank you for using JustAnswer!NO, Ashik, I am so confused with all this talk about two Quark folders and where they should be I can hardly answer your questions.

This is ALL NEW to me. I have never done this before. I don't understand the terminology and now I have sent two Quarks from my MBP to my Mini and I don't even know if they are in the correct location.I do not see any application called QuarkXpress components. There is a required components folder INSIDE the Quark Folder in Mini Mac applications that I put there. But no instructions.Hi John, Thank you for your expertise and, more important, for your kindness because they make me, almost, look forward to my next computer problem. After the next problem comes, I'll be delighted to correspond again with you. I'm told that I excel at programing.

But system administration has never been one of my talents. So it's great to have an expert to rely on when the computer decides to stump me. God bless, Bill Bill M. Schenectady, New YorkThe Expert answered my Mac question and was patient. He answered in a thorough and timely manner, keeping the response on a level that could understand. Thank you! Frank CanadaMy Expert answered my question promptly and he resolved the issue totally. This is a great service. I am so glad I found it I will definitely use the service again if needed.

One Happy Customer New YorkWonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate. Couldn't have asked for more. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Mary C. Freshfield, Liverpool, UKThis expert is wonderful. They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about you. They really helped put my nerves at ease. Thank you so much!!!! Alex Los Angeles, CAThank you for all your help.

It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult. GP Hesperia, CAI couldn't be more satisfied! This is the site I will always come to when I need a second opinion. Justin Kernersville, NCDisclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site (Posts) comes from individual users, not JustAnswer JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.), or to establish a professional-client relationship. The site and services are provided as is with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the Verified symbol in some Experts' profiles.

JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals.

Easter Egg Hunt: Hidden Treasures in Your Design Software .

*i*m*g*Have you ever been working on a project and all of a sudden, something really unexpected happens? No, I am not talking about a big, fat Windows Blue Screen Of Death or random bugs, but rather about the little surprises that software programmers add into their output as little personal signatures in an otherwise streamlined corporate package.This can range from tiny quirks, like funny photos of the developers or little (non-utilitarian) add-on features, to entire games hidden away somewhere. Sometimes such features can be found quite easily, either by accident or simply by a bit of trial and error, while others might require an extremely complex and specific set of commands to be activated.1. QuarkXpress: Alien Attack Egg rating:I am tempted to call this the original and best software Easter egg, as far as design applications are concerned. The best thing about it is that the keyboard shortcut to call out the alien (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+K, or Alt+Command+Shift on a Mac) is just one key different from the shortcut used to make the text all-caps, so it is very easy to activate it by accident without knowing exactly what happened. And what happens is this: an alien stomps onto your screen and zaps your textbox with a ray-gun – complete with glorious soundeffects. Textbox gone, alien – his wicked deed complete – gone, end of story.The first time I encountered our little alien friend/fiend, was at the end of an all-nighter, so when an alien came and took my text-box, I simply took it as a univocal sign that it was time to call it a day. And I didn't see the need to tell anyone about my alien encounter at the time…Hold on a minute, is that an ... alien walking onto my screen?!And what's that he's carrying, some kind of weapon?...A RAY GUN of course!

Here goes my textbox, ouch!When the much anticipated version 7 of QuarkXpress premiered last year, many Quark users no doubt asked themselves is the rendering of text and previews improved or how is the support for transparency. But I'm sure that what some users really wanted to know is this: will we still have an alien?2. Final Cut Pro: Bruce the Yak Egg rating:Another great Easter egg is the yak in Final Cut Pro. If you leave the application idle for 12 hours, a yak will come out and start grazing on your desktop. He might also take time to enlighten and amuse you with his infinite wisdom.Now, we do not recommend telling colleagues about this cow that walked around on my desktop, but ran away when I approached unless you have some firm visual evidence to support your claim, so here's how you can lure out Bruce the Wonder Yak:Go to About Final Cut Pro in the Final Cut Pro Menu, let the splashscreen scroll through the credits a few times, and after a moment or two he’ll come out to graze on your desktop (we're not sure if this works in all versions of the software).3. Photoshop: Alternative Splash Screens Egg rating:Many applications have 'working titles' while they are in development, and Photoshop has a long history of amusing and geeky 'codenames' for all the different versions Merlin (2.5), Big Electric Cat (4), Strange Cargo (5), Venus in Furs (6) etc. There are also alternative splashscreens to fit the name.

