Coded 4 Digit Combination Padlock .

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Coded 4 Digit Combination Padlock . crack master 4 digit combination lockCoded 4 Digit Combination PadlockThese strong combination padlocks are available in either a polished brass finish (limited stock now) or polished silver with a black plastic protective jacket. Whilst they are not intended to be a substitute for a reliable electronic alarm or CCTV system they are perfect for areas where an additional level of security is desirable, such as gates in perimeter fences or interior doors. They can be used in residential or commercial properties and are designed to be virtually maintenance free. ConvenienceCombination padlocks are not only exceedingly difficult for potential intruders to crack, they are also very convenient. With this type of lock, never again will you have to worry about losing your keys. Simply spin the wheels to the unique code that you have already assigned to the lock and you can open it straight away. The only time you will ever need to use the key that is supplied with the padlock is if you should wish to change the combination, so there is no need to carry it around with you every day.

Simply store it in a safe location until it is needed (NB – this ‘key’ will not open the padlock, it is ONLY for changing code when the padlock is open).**Please specify colour choice with a note on PayPal when ordering (or send us a separate e-mail), or you will be sent whichever comes to hand first** Product Specifications4 digit combination that you can change with the supplied key (note – this can only be changed when the padlock is open, to prevent unauthorised code changes – this key does not open the padlock when locked).Much more convenient than a normal key lock – no keys to lose, combination can be reset at any timeHardened 8mm steel shackle to resist sawing3500lb pull ratingRust resistant non-ferrous internal parts1000?s of possible combinationsFor internal or external useDimensions: 75mm x 50mm x 25mm,Weight 238g for silver lock with black jacket, 220g for polished brass finish lock (lock only – packaged weight for single lock shipment is around 250g)Latest NewsMore Security Officers for Black Friday?The National Police Chiefs’ Council have warned retailers to consider public safety and the security implications associated with this coming Friday (27th November 2015) – Black Friday.Home Security – Bonfire Night 2015Ensure you keep all your doors and windows locked at this time of year. Burglars are out and about! With all the bangs from fireworks going off, they gain entry into properties unheard.Crime Figures UK – for year ended June 2015Crime Figures UK – How secure will you be in 2016? We all worry about safety. Tips on keeping safe from H. G. Security.Security Job – SCAM Advert on ‘Indeed’The advert on ‘Indeed’ which is using our name is a SCAM and is absolutely nothing to do with HG Security Property Protection Ltd, so DO NOT APPLY!SIA Licence training courses revised for 2015Revised training courses for new SIA licence applications in 2015

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    "Bike combo-locks aren't hard to crack because they have lots of . have been me because I'd have to have figured out this 4-digit code."" "

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    Bosvision 1.7 inches width Combination Padlock with Resettable 4-Digit Look on YouTube for cracks of those types and you will see how worthless they are.

  • 1. Set the dial to 0.2.

    Crack any Master Combination Lock in 8 Combos or Less If you're directly between two digits such as 3 and 4, release the shackle and turn the dial left further 

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