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Nokia E71 Blog For Fanatics: Tip: Do A Hard Reset On Your... how to remove f secure from nokia e72Is your Nokia E71 becoming too cluttered? Are you having weird problems that you didn't have when you first got your E71?You can try to do a hard reset to restore it back to factory settings. All your contacts, messages, calls, applications, themes everything will be gone. So BEWARE. Backup your important stuff first.

Your memory card will be fine, so anything there will be saved. However, if you have applications installed on the memory card, I recommend deleted those as well.I always tell people to install applications and themes on the phone memory always! Your phone will run faster, as will the applications. Leave the memory card for your media.Anyways, to perform a hard reset on the Nokia E71 you do this...Type *#7370# from the standby screen while your phone is on.It will ask for the lock code which is 12345 unless you have previously changed it. Make sure you do this right, because if you do it too many times the wrong way you can lock up your phone.And that's it.

Have fun re-installing all of your applications and themes.Hopefully this helps you out if your having problems, or if you just want to clean out your phone.Mike August 4, 2008 at 10:33 PM@ yes you are right i think. its good to always back up your data often. i am scared to test it out lol.@ Kulam. I've seen various opinions, but my rule of thumb has always been to install everything on the phone memory because it can access the programs faster. sort of like it's better to install a program on your computer's hard drive rather than an external hard drive. But maybe you are having better success the other way. I've ran into problems before doing that method. Reply DeleteVince August 10, 2008 at 4:09 PMI would just like to share the thing regarding the lock code being entered wrong more than 3 or 5 times. This doesnt reset the phone at all. I've tried it and all it does is to lock the phone for 5 minutes.

Meaning you can't unlock the phone even if you entered the correct lock code unless the 5 minutes are up. Just my two cents =). Btw I bought my E71 in the Philippines I'm not sure though if the my version of the firmware/software has an effect on how the lock code behaves. Reply DeleteALEJANDRO_GIRALDO August 15, 2008 at 9:53 AMi was playing around with my e71 and by mistake i installed some antivirus software that was freezing the phone on the booting, so i could NOT do anything.... i called NOKIA to see if there was any way to start the phone in a SAFE MODE, they said that theres no such in the e71, so, the tch support guy suggested me to do the hard reset, i was ok with it, since i had the phone just for a week, so it wasn't nothing much to lose. Since i wasn't able to do anything on the phone i could not use the hard reset code.... the guy told me that i had to send the phone to repair, which would take at least 10 days... :( .... i was sure that it wasn't the solution i needed, so i googled for another solution, i found the hard reset steps for the e66 and i tried them:Turn on the phone while pressing 3 + * and the GREEN button!!!!!!!! easy as that... it hard reset the phone to factory defaults.there should be something wrong with those at Nokia Tech Support!!!!! i dislike them from now on! Reply DeleteRayaz November 23, 2008 at 11:42 PM#I am facing an unusual problem that i changed the phone lock code from 12345 to a custom 5 character numeric code. However when i try to replace the code back, it accepts the current code (custom value) and then when i give the new code as 12345 an error message stating “Code Error” is shown.

I also noticed that i cannot provide any new code.However when i reset the phone the new custom code is accepted, indicating its not a problem. Would appreciate if someone can help me sort this problem. Reply DeleteJhosie February 2, 2009 at 5:00 PMI installed F Secure and it disabled my E71! could not use the Messaging App or App Manager or even Modes, it keeps telling me those where already in use.. It also killed my Nokia Email.I tried soft reset, tried factory reset, tried hard reset *#7370#, all of which did NOT work. Although it reset my phone, the hard reset did not CLEAN it, i.e. remove all apps apart from those installed by the factory.The only thing that worked for my E71 was what ALEJANDRO_GIRALDO posted:Turn on the phone while pressing 3 + * and the GREEN button!!!!!!!! easy as that... it hard reset the phone to factory defaults.Then I checked the apps list and it was clean. I then turned off the phone, removed the battery for approx 5mins and put my phone together again.Now I have a phone that is much like how I got it brand new! Reply DeleteAnonymous March 7, 2009 at 3:09 PMhii just bought an E71 and was so happy with it until I encountered a few bugs with my music library which froze very often...

I thought it was caused by a corrupted memory card so I tried to encrypte it...BAS IDEA MAYBENow my little piece of nokia refuses to switch on even with the 3 * green button tips... I am so disapointed...How long do I have to push 3*green button because the phone screen remain dark after a little moment... I don't reach the Nokia logo screen !!I need help please please pleaseLolo Reply Deleteflash gordon md March 7, 2009 at 6:05 PMok, i screwed up. the unlocked nokia e71-2 i bought from amazon in january was acting erratically, so i backed everything up using nokia pc *#7370#, and then did a hard reset w/ the green-* combo. it asked for my security code, so i entered didn't work.apparently, in a fit of paranoia, i'd changed it to something more secure. and it is a *lot* more secure - in fact, i don't even know it . . .any suggestions (other than use it as a paperweight) would be gratefully accepted.docflashflash at docflash dot comwww dot docflash dot com Reply DeleteAnonymous May 20, 2009 at 2:48 PMI bought e71 from 3 Australia 2 days ago. installed nokia email and email on 3 application. couple of aplications were already on the phone. now every time i restart the phone it says installation of some applications failed. another problem is that when i add songs in my sounds folder and disconnect it from pc it says music library is corrupted but after sometime update all songs.will hard reset also delete 3(mobile company) settings from my phone? Reply DeleteEl Marko June 16, 2009 at 11:37 PMI laugh, when I read back up your phone. Using what? If you back up the phone, to the memory card, you will find (as I have) that you can't restore from that backup. Failure 100% of the time.