To call up the alternative splashscreen, on a Mac, hold down the Command key and go to About Photoshop in the Photoshop menu, on a PC, hold down Ctrl+Alt and go to About Photoshop in the Help menu.You can't have a great deal of fun with the screen, unless you have version 5 (above, top left), where you could make Udo the Cat (who's also present in all the other screens above), come out of the box, burp and meow. If, however, you wait for the credits to scroll down to the end (holding down the Alt key will speed it up), you're in for a nice surprise.4. Illustrator: Shopping days 'til Christmas Egg rating:Opening the Selection pop-up menu at the bottom of the artwork window while holding down the Alt key, brings up some interesting added options: moonphase, number of mouseclicks, Illustrator units sold, shopping days 'til Christmas, eyes – a set of eyes that follow your cursor around the screen – and Mordy's homenumber. (Mordy Golding worked at Adobe as product manager for Illustrator 10 and Illustrator CS. That's not his home number you get though, it's Adobe tech-support)As you might know, Illustrator did away with Botticelli's Venus for the splashscreen in the CS version, after it had appeared in various incarnations ever since the very first version back in 1987. You can still get a Venus version of the Illustrator splashscreen in CS or CS2 though on a Mac, hold down Command+Alt and go to About Illustrator in the Illustrator menu, on a PC, hold down Ctrl+Alt and go to About Illustrator in the Help menu.5. Mac OS X Terminal: Psychotherapist Egg rating:Terminal is an OS X application that you might not be familiar with.

It resides in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder, and can be used to access the Unix core underlying OS X.To visit the psychotherapist, open up Terminal, type emacs and hit return, then press x+Esc together. Type doctor and hit return. Terminal will now tell you I am the psychotherapist. Please, describe your problems.Here you can have a lengthy and potentially fulfilling conversation with a virtual psychotherapist, who will help you sort out all your life problems – in theory.While we would not endorse this as an alternative to a real, living psychotherapist, it can be strangely addictive and you might find yourself trying to find questions that will give you the answer you want to hear.While you have Terminal open, you might want to check out some of the retro games that you probably didn't know you had on your computer – they aren't really Easter eggs, but included as part of emacs, which is part of the Unix system.To play Tetris, enter emacs as described above, but instead of typing doctor, type tetris. Use the arrow keys to move and rotate the falling blocks, and the spacebar to make them drop.There are some other games too, Pong, Gomoku and Solitaire, to name a few.

To get a full list, cut paste ls /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/play into a new terminal window and hit return.6. Indesign: The Friendly Alien Egg rating:I would consider this a homage to the 'original and best' QuarkXpress alien described above. It requires a quite specific set of commands, so it lacks both the potential surprise factor and the visual and aural impact of the original. But let's be frank: how could InDesign possibly present itself as a viable alternative to QuarkXpress if you couldn't conjure up some sort of alien?To make the InDesign Alien pay you a visit, you first need to go to File Print Presets Define,and create a new preset called Friendly Alien (uppercase F A). Choose a printer other than Postscript File when you set this up. Now bring up the print dialog box and select your new preset. Click the document preview window to make the alien hover out and say hello.You want a funky splashscreen too?

Ok: bring up the regular splashscreen (About InDesign, in the InDesign menu on a Mac, in the Help menu on a PC). With the screen up, type SVG. Groovy.7. Photoshop: Merlin Lives! Egg rating:The little wizard is a leftover from Photoshop 2.5, which was code-named Merlin.To bring out Merlin, go to the Layers Palette and bring up the Layer Options menu through the little top-right triangle. Choose Palette Options while holding down the Alt key, and there he is!As for Francis and Mitzgy ... let's just see if you can work out where they hide on your own, shall we?8. Firefox: The Book of Mozilla Egg rating:Type about:mozilla in the address field of Firefox, Camino, Netscape or any other Mozilla-based browser, and you get the following screen, with a piece of apocalyptic prose in the style of the Book of Revelations, apparently quoted from The Book of Mozilla.In case you wonder: no, there isn't really a Book of Mozilla, but there have been a few different of these verses, this is the one included in all the recent browser-versions.

Just to analyse the references here a bit the verse, 7:15, refers to September 15th 2003, when AOL shut down the Netscape browser division, and the Mozilla Foundation was launched. The great bird rising from the ashes refers to the Mozilla project and the development of the Firefox browser – initially named Firebird.And Mammon? Presumably it wouldn't be too great a stretch of the imagination to assume that this refers to Microsoft and Internet Explorer.9. ImageReady Ducks Egg rating:Photoshop's sister application ImageReady shares the penchant for alternative splashscreens, but with a few more flourishes. To bring out the alternative splashscreen, on a Mac, hold down Command and go to About ImageReady in the ImageReady menu, on a PC, hold down Ctrl+Alt and go to About ImageReady in the Help menu.The fun bit here is that if you continue holding down the Command/Ctrl key, you'll get a stamp tool that can be used to stamp ducks all over the splashscreen. Once your screen is clogged up by ducks, press the Alt key in addition to click them away again. Any remaining ducks will also show up on the regular splashscreen the next time you start up ImageReady.10.

