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Synonyms: trial , affliction , crucible , ordeal , tribulation These nouns denote distress or suffering that severely tests resiliency and character: no consolation in their hour of trial; the affliction of a bereaved family; the crucible of revolution; the ordeal of being an innocent murder suspect; a time of relentless tribulation. See Also Synonyms at burden. trial ( ˈtraɪəl; traɪl) attempt, effort, try, endeavor, endeavour - earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something; made an effort to cover all the reading material ; wished him luck in his endeavor ; she gave it a good try assay - a quantitative or qualitative test of a substance (especially an ore or a drug) to determine its components; frequently used to test for the presence or concentration of infectious agents or antibodies etc. clinical test, clinical trial - a rigorously controlled test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on human subjects; in the United States it is conducted under the direction of the FDA before being made available for general clinical use double blind - a test procedure in which the identity of those receiving the intervention is concealed from both the administrators and the subjects until after the test is completed; designed to reduce or eliminate bias in the results attempt, effort, try, endeavor, endeavour - earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something; made an effort to cover all the reading material ; wished him luck in his endeavor ; she gave it a good try 4.

trial - (law) the determination of a person s innocence or guilt by due process of law; he had a fair trial and the jury found him guilty ; most of these complaints are settled before they go to trial trial by ordeal, ordeal - a primitive method of determining a person s guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused person to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under divine control; escape was usually taken as a sign of innocence Scopes trial - a highly publicized trial in 1925 when John Thomas Scopes violated a Tennessee state law by teaching evolution in high school; Scopes was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan and defended by Clarence Darrow; Scopes was convicted but the verdict was later reversed retrial - a new trial in which issues already litigated and to which the court has already rendered a verdict or decision are reexamined by the same court; occurs when the initial trial is found to have been improper or unfair due to procedural errors law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; civilization presupposes respect for the law ; the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order 5. trial - (sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications; the trials for the semifinals began yesterday contest, competition - an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants 6. trial - an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event; his mother-in-law s visits were a great trial for him ; life is full of tribulations ; a visitation of the plague 1. (Law) hearing, case, court case, inquiry, contest, tribunal, lawsuit, appeal, litigation, industrial tribunal, court martial, legal proceedings, judicial proceedings, judicial examination New evidence showed that he lied at the trial 2.

test, testing, experiment, evaluation, check, examination, audition, assay, dry run (informal), assessment, proof, probation, appraisal, try-out, test-run, pilot study, dummy run They have been treated with drugs in clinical trials. 3. hardship, suffering, trouble, pain, load, burden, distress, grief, misery, ordeal, hard times, woe, unhappiness, adversity, affliction, tribulation, wretchedness, vexation, cross to bear the trials of adolescence 4.

nuisance, drag (informal), bother, plague (informal), pest, irritation, hassle (informal), bane, pain in the neck (informal), pain in the arse (taboo informal), vexation, thorn in your flesh or side The whole affair has been a terrible trial for us all. (LAW) → procès m to await trial for sth He was awaiting trial for murder → Il allait être jugé pour meurtre. to be on trial (LAW) → passer en jugement to stand trial, to go on trial → passer en jugement to be sent for trial → être traduit(e) en justice trial by jury → jugement m par jury (SPORT) [ match, game] → de sélectiontrial balance n (COMMERCE) → balance f de vérificationtrial basis n on a trial basis → à titre d essaitrial judge n → juge mf du procèstrial period n → période f d essaitrial run n (Jur) → (Gerichts) verfahren nt, → Prozess m; (= actual hearing) → (Gerichts) verhandlung f; to be on trial → angeklagt sein, unter Anklage stehen; he goes on trial tomorrow → seine Verhandlung ist morgen; to be on trial for theft → des Diebstahls angeklagt sein, wegen Diebstahls unter Anklage stehen; to be on trial for one’s life → wegen eines mit Todesstrafe bedrohten Verbrechens angeklagt sein; to stand trial (for something) → (wegen etw) vor Gericht stehen; at the trial → bei or während der Verhandlung; to bring somebody to trial → jdn vor Gericht stellen, jdm den Prozess machen; the case comes up for trial next month → der Fall wird nächsten Monat verhandelt; trial by jury → Schwurgerichtsverfahren nt; trial by television/the media (fig) → Vorverurteilung f → durch das Fernsehen/die Medien (= test) → Versuch m, → Probe f, → Erprobung f; trials (of machine, aeroplane) → Test(s) m(pl), → (Über) prüfung f; (Sport) → Qualifikationsspiel nt; horse trials → Querfeldeinrennen nt; to give something a trial → etw ausprobieren; the manager has promised to give me a trial as a clerk → der Betriebsleiter hat versprochen, mir eine Chance als Büroangestellter zu geben; to take somebody/something on trial → jdn/ etw zur Probe nehmen, jdn/ etw probeweise nehmen; to put somebody/something to the trial → jdn/ etw testen or auf die Probe stellen; to be on trial (new product etc) → getestet werden; the new clerk is on trial → der neue Büroangestellte ist auf Probe eingestellt; trial of strength → Kraftprobe f; by trial and error → durch Ausprobieren; a system of trial and error → ein System der empirischen Lösung (= hardship) → Widrigkeit f, → Unannehmlichkeit f; (= nuisance) → Plage f, → Problem nt → ( to für); he’s a trial to his mother → er macht seiner Mutter sehr viel Kummer; trials and tribulations → Aufregungen pl, → Schwierigkeiten pl, → Drangsale pl (liter) trial: a.

