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How To Jailbreak Cydia Installer: Everything You Need To Know What Is Jailbreaking? Why Should I Jailbreak? Untethered vs Tethered vs SemiTethered Jailbreak Jailbreak Software Tools PP Jailbreak TaiG Pangu Evasi0n (Evasi0n7) Absinthe RedSn0w GreenPois0n Sn0wBreeze PwnageTool LimeRa1n Spirit BlackRa1n Seas0nPass Developers How To Unlock How To Downgrade How To Save SHSH Blobs TinyUmbrella iFaith F0recast Cydia Tweaks Top / Best Cydia Tweaks Best Cydia Sources Siri Cydia Tweaks, Hacks, Mods Spire Proxy Host List Emulators How To Root Top / Best Custom ROMs Downloads The main reason why I jailbreak my iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is to make them stand out from the crowd! And to do this I use tweaks that are available from Cydia Installer. So if you are looking for a specific Cydia/jailbreak tweak, utility, application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad… then you have come to the right place! Here you will find a list of all the tweaks, utilities, applications and more that have been released in Cydia over the years.

Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS Firmware Versions List Of Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With iOS 9 Here’s A List Of Tweaks Compatible With iOS 8.4 Jailbreak iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Tweak Compatibility List Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks That Are Compatible With iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks That Are Compatible With PanGu iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak List Of Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 7 iPhone 5s Cydia Tweaks And Apps Compatibility List Cydia Tweak And Application iOS 5.1.1 Compatibility List iJailbreak’s Other Tweak Compilations The Top / Best Cydia Tweaks For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Siri Cydia Tweaks, Hacks And Mods For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Spire (Siri) Proxy Host List Cydia Sources / Repositories For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Here’s All The Cydia Tweaks Saurik Has Installed On His iPhone Siri (Spire) Tweaks How To’s How To Make Your Own Siri Conversations How To Setup A Siri Proxy Server For Use With Spire, Other Siri Ports And Custom Siri Commands How To Download And Install Spire Cydia Tweak To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Create A Tweak Or Application How To Create A Cydia Tweak Or Application For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [In-Depth Article] Downgrade A Tweak Or Package How To Downgrade A Cydia Tweak / Package On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Backup Tweaks And Applications How To Backup Cydia Tweaks And Apps To Prepare For Untethered Jailbreak How To Backup And Restore Cydia Apps/Tweaks Using PkgBackup How To Backup Cydia Apps And Tweaks The Easy Way With AptBackup How To Backup APT/DPKG Sources And Installed Packages Using xBackup Fix Cydia And Applications/Tweak Errors How To Fix “Failed To Fetch” Cydia Errors On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch How To Manually Delete Or Remove Broken Sources Or Repositories From Cydia How To Fix A Bad Cydia Tweak Installation Without Restoring iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Can’t Find A Tweak? Back To The Basics: Having Troubles Finding Cydia Tweaks? [Issue 1] Install Cracked Applications Are Cracked / Pirated Apps Really As Bad As Once Thought? Creators Of AppTrackr (Cracked iOS Applications) Feeling Apple’s Wrath Installous Is Being Shutdown! The Hackulous Development Team Call It Quits Best Installous Alternatives For Cracked Apps – The First True AppTrackr Replacement Surfaces How To Install AppAddict To Get Cracked iOS Apps Get Cracked App Store Apps On iOS 5.1.1/5.1 Using AppSync And Installous – FREE Cracked iOS Applications How To Install Cracked Apps The Easy Way With AppSync / Installous 3G Unrestrictor 5 – Perform WiFi Only Functions Over 3G Network 3DBoard – Glasses-Free 3D SpringBoard Icons 6Switcher – 6 Icons In App-Switcher A Activator – Brings Smart App Launching To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch AppAddict – Cracked iOS And Mac App Store Applications [How To Install] Auxo Auxo 2 Auxo 3 Alphacon – Adjust SpringBoard Icon Transparency ActionNotifier – Alerts You Of Various iOS Actions With Banner Notifications Aloud – Add Voice Alerts To All Notifications Androis – Get Android Lollipop Experience On iOS AFVideo – Enable Video Autofocus Anti Theft – Alarms For Motion Detector, Pocket/Bag Detector, And Power Detector Auki – Cydia’s Best Quick Reply Tweak Appfront – Combines Skype, WhatsApp And Viber Into One Application AnyVoice – Brings Over 30 Different Accents To Siri For FREE Accelerate – Speeds Up Animations On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apex – Great Alternative To Folders In iOS Apex 2 – Allows To Group Applications Appellancy – Unlock Using Facial Recognition On iOS 7 AndroidLock – Android-Like Lockscreen All iPhone Theme All iPhone SBSettings Auto Shutdown – A Shutdown Timer aDownloader – Download Manager For iPhone, iPod Touch AlarmDisplay Pro – Extend The Stock Alarm Clock Functionality AlarmDisplay – Add A Badge To Air Hockey Extreme!