OpenOffice/NeoOffice Calc: SpaceInvaders Game Egg rating:In earlier versions of Microsoft Excel, you could find arguably the most elaborate Easter eggs ever. Excel 97 had a 3D flight simulator, the 2000 edition saw this replaced by a motor racing game first version support. Some corporate kill-joys were not so happy about their staff having easy access to computer games through their spreadsheet applications, and leant on Microsoft to rid them of this nuisance.It is with some exhilaration we note that the OpenOffice project has taken due responsibility for keeping this tradition alive, and included a SpaceInvaders-style game in the Calc (spreadsheet) application. This also works for NeoOffice for Mac:Create a new spreadsheet in OpenOffice/NeoOffice and enter this formula in any cell: =game() Press enter and the cell should display say what? Now enter: =GAME(StarWars)The game will open in a new window. Choose a player and give 'em all you've got!

If you close the game completely and want to play again later, the cell will display oh no, not again!, so you'll have to restart the application to play again.When is an 'Easter egg' not an Easter egg?You hear quite a few mentions of 'Easter eggs' these days that I would take with quite a large pinch of salt. Just because something unusual happens, doesn't necessarily mean that someone put it in on purpose. And some keyboard shortcuts that in your opinion produce weird and wacky results, might have a good explanation. Using a shortcut to change the display to high contrast mode, for example, might just be a wacky feature to some, but is actually a well-documented and useful option for others.There are quite a few mentions of 'Easter eggs' in Google Earth at the moment too – weird and wonderful things like the Firefox cropcircle (45°7'26N 123°6'48W) or the hill in Alberta, Canada that looks like a Native American with an iPod (50° 0' 38.20N 110° 6' 48.32W). While these certainly qualify as funny surprises, they were not put in there by the developers at Google, but were simply present and looking like that when those pieces of land were photographed, so they don't really qualify as Easter eggs in my books.Disclaimer: I should probably also mention that we have tried to specify if an egg is restricted to only one operating system or to specific versions of the software, but for obvious reasons it has not been possible to check this for every possible combination of operating system and application version, so if you can't get some of these to work, it would be nice to know. If you enjoyed some of these, or have any embarrassing stories about trying to convince co-workers about your virtual alien encounters, feel free to leave a comment and tell us about that as well.More Easter eggs: » Eggheaven.com» Eeggs.comRelated posts: » 23 Signs That You're Becoming a Design Geek» Ten Design Blogs You MUST ReadPsychiatrist is a feature of Emacs. It's at the bottom of the Help menu. And that guy's a real pain in the ass.

Or at least he was no help in getting GNOME to let me log in to my system as root so that I could fix my update manager list which I royally screwed up to the point of being unloadable while in Synaptic.BTW in 5, 8, and 10 those software developers aren't paid at all. Richard Stallman, Mozilla and Sun Microsystems would like you to know that their software is free (both as in beer and as in speech). Most of the rest of these are in Photoshop or a derivative, so I suppose it's just an Adobe thing. Photoshop was started for in-house purposes at Industrial Light and Magic.

Download key generator for QuarkXPress 9.5.1 Multilingual Win Mac Os X .

*i*m*g*Recent Posts[11-Jan-2016] ReviverSoft PC Reviver v2.3.1.14PC Reviver is a multi-purpose utility that will diagnose errors on your PC, safely repair them, and provide other maintenance and optimization recommendations.PC Reviver is the trusted and recommended...[11-Jan-2016] Aiseesoft Total Video Converter v9.0.10Updated version of ?Ђ?њAiseesoft Total Video Converter?Ђ?ќ for Windows.Aiseesoft Total Video Converter is the Best Video Converter software that created to help you convert video...[10-Jan-2016] YouTubeGet v6.5.0-P2PYouTubeGet is an all-in-one software designed to make quick and easy work to download YouTube videos and convert them. Offering a multitude of methods to acquire the video, this application has...[06-Jan-2016] Any DVD Converter Professional v5.8.8Any DVD Converter Professional is an all-in-one DVD ripper and video converter. With this program, you can rip DVD and capture video files from DV. Any DVD Converter customizes the output profile...[06-Jan-2016] MAGIX Audio and Music Lab 2016 Premium universal tool for music video sound. This high-quality collection of effective audio editing tools captivates with technological precision and excellent audio characteristics.