( gen) → giudizio; ( proceedings) → processo trial by jury → processo penale con giuria to be on trial (for a crime) → essere sotto processo (per un reato) to bring sb to trial (for a crime) → portare qn in giudizio (per un reato) to go on trial, to stand trial → essere processato/ a to be sent for trial → essere rinviato/ a a giudizio b. ( test, gen) → prova; ( of drugs) → sperimentazione f; ( of machine) → collaudo trials npl ( Athletics) → prove fpl di qualificazione ( Ftbl) → prova di selezione horse trials → concorso ippico a trial of strength → una prova di forza by trial and error → per tentativi to be on trial ( drug) → essere in via di sperimentazione ( machine) → essere al collaudo to give sb a trial ( for job) → far fare una prova a qn c. ( hardship) → prova, difficoltà f inv; ( worry) → cruccio it was a great trial → è stata una dura prova that child is a great trial to them → quel bambino è una continua preoccupazione per loro the trials and tribulations of life → le tribolazioni della vita 1.

an act of testing or trying; a test. Give the new car a trial; The disaster was a trial of his courage. beproewing إخْتِبار изпитание prova zkouška der Versuch prøvekørsel; prøve δοκιμή, δοκιμασία prueba, ensayo katse, katsumus آزمایش؛ آزمون koe essai, épreuve ניסיון परीक्षण ispit, opit próba tes, percobaan reynsla, prófun prova ためし 시운전 išbandymas izmēģinājums; pārbaude ujian; dugaan test prøve, kraft-/styrkeprøve próba, test ازمایښت، ازمون prova încercare, probă испытание skúška preizkušnja test prov, provkörning การทดลอง sınama, test 試驗,考驗 випробування; проба امتحان sự thử thách 试验,考验 2. a legal process by which a person is judged in a court of law. Their trial will be held next week. verhoor مُحاكَمَه процес julgamento proces der Prozeß retssag δίκη proceso, juicio kohtuprotsess محاکمه oikeudenkäynti procès משפט योग्यता की परीक्षा suđenje, sudski postupak tárgyalás pengadilan réttarhald processo 裁判 재판 teismo procesas tiesa; tiesas process perbicaraan rechtszaak rettssak, rettslig behandling rozprawa, proces محاکمه julgamento proces судебное разбирательство proces sodna razprava suđenje rättegång การพิจราณาคดี duruşma, mahkeme 審判 судовий процес, суд مقدمہ phiên tòa xét xử 审判 3.