If you back up, using Nokia PC Suite, you'll find that it doesn't restore many of the applications and practically any of the user data. Again, failure 100% of the time. If you need to reset your phone, you will need to reinstall every piece of software, reconfigure every setting, and pray that all the data was saved to the phone's memory card or is on your PC how to remove f secure from nokia e72. Assuming that data corruption on the memory card wasn't one of the reasons you had to reinstall everything. It will take you hours and you will need to do it a couple of times a year, if you're lucky.I have a large memory card, since I have to carry the installation files for every application on the phone, ready for the time - on the road, at home, wherever - that my Nokia E71 fails me.And they call this a smartphone. Reply DeleteRykel™ June 28, 2009 at 3:24 AMHi,The factory settings reset and *#7370# reset are entirely different! The former does NOT remove your apps and data, but the latter literally formats your phone!Now, I had to format my E71 because Nokia Internet Radio is just so buggy after it updated to version 1.16 how to remove f secure from nokia e72. Now, it buffers severely, the phone reboots itself, and the worst thing is, the new NIR CANNOT be removed/uninstalled, and I CANNOT find any /sys/bin files for it anywhere using File Manager.Now, if someone can show me how to REALLY format the phone and perhaps flash it with a new firmware, that would be much, much appreciated.Thanks!!p/s.

Can we actually load Android or the latest Symbian OS on this baby called the E71 Reply Deletetyrese February 10, 2010 at 1:34 PMi seem to have a problem with the 1gb memory card of my nokia e71, every media application l save on the memory card gets currupt, at my the file manger i have form folders under nokia and podcast on the memory card which has some subfolders with some strange writtens, l ve tried deleting them but they wont go. l also ve a folder on my memory card call cities l have deleted this folder several times but it keeps coming back, plssss l need help from you help me, what should l do? i have formated the memory card but still. Reply DeleteAnonymous May 29, 2010 at 8:46 PMHave a look at this blog. It saved my E71 after doing a restore after a firware upgrade it shat itself.This guy says to turn the phone off. Hold down green phone button + 3 + *, and turn it on while doing this. Hold the buttons until the nokia logo has disappeared. (or for me it was until it asked for a PIN). This reset the defaults but luckily most things were on my mem card so didn't loose too much.Take a look, Leeroy Reply DeleteAnonymous January 12, 2011 at 9:53 PMI just bought a Nokia E71 a few days ago, now I does not want to start, when I hold the Start bottom I can see that the keyboard lights up and I feel a little vibration but it just last like 10 seconds like that then suddenly it goes down, I already tried charging the battery in another device, and it seems that is fully charged, but nothing happens. Can you help me out with this problem?

I don't want to take it to a Center where is going to be 2 months and at the end they'll tell me they have to change the equipment.Regards,Jatzibe Reply [email protected] March 1, 2011 at 6:50 AMSo what I gather from all of this is if my memory is full I need to turn the phone on pressing the #3 button and the green button at the same time, BUT when I do this it will set it back to factory settings and I will lose all my contacts (everything else too, but none of that matters)... is there any way to delete the memory with out loosing all my contacts? I am not very computer/phone savy, so step by step directions would be GREATLY appreciated!! Reply DeleteAnonymous March 21, 2011 at 5:51 AMI was having problem with my e71. it was getting restart after every 5 min while doing chat. i was really pissed off. i decided to lose all the softwares installed on phone memory but will certainly get rid from the virus which had already corrupted my memory card for 8 times. damn it. i searched for the flash code mentioned above and i pressed them, the phone got switch off. i was tryig my level best 2 switch it on but all in vain. i was getting worried and started typing this post but thanks GOD before completing these lines, my nokia e71 aroused :Dlolthanks buddy for the code! enjoy nokia without virus.. Reply DeleteJenny May 24, 2011 at 8:35 PMJenny: Hey my nokia E71 nokia email was working perfectly now it wont receive or send emails. I have tried deleting them and adding them again but no change. This has happened before and i just deleted the email software and re-installed it. When i tried deleting the software this time it just says removing failed! what does that mean? Help!!

Now I have hard reset my phone twice now and still the email will not work and i'm getting frustrated, do i have to buy a new phone? Reply Delete►2010(11)►July(1)►May(2)►April(3)►March(2)►February(3)►2009(83)►December(1)►November(6)►October(1)►September(4)►August(9)►July(11)►June(8)►May(10)►April(11)►March(9)►February(5)►January(8)▼2008(101)►December(6)►November(7)►October(14)►September(12)▼August(20)Google Calendar The E71: How Do You Sync?E71 Tip: Turn Off Breathing Light, Get Your Old S6...E71 Mode Settings - Setting Up Work Play. How ...Free E71 Theme: Abstraction By PizeroPoll: What Level Of Nokia S60 Experience Do You H...RF Issues The E71-2... Are You Having Similar Pr...Always Install Applications Themes On The E71 Ph...Here Is The New E71 Help Section - Post Your Quest...New Comment System Implemented Here At The Fanatic...Conversation On The E71: Get Threaded SMS Similar ...E71 Shortcuts To Copy/Paste, Mark Items, etc - All...Switching To E71 From Other Nokia? Use The Switch ...E71 ProClip Car Mount Holder Gets A Detailed Revie...Fring Officially Works On The Nokia E71 - New Vers...The E71 Goes Head To Head With The iPhone On The G...E71 Free Theme: Dark Red By TaiebGet Commercial Applications For Free This Week - T...Tip: Do A Hard Reset On Your E71 If You Start Havi...Deal Alert: Nokia E71 NAM @ For $432Setting Up The Notification Lights On The Nokia E7...►July(31)►June(10)►May(1)

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