Experience...Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, GermanItalian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, FinnishQuarkXPress is powerful layout software with an intuitive, versatile interface that lets you combine writing, editing, and typography with color and pictures to produce dynamic final output. QuarkXPress is widely used by magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, typesetters, printers, corporate publishers, design firms, catalog houses, book publishers, and form designers. It is also used by businesses with publishing requirements.With QuarkXPress:Print designers are right at home with digital publishing, interactive content, and Web contentYou can easily convert content from print to digital formatYou can synchronise content between print layouts, digital projects, and designs for different tablet orientationsYou can share colour definitions, style sheets, and other resources between different types of layoutsYou only have to learn one skill set to design for multiple media so youre more productive, fasterAdding digital design and publishing skills to your portfolio can open a world of new opportunities, both for you and for your clientsCreate iPad Apps:Combine Rich Design with Interactivity for the Ultimate Mobile ExperienceCreate your own custom iPad apps and publications with App Studio for QuarkXPress, then sell them in the Apple App StoreDesign for Blio eReader:Bring Rich, Interactive Design to the eBook MarketplaceStand out in this new and growing market by designing interactive content for the Blio eReader the most accessible and versatile eReader on the marketExport to Flash and HTMLWeb and Flash Design Without Coding Directly in QuarkXPressBuild rich, fully interactive Web pages and Flash projects, complete with animation, video, and moreHere are some key features of QuarkXPress:Easy to useIntegration with other applications, including common graphics, video, and other programmesPowerful design toolsPrecision typographyReliable print outputWeb, iPad, SWF (Flash), and interactive designDesign and publish e-booksDigital Design PublishingWeb Sitese-booksBanner AdsDigital MagazinesDigital SignageDigital NewspapersInteractive Presentationse-cataloguesPrint Design PublishingBrochuresMagazinesAdvertisingNewspapersPostersCatalogues and CircularsDirect MarketingPackagingBooks and User GuidesPostcardsFinancial ReportsCollateralDirectories and YearbooksOS : Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 ,Intel, Mac OS X 10.5.8 or laterLanguage : MultilingualDizzcloud.comDownload_:_Dizzcloud.comDownload_:_Dizzcloud.comDownload_:_Dizzcloud.com

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QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. First version supportQuarkXPress Full ?ndirQuarkXPress, sayfa tasar?m program?d?r projelerinizi tasarlarken saydaml?k verebilir arkaplan resimlerinide renklendirebilirsinizQuarkXPress en ?ok tercih edilen masa?st? yay?mc?l?kta end?stri haline gelmi? gayet iyi bir programd?r,kolayca tasar?mlar?n?z? olu?turabilmektesiniz dergi gazete vb.Not: antinizi kapat?p full yap?n?z————————————————————-Boyut:800-mbS?kt?rma: Rar / ?ifresizTarama: Webroot. / Durum Temiz————————————————————–QuarkXPress Full(((Alternatif)))QuarkXPress Full(((Alternatif)))QuarkXPress Fullyeni v11===============================QuarkXPress Full(((Alternatif)))QuarkXPress Full(((Alternatif)))QuarkXPress Full(((Alternatif)))QuarkXPress FullQuarkXPress Full 2015 11.1 YEN? ?ndir K?r?k Link Bildir!Son Yaz?larEverest 2015 T?rk?e Dublaj ?ndir 1080p ?zle DualShameless Utanmaz Boxset 1-2-3-4-5-6 T?rk?e Altyaz?l? ?ndir 720p ?zleESET Smart Security 9 Full S?n?rs?z Kat?l?ms?z TRMunSoft Data Recovery Suite Full 2.0Cryengine Full 3.8.6 Pro SDK Oyun Yapma Program? ?ndirGUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D Apk Full Mod Hileli 2.1.8ESET NOD32 Antivirus Smart Security 9 TR Full 9.0.349.14 ?ndirFastStone Capture Full 8.4 ?ndir Ekran Resmi AlmaPastry Paradise Apk + Android 1.2.0n MOD Para HileApplian WM Splitter v2.3.1512.31Ace Translator 2013 Ace Translator full Ace Translator indir Ace Translator kat?l?ms?z Ace Translator serial key Ace Translator t?rk?e Active Undelete full Active Undelete indir DriverPack 2013 driver pack indir DriverPack Solution full DriverPack Solution tek link drp driver drp full s?r?m drp indir drp tek indir Fifa 2014 full indir Flash Paketi indir fullprogram full program h?zl? oyun indir idman full idman full indir idman t?rk?e full idm full idm indir idm t?rk?e full Internet Download Manager 2013 internet download manager full ndir PC Cleaner Pro full Pc Cleaner Pro indir SolveigMM Video Splitter indir SolveigMM Video Splitter serial key windows 7 orjinal indir Windows 7 Tema indir Windows 7 Temalar? indir Windows 8 full Windows 8 full tek link indir Windows 8.1 full Windows 8.1 Orjinal indir Windows 8.1 serial key WinRAR 5 full ?nternet Download Manager indir ?nternet Download Manager kat?l?ms?zSitemiz, hukuka, yasalara, telif haklar?na ve ki?ilik haklar?na sayg?l? olmay? ama? edinmi?tir. Sitemiz, 5651 say?l? yasada tan?mlanan yer sa?lay?c? olarak hizmet vermektedir. ?lgili yasaya g?re, site y?netiminin hukuka ayk?r? i?erikleri kontrol etme y?k?ml?l? yoktur. Bu sebeple, sitemiz uyar ve kald?r prensibini benimsemi?tir. Telif hakk?na konu olan eserlerin yasal olmayan bir bi?imde paylald?n? ve yasal haklar?n?n ?i?nendi?ini d?nen hak sahipleri veya meslek birlikleri,mail yolu ile bize ula?abilirler. Bizle ileti?ime ge?ilmesi halinde ilgili kanunlar ve y?netmelikler ?er?evesinde Kald?r?l?p size d?n yap?l?p gerekli bilgi verilecektir.?leti?im adresi: [email protected]

QuarkXPress: Fonts (Mac OS X) .

QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. key quarkxpress 8 macQuark Version 9.3 | Mac OS 10.7.4When trying to see invisibles I get thefollowing error message Invisibles cannot be shown. Instal the Quarkhidden font and show invisibles again. I have looked in the Quark Required Components folder andthe file is there.Quark Responed once and told me to Clear the font cache using Font Finagler. I did this and it created font issues that didn't have to begin with. I uninstalled and downloaded Onyx (which I found recommended on the Forums), ran that and still get the same error. And now within this process, I can't get Avant Garde to show up in the font menu in Quark (it is part of multiple template files), everything is perfect in Adobe CS6 products, and the font is installed in Font Book.I contacted Quark again and have not heard anything back from them in over a week.Any help with fixing this would be great.I can't seem to get Quark 9.3 to recognize loaded fonts (unless Helvetica is loaded in the System/Library/Fonts folder.)I work in Prepress and I am installing some new Macs for production.These are Mac Minis running 10.7.4, 8GB ram, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5.We always strip down the fonts to the essential fonts which are:In the System/Library/FontsApple Color Emoji.ttfAppleGothic.ttfAquaKana.ttcGeneva.dfontHelveticaNeueDeskUI.ttcKeyboard.ttfLastResort.ttfLucidaGrande.ttcMenlo.ttcMonaco.dfontWe strip all fonts out of Library/Fonts and the ~/User/Library fontsWe use FontBook for loading/unloading fonts (on a per job basis.)I can get all other programs that our production machines use to work with this process. That would include email, TextEdit, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, CS4/CS5/CS6 suites, etc.We have used this process with all the Mac systems up until 10.6.x.The problem only occurs with 10.7.x and Quarks 7.5, 8.5 9.3.I have tried various procedures which include Safe Mode, cleaning font caches (command line, font nuke, etc.) and nothing seems to resolve this problem.The only way to have Quark recognize the user loaded fonts is the put the Helvetica dfonts back into the System/Library/Fonts folder. The problem with this is that our customers use various Helvetica fonts which usually conflict with the system fonts creating all sorts of issues.I am wondering if anyone on this forum can give me any insight to a possible solution?My preference is not to use other font management software like Suitcase unless I absolutely have to.Hello all.

After nearly two decades of slowly kerning my postscript typefaces, book by book, I'm now struggling to figure out how to kern my first OpenType font. I've unchecked Use OpenType kerning so that I can have control. If, let's say, I'm now using an OpenType version of Bodoni Book, and I have a kerning file I've slowly built while using a postscript Bodoni Book over the years, may I simply then import that kerning file into Quark now, for use with the OT Bodoni Book? My second and last question: I can't figure out how to adjust the kerning (globally) for the old style numerals in an OpenType version of Joanna I've just bought. When I go Kerning Table Edit, Joanna Roman and Joanna Italic are my only options. How do I access and modify kerning for, let's say, Joanna Roman's old style numerals?

Thanks very much, in advance.Hi there,I have been tearing my hair out over this for longer than I care to mention. I have added three new OpenType fonts to my system today, all of which are fine in Font Book and work in other applications including CS5 apps. I have validated the fonts in Font Book so I know there is nothing wrong with the fonts themselves.I was initially using 8.1.2 and after speaking with a tech support guy at Quark, updated to with no change. I have also used Onyx and Font Nuke to clear font caches and restarted numerous times. My fonts are STILL not showing up.Has anyone else had the same problem?

Tell me I'm not alone...I am having an issue with QuarkXpress 9 running on mac OS X lion that I need help with. I have one font on my system that when used in quark jumbles all the letters. The font wont display properly. We are a small desktop publishing department and we have three macs running Snow Leopard and one laptop running Lion. The font displays just fine on all our snow leopard machines and works in all applications except quark on the lion laptop. I have tried clearing font caches, application caches, and quark preferences already. Our exact system info is as follows: Quark Xpress running on Mac OSX lion 10.7.5 and the issue is with Times Font suitcase.Thanks to anyone that can help.

I am running Mac Vs 10.6.5 with quark 8 and extensis Fusion 3. I load the font that is stored on my harddrive into Fusion 3 and it shows up. I can activate it ok. I can see it in fusion ok. But when I launch quark all I can see is the Itallic, Bold, and Bold Italic versions but not the plain version. This is happening to different fonts so I know it is not just the one font. It is also happening to my co-workers computer. That is identical to mine.