a (source of) trouble or anxiety. My son is a great trial (to me). beproewing مِحْنَه трудност tormento trápení, starost die Prüfung prøvelse δοκιμασία, πρόβλημα aflicción, sufrimiento; problema mureallikas مصیبت؛ دردسر koettelemus souci מָקוֹר סֶבֶל पूर्वाभ्यास kušnja, briga megpróbáltatás kesulitan (skap)raun, mæða croce 困りもの 시험, 시련 rūpestis nasta; nedienas dugaan zorg prøvelse utrapienie مصیبت ، د سر درد tormento motiv de îngrijorare источник переживаний starosť nadloga briga prövning ต้นตอของปัญหาหรือความวิตกกังวล dert, üzüntü/endişe kaynağı 討厭的人(或物) переживання, випробування آزمائش nguyên nhân lo lắng 讨厌的人(或物) trial run a rehearsal, first test etc of anything, eg a play, car, piece of machinery etc. proefneming تَجْرِيَةٌ أولى тест ensaio zkouška die Probefahrt, der Probelauf prøve; prøvekørsel πρόβα, δοκιμή ensayo, prueba proov, katsetus آزمایش اولیه koekäyttö essai הֲרָצַת נִיסָיוֹן परीक्षण प्रणाली proba próbaút tes jalan fyrsta prófun/reynsluakstur prova 試運転 시운전, 시연 išbandymas izmēģinājuma brauciens; mēģinājums; pārbaude ujian percubaan; uji pandu proefrit prøve jazda próbna, przebieg próbny لومړنی ازمیښت ensaio (cursă de) probă испытательный пробег skúška preizkus, skušnja proba provkörning, -tur การทดสอบขั้นต้น deneme, tecrübe 排演,試車等 пробний пуск مشق sự thử 排演,试车等 on trial 1. the subject of a legal action in court. She s on trial for murder.

word verhoor تَحْت المُحاكَمَه на съд em julgamento před soudem unter Anklage anklaget; stillet for retten σε δίκη en proceso, procesado süüdistatakse (milleski) در دست دادرسی syytettynä jugé לְהִישָפֵט पर मुकदमा चलना biti pod optužbom bíróság előtt áll terdakwa fyrir rétti sotto processo 裁判中の 재판을 받고 있는 teisiamas tiesāts; saukts pie atbildības perbicaraan voor het gerecht anklaget przed sądem د محكمي په جريان كي a ser julgado judecat находящийся под следствием pred súdom obtožen kome se sudi inför rätta, åtalad ดำเนินคดี yargılanmakta 在受審 під судом مقدمہ کا موضوع bị xử trong một phiên tòa 在受审 2. undergoing tests or examination. We ve had a new television installed, but it s only on trial. op sig تَحْتَ التَّجْرِبَه тестван em teste na zkoušku zur Probe på prøve υπό δοκιμή a prueba katsetusel در دس آزمایش koekäytössä à l essai בִּתקוּפַת נִיסָיוֹן na probi kipróbálás alatt sedang dicoba til reynslu in prova 試験中 시험 중에 있는 bandomas uz pārbaudes/izmēģinājuma laiku sedang dicuba op proef under utprøving, på prøve na próbę, na okres próbny تر ازمیښت لاندی à experiência în probe взятый на пробу na skúšku na preizkusu u procesu testiranja på prov การทดสอบ denemede, tecrübe hâlinde 在試用中 такий, що проходить випробний строк; взятий на пробу جانچ کے مرحلے ميں đang được xem xét 在试用中 trial and error the trying of various methods, alternatives etc until the right one happens to appear or be found.

They didn t know how to put in a central-heating system, but they managed it by trial and error. probeer التَجْرِبَه والخَطَأ опитване на различни методи, за да се получи желаният резултат tentativa e erro zkoušení alles Mögliche ausprobieren (ved) at prøve sig frem δοκιμάζοντας και διορθώνοντας τα λάθη tanteo, método experimental, método de prueba y error katse ja eksimise meetod آزمون و خطا yritys ja erehdys tâtonnements נִיסוּי וּטעִייָה परीक्षण प्रणाली pokušaj i pogreška fokozatos megközelítés (módszere) mencoba-coba leitaraðferð, útilokunaraðferð, fálmkennd aðferð með því að prófa sig áfram tentativi 施行錯誤 시행착오 bandymas, kol išeina izslēgšanas (atlases) metode cuba-cuba met vallen en opstaan prøving og feiling metoda prób i błędów ازمون اوخطا tentativas încercări suc­ce­sive методом проб и ошибок skúšobná metóda, experiment preizkušanje pokušaj i greška [klara ngt genom att] pröva sig fram การลองผิดลองถูก sınama yanılma 反覆試驗,嘗試錯誤法,不斷摸索 метод проб и помилок مختلف طريقوں سے جانچنا phương pháp thử và sai 反复试验,尝试法(从失败中找到解决办法) trial → مُحَاكَمَة soudní proces retssag Gerichtsverfahren δίκη juicio oikeudenkäynti procès suđenje processo 裁判 재판 rechtzaak rettssak proces julgamento испытание försök การไต่สวน duruşma phiên tòa 审理 trial n ensayo, prueba; clinical ensayo clínico; and error ensayo y error, prueba y error Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster s page for free fun content. Link to this page: acceptance trial adjudicate affliction alpha test assay attempt audition bail bail bond ballon d essai Bernoulli trial beta test bill of attainder binomial distribution binomial experiment cease and desist order clinical test clinical trial compurgation Although his alarming communication was not received without much secret terror by the listeners, his earnest and impressive manner, aided perhaps by the nature of the danger, succeeded in bracing their nerves to undergo some unlooked-for and unusual trial.

