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Automation license manager download
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Automation license manager download
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Automation license manager downloadLicense keys are the new authorizations as from STEP 7 V5.3. With the new license keys we are implementing a new concept in the licensing of SIMATIC software. Whereas the authorizations up to and including STEP 7 V5.2 were valid only for a specific version of the software, the license keys as from STEP 7 V5.3 are automatically also valid for the earlier versions of the same software. This validity however is restricted only to the programs that are licensed with the license keys. For programs licensed with an authorization only the authorization valid for the version continues to be valid.Another new feature is that license keys can be stored on a network driver and can then be used by various computers (floating license). You can tell from the license number whether a program is protected by an authorization or by a license key. The license number is shown in the Automation License Manager (ALM). An authorization license number has ten digits, a license key license number has twenty digits. Whereas there were earlier only authorizations and emergency authorizations, there are now the following different types of license keys.License Key Meaning Single License Unlimited use on any one computer. Floating License Unlimited use on any one computer or via the network. Rental License Limited use as stipulated in the rental contract. Trial License Limited use (max. 14 days) for tests and for validating (with disclaimer). Upgrade License An Upgrade License converts a license for an earlier version x to a license for version x+... .Authorizations:Authorizations can only be saved and repaired on the original yellow or red floppy disks and installation is only possible on internal hard disk drives and partitions or network drives, but not on USB sticks. To ensure working with the associated software the authorization must be available locally on the hard disk on which the software is installed. Authorizations cannot be transferred via the Internet nor installed on USB hard disks.license keys:License keys cannot be restored on the floppy disks on which they were supplied, but can only be repaired on the PC/PG on which they are actually located. There is no longer an emergency authorization on floppy disk for license keys, because the software is always runnable if a valid license key has already been installed. So if there is a defective license key on the hard disk, working with the software is only interrupted at regular intervals with a message informing you that there is no valid license key available. As from ALM V1.1 SP1 you can also store license keys on USB sticks. A Trial License Key is installed from the CD. It can be activated via the actual SIMATIC application once for 14 days and is for evaluation purposes. You cannot restore or move the Trial License Key.Note:Software products that are released for utilization with license keys can also use newer license keys. However, if software products are released for utilization with authorizations, you need an authorization. This software products can then no longer be operated with a License Key (for a higher version). More information on this is also available in the Online Help of the Automation License Manager under2. How to install, uninstall and upgrade license keys? Installation of License Keys:When installing STEP 7, the necessary license key is transferred automatically to the hard disk if the correct license key floppy disk is inserted. If the incorrect license key floppy disk or none at all is inserted, you are prompted with a relevant message to insert the correct license key floppy disk. The table below describes the procedure for installing a license key.No. Procedure 1 Please insert the corresponding license key floppy disk when you are prompted to do so when installing STEP 7. 2 Then acknowledge the prompt. The license key is then transferred to a physical drive. 3 If the license key is to be transferred later, you insert the license key floppy disk into the relevant disk drive and open the Automation License Manager program via the Windows Start menuStart SIMATIC License Management Automation License Manager 4 Select the floppy disk drive on which your license keys are located. 5 Select the license keys that you want to transfer and drag and drop them to the target drive. The license keys are then transferred accordingly. Note:To transfer license keys you need all the access rights to the source and target drives.Upgrade a license key or an old authorization:The Automation License Manager must be installed to upgrade a license key or an authorization. In addition, you must fulfill the following conditions for the relevant upgrades:For upgrading from an old license key to a new license key you needThe CoL (Certificate of License) and the license key of the older version.The CoL (Certificate of License) and the upgrade license key of the target version.For upgrading from an old authorization to a new license key you needThe old authorization.The CoL (Certificate of License) and the upgrade license key of the target version.For upgrading an old authorization to a new authorization (up to and including STEP 7 V5.2) you needThe old authorization.The CoL (Certificate of License) and the upgrade authorization of the target version.The following steps show you how to upgrade a license key and an authorization. The procedure is the same for license keys and authorizations. Only the license key will be referred to in the text.No. Procedure 1 Select the view via the menu command View Manage. 2 Transfer the license keys of the previous version and the upgrade license keys to the hard disk on which you wish to make the upgrade. 3 Select the storage location in the navigation area where the license key to be upgraded is located (previous version). 4 In the Object area you select the license key that is to be upgraded. 5 Execute the menu command License Key Upgrade. The upgrade is now made.If there is only one option for upgrading, then the upgrade is made without an other displays or prompts.If other upgrade options are found, the License Key Upgrade dialog opens. Select the upgrade to be made and click on the Upgrade button. Uninstallation of License Keys:If a hard disk on which the license keys are located is to be formatted, please uninstall the license keys beforehand. The license keys are transferred back from the hard disk to the floppy disk. All the license keys of the options packages can also be transferred to this floppy disk.No. Procedure 1 Insert the license key floppy disk into the relevant disk drive and open the Automation License Manager program via the Windows Start menuStart SIMATIC License Management Automation License Manager 2 Select the drive on which your license keys are located. 