I can see the whole font family in any adobe product but not in Quark. What is causing this and why?Hi,I wonder if anyone can help me.Quark 8.5.1 is starting to take a long time to load, this isn't a problem though because when it has i runs fine but with the exception of loading fonts!When i first click in the fonts pop up at the bottom of the screen it takes anything up to a minute to load the fonts. Then a good 10 seconds plus every time i click thereafter.Does an yone have any pointers on how to speed this up?Any help would be fantastic thanks.I'm using Quark 8.5.1. on a mac pro 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon with 8gb ram running OSX 10.6.8.Thanks Again AlistairFriend who's running 3.3 on a PPC Mac because of using a discontinued printer capable of printing white decals while using MacClassic.Fonts are missing in XPress only . . . whereas they were not missing a few months ago. For instance, Univers 55 is available in Classic in all other software (Word, etc) but is missing in XPress. Actually in XPress when you go to select fonts the list is incomplete . . . alphabetically, there are no fonts available after font names beginning in O. We've tried re-installing XPress, including preferences but no luck.There were no font changes on the computer that could have caused the problem . . . none were added or deleted.Any ideas?After recently applying the 9.5 update, I have not been able to open files created before the update.

QXP 9.5 crashes as the open progress bar approaches 75%.I am running Mac OS X 10.8.2 and had NO ISSUES with QXP 9.3.2 prior to the update.Further, it appears that the update added new extensions and there seem to be some conflicts with the extensions. I'm willing to try an uninstall, but need instructions on how to accomplish that properly. I would also like to install directly from a 9.5 installer to avoid any anomalies associated with problems that might be introduced by the update process.My version of QXP is the AmericasPlus Edition with the Asian Language extensions.Thank you,Vincent

Exploring the QuarkXPress interface .

QuarkXPress 9.0 on Windows 7 Developer(s) Quark, Inc. First version supportQuarkXPress has always been the perfect tool for creating and publishing documents. In QuarkXPress 8 Essential Training, Jay Nelson—the publisher of Design Tools Monthly and a QuarkXPress expert—covers all the tools and features in this updated version of the program, from basic page layout to Flash integration and web page creation. Throughout this comprehensive training, Jay shows what's needed to produce professional-quality projects that integrate text, pictures, graphics, and tables. He also offers real-world page layout techniques that designers can apply to their own projects. Exercise files accompany the course.Exploring the QuarkXPress interfacePerforming tasks in QuarkXPress 8 is very flexible.

You can mouse up to menus, use keyboard shortcuts, click in palettes and dialog boxes, use contextual menus, and more. In this movie, we'll poke into all the places you control and adjust the page content, and see some tricks to managing your workspace. First I'll just create a new project, and accept all the defaults. Great! Like every other application, you've probably ever used, QuarkXPress uses a system of menus to allow you to choose just about anything you could ever want to adjust, or look at, or control.As you can see, they are fairly extensive, and items are grayed out when they are not appropriate for the item that you currently have selected. But here we go. This is all of them.

The Scripts menu is particularly interesting. We'll get back to that. QuarkXPress Help is really, really, really good. So I encourage you to definitely go there, if you have a question about a specific feature or need to learn something quickly. Now many of the other controls are under these palettes here, and also in what's known as the Measurements palette, down below here, I just created a Text Box real quick so that the Measurements palette would have something to display.The Measurements palette has a number of tabs to it. They give you access to the specific features related to the item that you have selected. Some of these tabs come and go depending on what you have selected. But we'll get back to the Measurements palette in just a minute.

Over here in the upper left, you see the toolbox. Now you may notice, if you'd been using QuarkXPress before, that looks quite different. There are far fewer tools in the toolbox, but they do just exactly what they did before and even more. The toolbox also lets you access tools using single key command.So if you type a V, for example, when you are not in a Text Box. When you type a V, you'll get the Item tool up there, and if you type a T, you'll get the Text Box, and you can mouse over the others and see what those keys are. Picture Content tool is R and on down the line.

So that's just a quick way to get to those tools. Now you're not limited to the palettes that are currently showing. Instead, this is just a default palette setup that Quark thinks you're probably going to want to use because you're doing a Print Layout job. So, as we look at the palettes on the right, you can see there is a Page Layout palette, which I would love to see renamed myself, but it says Page Layout and it shows all the pages that are in your document.Under that are the Style Sheets, both Paragraph and Character style sheets. The Color's where you can create new colors and apply them to objects, and the Layers palette where you can stack your items and make layers and group things together that way. But if you look under the Window menu here up at the top, you'll see quite a few more. Any of the ones of the check mark next to it are currently open. The ones that don't have a check mark aren't open.