And inaudible, too, by mortal ear, but heard with all-comprehending love and pity in the farthest heaven, that almost agony of prayer --now whispered, now a groan, now a struggling silence--wherewith she besought the Divine assistance through the day Evidently, this is to be a day of more than ordinary trial to Miss Hepzibah, who, for above a quarter of a century gone by, has dwelt in strict seclusion, taking no part in the business of life, and just as little in its intercourse and pleasures. But no doubt the first man that ever murdered an ox was regarded as a murderer; perhaps he was hung; and if he had been put on his trial by oxen, he certainly would have been; and he certainly deserved it if any murderer does. He averred, that upon first thrusting in for him, a leg was presented; but well knowing that that was not as it ought to be, and might occasion great trouble; -- he had thrust back the leg, and by a dexterous heave and toss, had wrought a somerset upon the Indian; so that with the next trial, he came forth in the good old way --head foremost. We heard afterward that he had given his evidence so clearly, and the horses were in such an exhausted state, bearing marks of such brutal usage, that the carter was committed to take his trial, and might possibly be sentenced to two or three months in prison. Haley here forced his way into the group, walked up to the old man, pulled his mouth open and looked in, felt of his teeth, made him stand and straighten himself, bend his back, and perform various evolutions to show his muscles; and then passed on to the next, and put him through the same trial.

▲ TRF TRH tri- tri. triable Triableness triac triacetate triacid Triacle Triacontahedral triaconter triact triad triadelphous triadic triadically triadism triadist Triads of the Welsh bards Triaenodon Triaenodon obseus triage Triakidae Triakisoctahedron trial trial and error Trial at bar trial attorney trial balance trial balloon trial by battle Trial by certificate Trial by duel Trial by inspection trial by ordeal Trial by record trial court trial impression trial judge trial jury trial lawyer Trial of the pyx trial period trial run trial-and-error Trialeurodes Trialeurodes vaporariorum trialism triality triallist ▼ ▲ triage sector triage sector Triage tag triage: disaster triage: emergency center triage: emergency center triage: emergency center triage: emergency center triage: telephone triage: telephone triage: telephone triage: telephone triaged triaged triaged triaged triages triages triages triages triaging triaging triaging triaging Triakidae Triakidae Triakidae Triakis octahedron Triakis semifasciata Triakisoctahedron trial trial & error method Trial (law) Trial (law) Trial (law) Trial (law) trial acronym Trial Action for Digital Object Exchange Trial Advocacy Trial Advocacy Honors Board trial and error trial and error trial and error trial and error trial and error trial and error Trial and improvement Trial and improvement Trial Applications Using the RSAL Tool Trial at bar trial at the bar trial attorney trial attorney trial attorney Trial Attorneys of New Jersey trial balance trial balance trial balance Trial Balance Adjustment trial balances trial balances ▼ Terms of Use Privacy policy Feedback Advertise with Us Copyright © 2003-2016 Farlex, Inc Disclaimer All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Covers drops, spills, accidents and malfunctions Cancel anytime, full refund in first 30 days Over half of laptop owners say they ve had one die or malfunction More than 28 million customers trust SquareTrade protection plans 5-day service guarantee, free shipping for all laptop repairs, local repair option (where available), no deductibles or hidden fees Covers drops, spills, accidents and malfunctions Cancel anytime, full refund in first 30 days Over half of laptop owners say they ve had one die or malfunction More than 28 million customers trust SquareTrade protection plans 5-day service guarantee, free shipping for all laptop repairs, local repair option (where available), no deductibles or hidden fees Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel

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