All-In-1 Joke Box ActionMenu – Auto3G – Extend Your iPhone Battery Life Auto3G SBSettings Toggle App Switcher Volume – Display Volume Controls in the Now Playing Bar AskToCall – Simple Tweak That Asks Before Calling Contact AppSlide – Turns Your Apps Into Popups AirPlaneIcon – Add A Homescreen Icon To Toggle On/Off Airplane Mode Angry Poo Game – Angry Birds Clone [Game] AppRadio Extensions – Add Push Notifications And Home Buttons To AppRadio Ready Apps Attachment Saver aCyDev AskToSend – Confim Before Sending A Text Message/Email App Switcher Rotator – Enhance Switcher Icons To Follow Orientation AndroidLoader – View All Applications In One Place, Android style App Switcher Brightness – Dynamically Adjust Screen Brightness AssistantExtensions – Make Siri Almost Do Anything AptBackup – Backup And Restore Cydia Apps And Tweaks App Switcher Ringer – Volume Adjustment For iPhone AnyLockApp – Change Lockscreen Camera Icon Shortcut To An App Of Your Choice AlertScript – Alert-Based Terminal Window AirMusic – Stream Tunes To PS3, Xbox And PC AnyRing – Set Any Song As Ringtone/SMS Alert B biteSMS Barrel – Add A Cube Transition Effect To SpringBoard Pages On iOS BackBoard – Makes Switching Between Themes/Icon Layouts A Breeze! BrightnessFix For iOS 6 – Fix Low Brightness Level After A Respring BackLiter – Control Your iPhone Backlight Levels BTC Mouse & Trackpad – Extend iOS’ Native Bluetooth Stack Bridge – Ditch iTunes And Your PC Badger – View Notifications Right From Your Homescreen [VIDEO] BadgeRemover – Say Goodbye To SpringBoard Notification Badges BatteryLogger – Log Battery Information On Every Charge PhotoBuzz Free – FlickR & Picasa Public Web Album Explorer BTstack Mouse – Control iPad Via Bluetooth Mouse Bingo Bubble-POP Baby Names Gen Blesk BadgeClear – Clear Pesky Notification Badges Black Keyboard – Gives You A Change Of Scenery BeeKeyboard – Add Keyboard Shortcuts, Navigation, And More To The iPad Boover – Direct Control Over SpringBoard Badge Positioning And Size BadgeRemover – Say Goodbye To SpringBoard Notification Badges Bridge – Ditch iTunes And Your PC Bragi: Bring New Music Controls To CC And Reachability Browser Changer: Change Your Default Browser Beautifolders – Automatic Folder Themes Based On Folders Names C Covert – Allow Private Safari Browsing Circuitous – iOS Backgrounder Switcher For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch CleverPin – Make iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Ask For A Passcode Intelligently CallTell – Verbally Announce Who Is Calling CallTell SBSettings Toggle Cyntact – Display Profile Pictures In The Contacts Lists ColorFlow – Colorize The Lockscreen And Music App CustomLS – Customize Your iOS 7 Lock Screen CloudLover – Access iCloud Tabs Quicker Than Ever Cyntact – Display Profile Pictures In The Contact Lists Crazy Call – Change Your Voice And Caller ID On iPhone Camera Preview Disabler – Disable The Preview Box In Camera App CategoriesSB – Put Apps In Folders Covert – Allow Private Safari Browsing [With Toggle] CyDelete – Delete Cydia Applications Straight From iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Homescreen Conway’s Game Of Life ChronicTV – FREE Popular TV Shows ( How To) Cicero – Customized Search For MobileSafari Change Password Anywhere – Change Your Password With An Activator Gesture Caffeine – Disables ‘AutoLock’ On iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Custom Lock – Replace Lockscreen Clock View Text And Colour Charlie Sheen Winning Pong [Game] Custom Double Space – Custom “Space Key” Text Upon Double Tap ChatPic – Allow Contact Photos Next to SMS Messages Compass For Maps – Display Compass In The ChitChat – Talk To People Around The World For Free Custom