So Shared Content isn't open, Trap, Lists, etcetera. We'll get to all these features later on. But for now, I'm just going to open up the Shared Content palette and it will appear as a free floating, freely movable palette, and by the way, these palette groups over here are also freely moving, they are not docked to anything, but you do notice that they snap to the edges of the document window, which I think is a fabulous feature.You're not limited to just the one palette group that you see over on the right. You can make separate sets, or separate groups as Quark calls them of palettes and have them stuck together and they'll all move together on your screen anytime you need them. Let's see how you do that.

Since I have the Shared Content palette open, I can hold down the Ctrl key to access the contextual menu and because I'm clicking on the Shared Content palette or any palette, it'll show you a list of all the palettes that are available, that can be attached to this palette here and create a palette group.So for example if I add Index, now we have Index attached to this palette, and now its own palette group. To close the whole group, you just click on the little red dot, and it all closes at once. Now having a look over at the main palette group that opens up when you first launch XPress. We'll see how we open and close these palettes. The little disclosure triangle on the left-hand side of the title of each palette lets you see more or less of the palette. So I close up the Page Layout, close up the Style Sheets, Colors and Layers, and now my palette is this little thing that we can easily place anywhere on the screen and then have access to say colors when we need it.And like I showed you before, if we want to add a palette to the bottom of this palette group, we just Ctrl-click on its Title Bar and we choose the one we want.

And now we have the new palette attached to the bottom. Now Quarks palettes are extremely intelligent, more intelligent than any kind of palette system I've seen on any other program, in that it keeps track of how you've used these palettes, and then as you need more space, because say these palettes extended would go beyond the bottom of your display, it closes up the ones that you used the longest ago.So what you just saw there was that I opened them in order. Page Layout Style Sheets Colors Layers. And when I go to expand the Lists palette, it closes up some of the other ones that are in the group. So you never have palettes extending off the bottom here to display. Now the Measurements palette is slightly different.

I'm going to pull it up to a higher place so that we can play with it. So I have a Text Box selected here with some text in it. Now the Measurements palette is a horizontal palette, and it has tabs on the top of it that allow you to get access to all the different controls you could have over the selected item.Since we have a Text Box selected with text in it, so the first tab is what they call the Classic Tab and it covers the basic features of the item itself. How wide it is, how tall it is, where it is on the page, what angle it's at, and stuff like that. And each tab as you go along controls a different aspect of the item that you have selected. Just like this.

Now if you're a long time QuarkXPress user and for some reason you just don't want to have these tabs here, if you Ctrl-click on the end of the Measurements palette, you'll see that you can change the behavior of the palette to always show the Tab Bar, meaning it will be there all the time even when you're not mousing over it.Always hide the Tab Bar. In other words, I don't want to see any tabs at all, or only show the tabs on rollover. That's the default setting, which means that I've got an item selected on the page, I rollover the Measurements palette and those tabs pop-up. If I change that behavior to Always Show the Tab Bar, then it's always there, no matter what I'm doing. And of course, if I choose Always Hide the Tab Bar, it doesn't show up no matter what I do, and to get it back, I have to go back over here, Ctrl-click or Right-click and choose either Always Show it or Show Tab on Rollover key quarkxpress 8 mac. And again being a standard palette, if you click-and-drag it, it will snap to the edges of your document.So, right now, boof, it snaps right to the bottom of the document window. One of the advantages of having this kind of control over where your palettes are and how they're grouped together and where they are on the page is you could create separate arrangements or palette sets of palette groups for different tasks. So if you're heavily working on text for example, and it's a long document, you can put palettes together that relate to that kind of work.

If you're working on graphic intensive documents, you can create a palette set for that kind of work.So for example if I were to move this palette set over here and it's really what I want because I'm recording a training video and that's how I want it to look. I can go to the Window menu and at the very bottom, see palette Sets Save palette Set As, and that will let me name this collection of palettes and where they are and how they're docked. Give it a name Training Video, and I could even give it a key command so that I can call it up very quickly anytime I need it. Personally I think that's overkill, but if you wanted to have changing your palettes that's around quite a bit, it can't be handy for you.Now I don't really want to do this. I'm going to click the Cancel button and give you one very important tip. Again under the Window menu, under palette Sets, you'll notice that I have a default set.

Well, that's the set that I made, and if I have one bit of advise to give you about making palette Sets is the minute you launch QuarkXPress for the first time, go to Save palette Set As and create one called Default set. That way, anytime you want to get back to Quark's original setup of palettes, you can choose default set, and everything goes back to the way that Quark originally shipped the product.I have no idea why Quark didn't include that, but there you go. Okay, so far we've looked at the menus at the top and all of the controls that are there. We've looked at the palettes and all the controls that are there. The third place you may find yourself doing work in QuarkXPress is what they called Modal dialog boxes. Let me show you what I mean. So I have some text in this box and I select it, and I go to the Style menu and I choose say Format. Here, we have lots of control over the item that we were just working in.

