Hello,I'm new to copying DVDs...I know you've...

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Hello,I'm new to copying DVDs...I know you've... dvd shrink 3.2 does not recognize nero 9Hello,I'm new to copying DVDs...I know you've heard it all before. I have reviewed all the similar threads and I am not having much luck making copies of DVD collection for my son. A 3yr old can be quite rough, so dup's are a necessity.I've downloaded DVDfab decryptor, DVD Shrink 3.2, and the trial for Nero 9. DVD43 says it is not compatible with Vista and so do some of the other software options I read about in other threads.I decrypted the DVD w/DVDfab, used DVD Shrink 3.2 to cut out trailers, credits, unnecessary audio files, and performed the necessary compression. During both processes, I kept track of the saved location of the files on my hard drive.I watched the tutorial demos available for Shrink and DVDfab, but couldn't find one for Nero.When I get to Nero I am not sure which option to choose...it is not copy disc...and Back-Up does not seem to be cooperative. :confusedPlease understand I want to make copies that will play in any DVD player/DVD portable player(car).I would appreciate the most detailed directions anyone is willing to divulge. I'm unfamiliar with Nero and it's not so self-explanatory when being used in conjunction with the other programs I mentioned above. The procedures to follow in other threads suggested that when DVD Shrink runs it starts Nero burning copy of the DVD in the background...well, it's just not happening for me.If there is software available (totally safe to download to my computer and compatible with Vista64) that will do the process all inclusive for me, and worth the $$ shell-out, please let me know. There are quite a number of my personal DVDs that I want to copy to protect my investments. I have a new notebook with DVD/BlueRay burner if that makes any difference with regard to the software I should use for any future BlueRay DVD copy/burning I may be doing.I'd be so thankful for any help those in the know can volunteer.Thanks.:waveTHINK I GOT IT! Re:Help? Trying to copy personal DVD...Software trouble...Vista64THINK I HAVE FIGURED ENOUGH OUT TO GET BY! ...I've done more hunting and thread searches through MajorGeeks.com forums...found more threads with the info I needed.:-o I think...I still welcome any suggestions for safe reliable (good reputation) software.I am still figuring out the schemers out there who give you a bad vibe if you read a little.Anyone out there who has questions or issue related to this...I'm willing to post/email link to all the threads I found useful. Just let me know.I don't know if it is general practice to post links for all the MajorGeeks threads I found useful.If you have young children, this is the only affordable way, I see, to protect your huge private use only investment dvd shrink 3.2 does not recognize nero 9. If only every DVD purchased included the Digital Copy, not every distributor does this though dvd shrink 3.2 does not recognize nero 9. I emphasize this is still within the for private use only realm.I don't have nero 9 or Vista but if you have the DVD files on HD from DVDShrink and the Video_TS folder is under 4.37GB then I would try using Nero Express to burn the DVD.In Nero 8's StartSmart I click the Nero logo in the bottom left hand corner to see the list of Nero apps including Nero Express [Nero 9 is probably similar]. Or find it in your Nero folder in Programs.In Nero Express Video/Pictures in the left pane then DVD Video Files(third icon) in the right pane. Navigate to the folder containing the Video_Ts folder and Nero will take care of the rest.Thanks sach2...when I get a chance later tonight, I'll follow your directions and let you know what happens.I have Nero 9 trial version...for the time being...not sure if that has Nero express included, but I'll look.I'm also trying to put more than one DVD file, I have on my HD, onto one DVD-R. This is in effort to save money, condense, and put 2 smaller files on one DVD-R...ripping/burning/copying just one small file to DVD-R leaves to much wasted space. I'd like the menus I created with each HD file to function and I'd like the ability to run either file independently when I play the final DVD in a home DVD player/portable player. May be wishful thinking on my part. Will I need to convert HD files to a another specific file typeWith DVDfab, I believe when choosing option to author a new DVD, the menus will not function in final product. I don't know about Nero.I'm flying by the seat of my pants with all this. I'm so eager to learn and want to know it all at once. Relatively, I'm retarded compared to y'all majorgeeks.Thanks again sach, and anymore advice you can offer I'd welcome with open arms. If I should post elsewhere or open new thread for my new task, please let me know.HEY anyone else viewing, please throw any suggestions you have my way.

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