Siri Background – Customize Siri’s Background To Your Liking Coordinates For Maps Shows GPS Coordinates On The iPhone’s Built-In Maps App CustomBadges – Apply Custom Badges To iOS Device CallLock – Lock iPhone Homescreen Upon An Incoming / Outgoing Call CallTell – Verbally Announces Who’s Calling D Dashboard X – DisplayOut – TV Display Out iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Doodle Message – Compose And Send Drawings Through The Messages App, BiteSMS And WhatsApp Messenger Data Blocker – Disable GPRS/EDGE/3G Connection Dashboard – Inspired By Apple’s Dashboard Application For Mac Disable Multitasking – Disable Multitasking On iPhone Via WinterBoard Activation Disable Voice Control iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 DreamBoard – Say Hello To WinterBoard Cydia App First Rival Direct Control – Go Directly To iPod Controls In Multitasking Dock Display Recorder – Record iPhone And iPod Touch Screen Draw – Draw, Doodle, Sketch Images On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad DoubleTapToOpen – Open An App By Double Tapping On It [VIDEO] DismissMyKeyboard – Hide Keyboard Gesture To iPhone, iPod Touch divByZero – Destroy The World When You Divide By Zero On iPhone DoubleTapToOpen – Open An App By Double Tapping On It DeviceSpeed – Test The Speed Of Your iOS Device Dialer Shield – Prevent Accidental Keypresses Dlssid – Recover DLink Wireless Router Password E Eclair – Hide Open Apps When Locking iPhone ExtremeWiFi – Instantly Find Free WiFi Hotspots In Your Area EmojiEnabler Emoji Toggle eWiFi – Scan For Free or Secured WiFi Access Points and Connect Instantly For Internet Access EmailECID – Save The ECID (16 Digits) Of Device And Email EnhancedTabs – Make Safari Tabs Better Enable Usage IPT – Display Usage Statistics On iPod Touch iOS 4 Every Last Minute – Micromanage The Default Calendar App Empty Folder Icons EZDecline – Adds Accept/Decline Button When Locked F FaceBreak – Enable FaceTime Over 3G Network FolderInFolders – Create Folders Inside Folders Firewall IP – A Firewall App For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad FolderEnhancer – Enhance iOS 4 Folders FakeLocation – Fake Location For A Specific App FaceTime QuickPick – Quickly FaceTime Your Contacts FavoriteTweaks – Save Your Favourite Tweaks On Cydia FullDrop – Full Access To Dropbox Account FakeLocation – Fake Your Location For A Specific App Fake 3.1.3 – Fakes iTunes In To Thinking You’re iPhone Is Running Firmware 3.1.3 Fake About Screen – Fake Values For “About” iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Screen FontSwap – Change iPhone And iPod Touch Default System Fonts FakeCarrier – Fake Carrier Name And Time String On iPhone Status Bar [How To] Firmware 3.1.3 App – Change Firmware 3.1.2 To 3.1.3 FreeiPhoneApps FullForce – Enable Full Screen Mode For iPhone Apps On iPad Fringe Features – Enable Or Disable iOS 4 Features On iPhone 3G Fake Restore FaceTime Mod – Improves Video Quality By Increasing FPS Five-Column SpringBoard – Install Five-Column SpringBoard [How To] Five Icon Switcher FolderCloser – Close Folders Automatically After You Launch Fully Featured – Activate iOS 4 Features On All iPods Flash SMS – Send Flash SMS Class 0 To Any Phone Fast Copy – Makes Cut/Copy/Paste Feel Much Snappier FWChanger – Fake iOS Firmware Firmware Changer 4.0 – Change Your iDevices Firmware Version FaceIt-3GS – Enable FaceTime Video Calling On iPhone 3GS [How To] Fake Crash – Make Your Friends Think They Broke Your iPhone FaceTime Surveillance: Auto Answer FaceTime Calls Future SMS – Automatically Send SMS At A Chosen Date Or Time ForwardSlashME – Replaces “/me TEXT” Inside Any SMS Application With “*TEXT*” FlashCam – Quick Access To iPhone 4’s