We can control everything about the text that's in the box, drop-caps, everything.We can control how the tab sets are on lines of text and we can add Rules about and below. Now that's all very nice, but being a Modal dialog box, it doesn't go away until we click the OK button. Those changes aren't permanently applied until we click the OK button. You can click apply to see what it looks like or what your changes are going to be if you do click the OK button. But you can always click the Cancel button if you change your mind. And by the way here's a good tip. If you hold down the Option or Alt key and then click on Apply, the Apply button stick, and as you make your changes here, they'll show up on your page as you make them.That way you just don't have to click in the Apply button.

Now, well many controls are available in these Modal dialog boxes. Quark made extra effort in QuarkXPress 7, specifically, and then of course carrying over in QuarkXPress 8 to make sure that as much of the controls that were formerly in those dialog boxes are also in the Measurements palette. That's why there is all these tabs here. And it's intelligent. It only shows the things you can change for the item that you've currently got selected. So whenever you can, go down to that Measurements palette and make your changes because those appear on screen, you make the change, unlike the dialog boxes where you have to click the OK button.If you are an old time QuarkXPress user, have been using it for years-and-years, this can be a significant change in the way you do your work. But I think it's much more efficient and much more effective in most cases.

I am going to switch tools just to make it simpler. So the last thing I want to cover are contextual menus. A contextual menu is just something that pops-up when you hold down the Ctrl key or a right-click onto an item on the page. So if I Ctrl-click on this Text Box, it gives me the options that appropriate for a Text Box. If I Ctrl-click on the page itself it gives me the options that make sense for the page itself.Fit in Window, Save, Import, Export, make it a PDF, that kind of thing.

As I showed you a moment ago, you can Ctrl-click on the Title Bar of any of these palettes and choose other palettes to doc or un-doc. If you Ctrl-click on the Rulers, it let's you change the Unit of Measure. So encourage long time QuarkXPress users and Mac users in particular to start Ctrl-clicking or right-clicking on items on the page and everywhere else and explore how those contextual menus can speed up your work. One of the beautiful things about QuarkXPress is that it provides so many different ways to access the controls that you need to improve the efficiency and creativity in your workflow.

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*i*m*g*I'm trying to upgrade Quark on my windows pc. The problem i'm having is that the current version, 7.0, fails to load the colormanager.qrc file. If I upgrade to 8.02 it fails with the same error. I've tried removing it from the machine completely and reinstalling it. It still fails with the same error. I've installed it on a seperate machine and it runs correctly.

I also tried installing version 7.0 on a computer, then installing 8.0 over that, it runs fine. Quark tech support is telling me that the error should be fixed by reinstalling it but obviously that isn't working. Anyone have any ideas?When you upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 or to Windows 10 or if you are like me you are on the Insider Program you may find yourself with many 450MB recovery partitions. With a traditional disk that may not be a problem but with relatively smaller SSD's every byte counts.(CODE)Either run diskpart (as an administrator) or start diskmgmt.msc and take a look at your boot driveHere you see I have three recovery partitions. The first task is to find out which one Windows is using.

To do this we run the tool reagent.exe as an administrator with the parameter info…You do it, your brother does it, your neighbor does it, maybe even your company's IT admin does it. Their accounts are members of the local group “administrators”. Running an administrative Windows user is still normal, at least on private machines. Microsoft has never forced users to do anything else and I doubt they ever will. Who cares?Well, we all should care.Running as admin implies, we potentially have the full power to do anything at our machine: Install software, format drives, create new users, read out passwords, copy data of other users, log every keystr…Question: When clicking on attachments to Yahoo mail, I need to choose downloading to computer - in order to have the possibility of printing the attachment only. After that I can choose either to save the attachment or to just open the document. Odt and xlxs-documents are no problem, but the problem is pdf-documents, which I receive much more often.

After choosing a pdf for …Answer: The info below maybe helpful for you.Mozilla Firefox usersBy default, Firefox opens PDF files in the Firefox browser window. To disable this and have PDF files open in your PDF reader program (Adobe Reader or other), follow the steps below.Tip: If you h…Question: Hello all,Here is my scenario.- I have set up Windows RDS on a 2012 server. Also set up WebApp and published an application.- Server is part of an Active Directory domain called austin.texas.edu.- Server is part of a DNS zone its.texas.edu.At this point - remote desktop works but I am unable to connect to the published ap…Answer: Your RDS farm deployment name should match to one present in certificate (which should be connection broker internal IP)Note that all client connections (web access also) are 1st hits to RD connection broker and then RD connection broker handles redirection to appropriate R…Question: Exchange server 2007.I have a person who uses his own laptop running Outlook 2010 in Cached Exchange mode.He's getting fired today and I do not have access to his laptop. I will most likely not have access to it after he's fired.Is there way to remove all emails from his mailbox without changing the password so they will be removed from his O…Answer: The simply answer to this is, if the users laptop is not connected to the network then you cannot remove the cached email that is on that machine.If the mailbox is connected to the network then all you need to do is disable the mailbox. The Cached Profile will …

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