3 Select all the license keys and drag and drop them to the target drive. The license keys are then transferred accordingly.Note:You can also transfer the license keys to other hard disks or network drives.3. How can you deactivate the Trial License when the message appears indicating that the Trial License has expired, although the Floating License has been installed?Once activated the Trial License is valid for limited use up to a maximum of 14 days of the SIMATIC Software for tests, for example. If after expiry of this time you install a license for unlimited use (Single, Floating or Upgrade License) and after installation you still receive the message indicating that the Trial License has expired, we recommend deleting the Trial License in the AX NF ZZ folder.No. Procedure for deleting a Trial License 1 Open the ALM in MS Windows viaStart SIMATIC License Management Automation License Manager and mark the drive (e.g. C) on which your licenses are installed. Displayed in the right window of the Automation License Manager is the table of the licenses installed. For viewing the licenses you need the file name (License Key) and the 20-digit license number. If these columns are not yet displayed, then viaView Define... you open the Define View dialog. In the bottom section of this dialog you select the Columns tab and then License key and License number.Fig. 01 Then you enter a name under Edit view and click the Apply button. Acknowledge with OK and the License key and License number columns appear in the Automation License Manager. 2 In the Explorer you mark the AX NF ZZ directory on your hard disk or on drive C, so that the file names of the licenses are displayed in the right window of the Explorer. If the AX NF ZZ directory or the files in that directory are not visible, then open the dialog Tools Folder options... and select the View tab:Here you deactivate the option Hide protected operating files (Recommended) andActivate the option Show hidden files and folders. Then click on the Apply button and acknowledge with OK.Fig. 02 The AX NF ZZ directory is then displayed in the Explorer. 3 Now in the Automation License Manager compare the file name (License Key) of the Trial License with the file name in the AX NF ZZ folder. Via the view set in the Automation License Manager you determine the file name for the Trial License to be deleted (Fig. 03) that you then find in the AX NF ZZ folder.Fig. 03 4 Mark the Trial License found in the AX NF ZZ directory and right-click. Then select Delete in the pop-up menu that opens. After deletion the message described above will no longer appear.4. How can you open the Automation License Manager when the message No connection to the License Key Handler appears? The table below describes how to proceed to disable the message described above so that you can open the ALM (Automation License Manager).No. Procedure 1 Make sure that the following tasks have been started on your operating system:Automation License Key ServiceServerRemote Procedure Call (RPC) For this you open the dialog Services in Microsoft Windows XP via Start Settings Control Panel Performance and Maintenance Administration Services or in Windows 2000 via Start Settings Control Panel Administration Services.Fig. 01 Notes on the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems:You get to the Control Panel menuVia Start Control Panel (in the Start menu for simplified access to the programs in Windows XP).Via Start Settings Control Panel (for the classic Start menu as in earlier versions of Windows, e.g. Windows 2000). In the Control Panel menu in Windows XP there are two different views, the Classic View and the Category View. If you select Category View, you have two options for opening the Services dialog:First switch to the Classic View and there open the dialog Services:Switch to Classic View Administrative Tools Servicesor in the Category View open the dialog Services:Performance and Maintenance Administration Services. 2 You can use the Start link to start the tasks described above if they have not yet been started. If the Automation License Key Service - as in Fig. 01 - doesn't start, check the Windows event display. For this you open the Event Viewer dialog in Microsoft Windows XP via Start Settings Control Panel Performance and Maintenance Administrative Tools Event Viewer or in Windows 2000 via Start Settings Control Panel Administration Event Viewer.Fig. 02 3 If the error code 0X8007007F appears in the Application protocol of the Event Viewer - as in Fig. 02 - we recommend that you install the Component Checker to check the available version of the (Microsoft Data Access Components) on your PC: More information on the Microsoft Component Checker is available in the download above. After installing the Component Checker please proceed as follows. 4 Start the Component Checker with the application cc.exe and in the dialog that opens you select Perform analysis of your machine and automatically determine the release version. Then acknowledge with OK.Fig. 03 5 In the Choose Analysis Type you then select Perform analysis against a selected version.Fig. 04 6 If MDAC is correctly installed and registered there is a MATCH for all three points File Details, COM Details and Registry Details. If there is a MISMATCH, then MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component) is not correctly installed or registered.Fig. 05 7 We recommend that you install the following Microsoft update on your PC/PG: The behavior is cleared upon installation of MDAC Update RTM version V2.8. You can then start the Automation License Key Service. Note:If the message No connection to the License Key Handler appears and the Windows Event Viewer shows the error code 0X8004005, the database might be defective.Fig. 06 8 Please proceed as follows in the case of the error message shown in Fig. 06.Uninstall the ALM (Automation License Manager).Delete the file almdb.mdb.Reinstall the ALM.

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Automation license manager download1:40See detailed instructions at:What's new in AutoCAD 2013?-This is the 27th version of its AutoCAD AutodeskAutoCAD 2013 launch -Speed still equivalent than the old version.-You can connect to the internet in order to manage, drawings with file sharing functionality with Autodesk 360 cloud techniques-AutoCAD 2013 has improved command line interface, user interface, the ribbon. When you open one of the heavy drawing ribbon user interface and run smoother, not suspended as in AutoCAD versions 2011, 2012 (to be tested on a laptop with the following configuration: 1st generation Core i3, ram 2GB of onboard VGA). We can say that, AutoCAD 2013 has significant improvements Raster images, smoother, softer, more beautiful.-Some commands in AutoCAD 2013 are upgraded, easier manipulation with the model, the detail in the drawings. This includes the: + Work: create 1 new drawing, open 1 drawing, 1 drawing for example, recently opened drawings. + Learn: updated video manual genuine software from AutoDesk. + Extend: this is an extension covers applications, plug-ins can be used for AutoCAD. Autodesk Autodesk opening 360 allows application designers to organize, share drawings, edit drawings directly in the web browser, mobile devices (iphone, ipad ...) easier.

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