LED (Flashlight) And FolderLock – Protect iOS Folders With Password Protection FakeMSG Five Icon Folder – Extend Default iOS Folder Functionality FunnyCaller – Customize An Incoming Callers Name Fwssid – Recover FastWeb Wireless Router Password Forcy – Add 3D Touch Quick Actions FindFile – Fully-Featured File Manager And Viewer G Graviboard – Mimic Gravity On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch GridLock – Bring A Desktop-Like Feel To iOS Home Screen GameBox – Control The GameBox Controller On iOS Grafiti – Compose And Send Drawings Using iOS Messages App GuestMode – Add Guest Mode To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Gossip! Celebrity News GroupSMS – Send SMS To Multiple Groups or Contacts GPower Pro – The Power Screen, Revamped Grenade GlossRemover – Remove The Gloss From AppStore Apps GravityBalls – Dodge Falling Balls On Your Skateboard [Game] GrabKiller – Kills All Apps In Switcher GStream – Turns FStream Recordings Into MP3 H HarlemShake – Make iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Do The Harlem Shake ( How To) H1Siri – Bring Full Functional Siri Port To iPhone, iPod Touch ( How To) Hermes – Quickly Reply Tweak, Supports WhatsApp And Kik Home Page In Safari – Set A New Page In Mobile Safari HDREnabler – Enable HDR Photos On iPod Touch 4G HideEmAll – Hide Text Messages And Images Alike Here It Is – Share Exact Position Info With All Kinds Of Mobile Haptic Pro – Customizable Haptic Feedback For Keyboard And More [How To] HackCenter – Hack iOS GameCenter Scoring HDR/Game Center Enabler For iPhone 3G, 3GS On iOS 4.1 HebrewContactFixer – Fix Hebrew Index Bar iOS Error Hands-Free Control – Activate Siri By Voice Command I Infiniboard – Add Vertical Scrolling InfiniFolders – Add unlimited Icons To Folders Infinidock – IconSupport IntelliScreenX 6 IntelliScreenX 7 IconSpiral – Add A Spiral Effect iNoRotate – Disable Auto-Rotate Iconoclasm iFacePad – Enable FaceTime on the Apple iPad [How To] iSounds – Add Sound Effects/Sounds Themes IconRotator – Rotates SpringBoard Icons iGuías – Webapp Providing Guides For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ILogManager Elite iClassic – Bring iPod Click Wheel Interface iVoiceChanger – Change Pitch Of Voice In Real Time During A Phone Call iScheduler – Task Scheduling Tweak For iPhone And iPod Touch iBlank For iPad – Create Unlimited Amount Of Black Transparent Icons On SpringBoard Icon Harvester Theme iPicoMovies – The Ultimate Move App! iProxifyPad – Anonymous Web Browsing Experience iSynergyClient – Share Single Keyboard And Mouse Between Multiple Computers With Different OS I Haz Cash iSplatter iDolittle iSystemOS Insomnia Pro – Keep WiFi Connection Alive iPodMusic.Info App – Top 100 Songs From iTunes Categories iTether – Tether iPhone To iPad, iPod Touch And iPhone iMovicha – Mobile Video/Voice Calls Via 3G or WiFi [How To] iOS4 Multitask Toggler – Disable/Enable Multitasking iBluever SBSettings Toggle iPShare – Share 3G Data Connection From iPhone/iPad Within Local WiFi Network iControl – Manage Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, and 2G To Maximize Battery Life iPicMyContacts – Display Contacts With Pictures iStrings – Change System Text On iPhone And iPod Touch (Similar To MyStrings) iDetector – Check iPhone 3G[S] For New Or Old Bootrom iPlayApp – Stream Hundreds Of FREE Movies To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Internalizer – Bring Custom Text To Your Lockscreen iSendContact – Send Contact Information Via SMS On iPhone iSlideText – Change The Slide To Unlock Text On Lockscreen iWindows – Windows 7 Simulator For iPhone And iPod Touch iSocialShare – Quickly Share Photos igSpeedster – Use Multiple Instagram Accounts On iOS [How To] iShakeLock – Shake To Lock And Unlock iFileFinder Icon Renamer – Rename Icons On SpringBoard iQuickCall Tweak – Call Favorite Contacts By Activator Gestures iTransmission CLI – Command Line BitTorrent Client Transmission RPC – Control Transmission Torrent Server iTransmission 2 – Brings Back Original iPhone BitTorrent Client To iOS 5.x iTransmission 3 – Download Torrents On iOS 6 iName – The Easy Way to Change Your Carrier Logo iRemix – Enhance iPod Experience iDiscrete JB – Securely Store Private Content (Videos and Images) J Just Mail – Either Send Mail Or Exit On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Jumpbot – Mini Game K KeysPlease – Displays The Virtual Keyboard On iPad KillBackground – Kill All Running Background Apps With Just A Tap L LiveClock – Animated Clock Icon On SpringBoard Luna – Easily Toggle Do Not Disturb Mode With A Gesture LSRotator – Rotate iPhone, iPod Touch Touch Screen LockInfo – Customize Your Lockscreen Lockdown (Pro) – Password Protect Your iOS Applications Lockdown (Pro) SBSettings Toggle LyricForMusic – View Song Lyrics On Apple Music App LandscapeVideos – Automatically Changes Screen Orientation When Watching Videos Live Battery Indicator – Merges Battery Icon And Battery Percentage LastApp – Conveniently And Quickly Switch Between Two Apps (A.K.A “Alt-Tab”) Lockbar Extender – Expand The Size Of ‘Slide To Unlock’ On Lockscreen Lock Seconds – Add “Seconds” To Lockscreen Locktopus – Password-Protect Individual iPhone Apps LinkShrink – Instantly Shorten Long URLs Lock Calendar SBSettings Toggle Lock Calendar – View Your Calendar Entries On The Lockscreen LockMemos – Add A Reminder To Lockscreen Level Select For Sonic 2 – Enable Level Select In Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Light Bright – Manage Screen Brightness [Save Battery Life] LinkSpot – Custom Text Shortcuts For iOS Spotlight Lingual – Translate A Word Or Phrase Using Siri Into 30 Languages LSBattery – Battery Percentage Indicator On Lockscreen LaunchConfirm – Confirm Before Launching An App LSMusicGestures – Gesture Music Controls On Lockscreen Lockdown Pro – Password Protect iOS Applications Live Photos Enabler – Activate Live Photos Feature M MobileSubstrate (Cydia Substrate) Multifl0w – Multitasking Switcher For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch MissionBoard – MobileTerminal – MakeItMine – Customize Carrier And Banner Name [How To] MyWi – Turn iPhone, iPod

Jailbreak / Cydia Tweak List And Compatibility List

More Yes, Jailbreak fans Pangu cracked the code again and hacked into Apple’s iOS. Out of nowhere Pangu team released the iOS 9.3.3 down to iOS 9.2 Jailbreak. Wayward Souls is a roguelike game for iOS and Android that emulates the challenge and tone of Dark Souls. WayWard Souls, a roguelike game for iOS and Android. Download iOS 6 Theme / Transformation Pack for Windows 7 / 8 : Skins February 21, 2013


More Russian Tea Time. Welcome to Russian Tea Time! The restaurant where everyone feels at home and everyone is welcome! Owner and Chef, Klara Muchnik, and her son,Vadim. Open [Photodex.ProShow.Producer.v7.0.3527 Activated.exe] and install the software. [Tutorial] Install cracked apps on a non-jailbroken iOS device with 25pp [Video]

Want Your Favorite Android & iOS Apps to Run on Windows 10?

More The biggest overhaul in iOS history is upon us, and brings about much new functionality and a brand new look. Here s what you should follow to get iOS 7 on your Apple. How To Install DEB, IPA Files on iPhone without SSH Access? By Ben Johnson last updated July 10, 2014 Microsoft has an app problem. And their solution could let you run Android and iOS apps on your Windows desktop. Your turn! Encourage developers to port apps to.